13 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Deleted Photos on Android

13 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Deleted Photos on Android-feature image
September 5, 2023 16 Min read

Summary: Losing your memorable images is always painful. You can lose pictures from your android devices too if the software breaks down or if they are accidentally deleted. That is where photo recovery applications come into the picture. Check our collection of top photo recovery apps for android.

However, you won’t want to select just any photo recovery app for yourself. Therefore, we suggest you choose the one that is efficient, takes care of your data, and reliably recovers lost or deleted photos without affecting your device’s security.

Keeping these parameters in mind, we have provided you with a list of the apps to recover deleted photos.

List of 13 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android (Without Root Included)

Photo Recovery AppsCompatibility
Photo RecoveryAndroid
RecuvaAndroid, Windows & Mac
Deleted Photo RecoveryAndroid
Disk DrillAndroid, Windows & Mac
Dr. FoneWindows, Android, Mac & iOS
DiskDiggerAndroid, Windows & Linux
R StudioWindows, Mac, Linux
RecoveritAndroid, Windows & Mac
EaseUSAndroid, Windows & Mac
iMyFone D-BackAndroid, Mac & Windows
Google Photos RecoveryAndroid
Tenorshare UltDataWindows, MacOS, and Android

If you are looking for applications that can help you restore images and create backup, then here is the list of photo recovery apps that you can use for this purpose.

  • Photo Recovery – Android

This Photo recovery app for android can help you recover deleted or hidden photos from your phone or tablet. The deleted photo recovery process will return them to your gallery once they’ve been recovered.

You no longer need to root your Android device to recover photographs you may have deleted by accident. Furthermore, it also lets you choose your directories from where you want to recover photos.

Features of Photo Recovery

  • Advanced file browsing
  • Recovered image preview
  • File uploading
  • File transferring
  • Supports multiple image formats like jpeg, jpg, and png

Photo Recovery App Pros and Cons

  • Displays a history of all the most recent scanning results
  • You can save the recovered photographs to Photos, Google Drive, or any other folder.
  • It shows too many ads when you open and close the app.

Photo Recovery App Pricing: It’s a free photo recovery app.

  • Recuva – Windows

recuva dashboard

Recuva photo recovery app helps you easily recover deleted photos on Windows. Whether you lost a file or deleted it, using Recuva you can easily retrieve data from memory cards, hard drives, internal storage systems, etc.

This photo restore app further comes with a recovery wizard that helps you understand the file recovery process, thus making it a perfect choice for novice users. This app recovers lost data and also fixes the name of the photo. This unique feature will sort your life as you won’t have to find images in a bunch of nameless blank files or folders.

Recuva Features

  • Recover data that has been lost due to deletion
  • Available in over 40 languages
  • Restores data from damaged disks
  • Securely deletes files after the recovery
  • Deeply scans your device to locate all deleted files

Pros and Cons of Recuva

  • Recovers all file formats including videos, documents, music & more
  • The latest version of the app comes with detailed tutorials and resources
  • The deep scan feature runs slow
  • No dedicated app for Mac and Android

Recuva Pricing:

Recuva FreeBasic features like file recovery
Recuva ProfessionalStarts from INR 990
Recuva Professional PlusStarts from INR 1590

  • Deleted Photo Recovery – Android

With this particular photo restore app, you can efficiently restore lost photos. It scans both your internal and external storage to figure out the exact location of your deleted photos. The app will deeply scan your phone and your SD card to recover all the deleted photos.

Deleted Photo Recovery is often used to store accidentally deleted photos. Once this app completes the scan, you can select and restore all the deleted photos on your mobile phone. It is a great photo recovery app for Android where you can recover photos for free.

Features of Deleted Photo Recovery App

  • Recovers all deleted photos
  • Scans all deleted photos to identify any virus
  • Selects and restores all deleted photos from the phone gallery
  • Creates a backup of deleted images on cloud

Deleted Photo Recovery App Pros and Cons

  • Supports all image formats, like png, jpeg, etc.
  • Gives you the option to choose a specific folder from where you wish to recover images
  • It might work slow if your mobile device doesn’t have enough processing speed and storage.

