18 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Deleted Photos on Android

18 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Deleted Photos on Android-feature image

Smartphones are no more just contact devices these days. Their top-notch cameras ensure that you can click the best possible images in the highest of resolutions. Losing a photo means a lot to those who like to freeze their moments in life.

Often you may find that your favorite album has been accidentally deleted from your phone’s memory. What then? Should you get upset and spend your day with a grumpy face? Well, that should not be the case.

Multiple mobile applications allow you to recover your lost images. Here we are about to discuss the top Android photo recovery apps. Stay tuned!

How Does Android Photo Recovery App Work?

When you delete any photo or file on your phone, its data is not entirely eradicated. The operating system on your smartphone designates that area as empty and treats the file as missing.

As a result, you won’t be able to see the file, and new files will take their place. Because most Android phones do not have a recycle bin, recovering your data is not possible without any additional app. But, you can use android data recovery software to restore your content.

A photo recovery app can search the Android phone’s memory for pages tagged with a 0 in order to find the recoverable data.

You can use data recovery software instantly after a file is deleted to increase the chance of data retrieval.

While some android photo recovery apps work differently than others