Deleted Photo Recovery App Pricing: It’s a free photo recovery app for Android.

  • Disk Drill – Android, Windows & Mac

Disk Drill is best data recovery apps for Windows, iOS and Android. It can recover deleted or lost data from any storage device. Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery help keep your data safe.

Disk Drill can recover erased data from a wide range of storage devices, including PCs and laptops, workstations, internal and external hard drives, memory cards, and more.

best data recovery apps for iOS and Android

Disk Drill Features

  • Recovers photos, videos, and audios
  • Previews files before recovery
  • Recovers data from multiple sources like PC and hard disk
  • Restores deleted documents
  • Scans quickly the device or disk for recovery
  • Offers a recovery vault to track deleted files

Pros and Cons of Disk Drill

  • Support for a wide range of media formats and files like jpg, jpeg, png, etc.
  • Recover data from a USB flash disk in a short amount of time.
  • You cannot see the file’s condition or quality in the scan results.

Disk Drill Pricing:

Disk Drill BasicFree to use
Disk Drill PROINR 8887.30
Disk Drill EnterpriseINR 49828.79

  • Dr.Fone – Windows, Android, Mac & iOS

best app to recover deleted photos

Dr.Fone data recovery software can recover various file kinds for rooted phones, including music, text messages, contacts, movies, photographs, documents, and WhatsApp chats.

With this delete image recovery app, you can recover lost data in situations like accidental deletion, system crashes, and forgotten passwords. It also ensures image recovery in case of SD card problems, rooting failures, black screens, factory resets, and so on.

Features of Dr.Fone

  • Recovers and restores data from phones, memory cards, hard drives, etc.
  • Data is transferred or copied between iOS and Android devices as well as desktops.
  • Restores photographs, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more.
  • Exports, adds and deletes files to manage data throughout the transfer.
  • Scans and previews all lost files

Dr.Fone Pros and Cons

  • Data from broken devices can be recovered
  • Recovers numerous file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.
  • Only for rooted phones and tablets
  • Recovered photos would be of low quality.

Pricing of Dr.Fone:

Dr.Fone IndividualStarts from INR 8,290.00
Dr.Fone Teams and BusinessStarts from INR 16,247.99
Dr.Fone EducationStarts from INR 5,800.78
Dr.Fone FreeFree to use

  • DiskDigger – Android, Windows & Linux

diskdigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery’s advanced data recovery features can discover and restore your lost photos, whether you accidentally deleted them or reformatted your memory card. It can also recover deleted videos from your phone.

Through this application, you can save the restored files to a different local folder on the phone. With its Dig Deeper mode, it can also detect and restore PostScript (.PS) and Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) files.

Features of DiskDigger

  • Sends recovered files via mail
  • Saves the restored files on Cloud
  • Restores images of optical media like CD and DVD
  • Provides view of recovered files as thumbnail preview
  • Recovers compressed files as well

DiskDigger Pros and Cons

  • Wipes the phone to free up space by eliminating temporary and undesirable files
  • If your phone isn’t rooted, the Android app is the best option for recovering images
  • You cannot locate the option to scan a specific folder that other apps offer in their free editions
  • If you don’t have a rooted device, you won’t be able to use all of the DiskDigger app’s features

DiskDigger Pricing: DiskDigger is a free photo recovery app that allows you to scan and preview deleted files. However, to properly retrieve the file, the user must pay around INR 1200 for the premium license.

DiskDigger Free PlanTo download, scan and preview recoverable files
DiskDigger LicenseTo save recoverable files

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  • R-Studio – Windows, Mac, Linux

R-Studio data recovery software helps retrieve data lost due to virus wipes, partition damage, unintentional file deletion, and hard drive damage. It can be used to recover data from local disks, corrupted disks, removable disks, and also unbootable disks. Some of its features include disaster recovery, advanced hex editor to manage data, partition files, data recovery over internet, and so on.

Features of R-Studio

  • Supports bulk files recovery
  • Recovers files from corrupted and formatted disks
  • Restores files in different formats like
  • Provides built-in file viewer to view files
  • Comes with advanced recovery algorithms to recover damaged files

Pros and Cons of R-Studio

  • It also supports disk imaging file recovery.
  • You can recover files from different systems like FAT12/16/32/exFAT, HFS/HFS+, etc.
  • It takes a lot of time to get familiar with the software.
  • The app freezes while recovering data.

Pricing of R-Studio: R-Studio pricing details are available on request on its official website

  • Recoverit – Android, Windows & Mac

Recoverit dashboard

Did you know that you can recover your photos even if you delete them from the recently deleted folder? Well, with Recoverit, you can easily restore lost photos, videos, or even audio from SD cards, SSD cameras, USB drives, and more devices.

All you need to do is choose a location to start data recovery, scan devices all around for deleted data, and finally preview the results and click Recover to get your files back.

Features of Recoverit

  • Supports all main video and image formats
  • Recovers photos, videos, and music from digital cameras, Android phones, memory cards etc.
  • Quick, easy and secure platform to recover your lost data
  • Preview recovered photos and save them
  • Recovers data from hard drive also
  • Repairs corrupted documents

Pros and Cons of Recoverit

  • Recovers data due to virus attack
  • It can also repair corrupted video
  • Inconsistent data recovery results sometimes
  • Deep scan option is a bit slow

Recoverit Pricing:

Recoverit FreeFree to use with limited features
Recoverit IndividualStarts from INR 8,284.82
Recoverit TeamStarts from INR 6,627.69
Recoverit EducationStarts from INR 5,799.13

  • EaseUS – Android, Windows & Mac

best photo recovery app for android mobile

When data is lost due to unintentional damage, virus assault, or device failure, the EaseUS photo recovery app can recover files from SD cards and internal memory.

You can use this app to store the restored files on cloud and recover files from unbootable devices. Simply connect your device, scan for missing files, and recover the files you desire in a matter of minutes. This deleted photo recovery app for android, Windows, and Mac protects your data’s security and privacy by not overwriting it.

EaseUS Photo Restore App Features

  • You can filter the scan results by file type and restore the archived data.
  • Recovery of files from a crashed Windows operating system.
  • Documents, graphics, audio, video, email, and other types of information, can be recovered
  • Quickly completes the recovery process.
  • Preview of all the files that are available for recovery so that you can choose the files

Pros and Cons of EaseUS

  • You can filter the scan results by file type and restore the archived data.
  • In a few clicks, EaseUS data recovery software can also recover mistakenly deleted files
  • Lacks a flawless mechanism to track the success or failure of scheduled backups

EaseUS Pricing: It offers a free plan, and its paid plans are different for recovering data from different devices.

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  • Dumpster – Android

Dumpster photo recover app can help restore your files. You can use this app for recovering videos, documents, apps, songs, etc. Additionally, it automatically backups the files on the device it is installed upon.

With its deep scan recovery mode, it can detect and restore even the oldest file content. Creating backup, sorting files, and updating files on the cloud are some common functions of this app.

Features of Dumpster

  • Backs up data of Android apps and media files
  • Recovers all deleted pics and videos
  • Creates the backup of files on cloud
  • Keeps the files secure with app lock
  • Restores data even from the recycle bin

Pros and Cons of Dumpster

  • It restores the data within a few seconds.
  • You can customize themes of the app when you buy its premium plan.
  • Users have reported occasional app lagging.
  • Many times, video quality is comprised during restoration.

Pricing of Dumpster

Dumpster FreeCompletely free to use
Dumpster PremiumPricing details are available on request

  • iMyFone – Android, Mac & Windows

IMyFone data recovery tool

iMyFone provides a simple approach to restoring data from Android, Mac & Windows smartphones and tablets. You may even recover them from shattered phones. This photo restore app supports call logs, messages, images, audio, videos, contacts, documents, and WhatsApp data.

Data can be recovered from both internal memory and SD cards with this photo recovery app. Before retrieving files, you can even preview and filter them. It makes no difference whether your device is rooted or not; this old photo recovery app can still recover your data including images.

Features of iMyFone D-Back

  • Different file types can be recovered
  • Data can be retrieved from an empty recycle bin
  • Operating system recovery after a crash
  • Restores messages and attachments directly via WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, Skype, etc.
  • Repairs corrupted images and videos
  • Restores 1000+ file types like photos, messages, contacts, documents, emails, etc.

Pros and Cons of iMyFone

  • Preserve space on your device, manage and delete unnecessary programs
  • Photo quality will not be compromised after recovery.
  • For a successful installation on Android, additional authorization steps are required.

IMyFone Pricing:

iMyFone D-Back 1 MonthStarts from INR 137.21/day
iMyFone D-Back AnnuallyStarts from INR 15.79/Day
iMyFone D-Back LifetimePriced at INR 6586.34 for lifetime

  • Google Photos Recovery – Android

Google Photos allows all Android users to recover data for free. Perhaps you weren’t aware, but this cloud storage service automatically backs up any photographs and movies that have ever been on your smartphone.

Follow these methods to recover deleted media from the Google Photos app. Tap three lines in the top left corner of the screen to open the Google Photos app on your device. Trash is the option to choose.

Then, choose the material you’d like to recover. Restore is the last option. It’s worth noting that this strategy will only work if you enable Google Photos’ backup and sync feature.

Google Photos Features

  • Offers 15 GB of free storage
  • The app stores all your deleted photos and videos
  • Easy data recovery based on date, place, etc.
  • Backs up photos and data in high quality
  • Automatically creates movies and albums via its editing modules

Pros and Cons of Google Photos

  • You can search your images by the people, places and things present in your photographs.
  • You can quickly share photo albums on emails, phone number, etc.
  • You will require to pay once your 15 GB storage capacity is full

Google Photos Pricing: Google Photos app is free for google account users up to 15 GB. After that, you need to upgrade your plan for more storage, starting from INR 35/month.

  • Tenorshare UltData – Windows, MacOS, and Android

Tenorshare UltData data recovery tool is used to recover removed photos, videos, and WhatsApp files from the internal storage and SD card. Whenever this type of data is deleted, you can use this application to recover data without rooting your device. You can recover data in multiple scenarios like accidental delete, water damage, screen broken, system root, etc., with this photo recover app.

Tenorshare UltData Features

  • Restores images from your device without rooting
  • Recovers deleted WhatsApp messages from devices
  • Recovers WhatsApp business data including documents and images
  • Automatically enhances the quality of recovered photos
  • Offers a built-in viewer to analyze your Google data

Pros and Cons of UltData

  • Can also restore SMSs from Google Drive without any need for factory reset.
  • It has the capacity to scan 1000+ photos in a single scan.
  • It misses out a few files during the deep scanning of a device.

Best 5 Free Photo Recovery Software Comparison

ProductRecovery TimeStabilityEase of UseRatingPlatform
RecuvaLess than 1h4.5/54.6/54.3/5Windows, Android and Mac
Dr Fone30 min to 1 hour4.2/54/54.3/5Android and iOS
Disk DrillLess than 1 hour4/54.1/54.2/5Windows, Android, Mac and iOS
Diskdigger1 to 1.5 hour
4.1/54/54/5Windows and Android
EaseUS1 hour4.2/54/54.1/5Android, Windows & Mac

Note*: The comparison between the apps is based upon user reviews and research. In addition, the recovery time was valued on how long it took to recover the deleted file which was around 5GB.

How Does Android Photo Recovery App Work?

If you are clueless about how to recover deleted photos in android device, then this section can help you. While some android photo recovery apps work differently than others, most follow the same process for recovering lost images.

  • First of all, install your desired image recovery app.
  • Once you install your preferred photo recovery app, with your permission, it scans your phone’s entire storage and figures out the location of your lost images.
  • On completing the scan process, all of your lost photos would pop up in the next window.
  • Now, you need to select which photos you would like to recover.
  • Once you have chosen the pictures that you want to resurrect, click on the “recover” button, and there you go, your deleted images are back to life.

The entire process is straightforward. All you need to do is select the right photo restore app and get your favorite photos recovered.


Photo recovery apps can be of great help if you have lost your photos, videos, or documents from your device. By performing a deep scan on your device, the app would locate and recover all your deleted photos. You will find multiple apps, offering amazing photo restoration features.

However, based on features like photo recovery, images backup, and deep scan, Dr Fone, Disk Drill, and Diskdigger are some of the best apps you can consider. Before choosing between different android apps to recover deleted photos, make sure it comes under your budget and does not lag much.

Questions Related to Photo Recovery Apps for Android

  1. How can you find your lost photos?

    You can download any photo recovery application for Android and iOS and then use it to recover your lost photos.

  2. How can you get your deleted photos back?

    To get back the deleted photos, install the app of your choice. After that, it will scan your phone's whole storage and locate your missing images with your consent. Next, all of your missing images will appear in the window. Now, you have to decide which photos you want to rescue. Once you've selected the photos you wish to resuscitate, click the “recover” option, and your erased photos will be brought back to life.

  3. How can you restore deleted photos from your gallery?

    To restore deleted photos from your gallery, Open the Google Photos app on your Android device. Tap the “Library Trash” option at the bottom. Next, Hold the photo or video you wish to recover. Now, tap Restore at the bottom. After that, The image or video will be recovered in the gallery app on your phone, and you can find them in your Google Photos collection. It may have been in any of the albums.

  4. Do photo recovery apps actually work?

    Yes, photo recovery apps actually work well. They effectively recover deleted photos or videos from scanning internal memory and the SD card.

  5. How to delete photos from the photo recovery app?

    If you are looking to permanently delete photos from the recovery app, sign in to your account, tap and select the photo you want to delete, and then click on the delete button.

  6. Can photo recovery apps recover a year old-photo?

    Yes, you can use photo recovery apps to restore/recover your year-old pictures.

  7. Does deleted photo recovery app require root?

    For deleted recovery app to retrieve lost data, you will need root access!

  8. Can I recover deleted photos?

    Yes, you can easily recover all your deleted images on your phone using a photo recovery app. The app will scan your entire device and SD card to detect and recover deleted images.

  9. How do I recover hidden photos?

    To recover some hidden pictures from your phone, you need to Click the “Menu” option and select “Settings.” Next, click on the “View Hidden albums” and view all your images.

  10. How to delete photos from the photo recovery app?

    Follow these steps to delete photos on your phone:

    1. On your phone, open Google Photos
    2. Sign-in to the Google Account
    3. Search for Library Photos and click on it
    4. Open the SD card folder
    5. Select the image you want to delete
    6. Click on the delete option to move the item to trash
    7. Click on the allow button

  11. Is the photo recovery app safe?

    Yes, it is completely safe to use any data recovery solution as it helps in recovering deleted or lost files. The app never leaks any of your data even when it is in the process of scanning your phone. Therefore, it makes it completely secure to use.

  12. What is the best photo recovery app for android?

    DiskDigger, RecycleMaster, iMyFone, Disk Drill, FonePaw, Recoverit, Recuva, PhoneRescue, Undeleter, EasyUS, Photo Recovery, and more are some popular android-based photo recovery apps.

  13. Do photo recovery apps recover all deleted photos?

    Yes, you can recover all your deleted pictures using the photo recovery app. It scans your phone as well as your SD card to restore all the pictures deleted from the phone. Using the photo recovery app, you can easily recover all the pictures that were deleted accidentally, or due to any virus, or corrupted disk.

  14. How to recover the photos deleted from apps?

    To recover deleted images on your device, you use a photo recover app. The app will deep scan your device and will locate and retrieve all your removed images.

  15. What is the best recovery photo app for android?

    Photo recovery apps that are designed for android devices are Dumpster App, FonePaw, EaseUS, DiskDigger, Dr. Fone, Recuva, and others.

  16. Which app is the best app photo recovery app?

    Some of the best apps available for photo recovery are PhoneRescue, DiskDigger, Dumpster App, Recuva, DiskDigger, FonePaw, and more.

  17. Which is the safest photo recovery app for android?

    Dumpster is considered to be the safest photo recovery app for android users.

  18. Can I recover deleted photos?

    Yes, you can use any picture recovery app to recover your deleted photos. Some of the apps are Recuva, DrFone, Disk Drill that can help you recover your deleted photos without any concern.

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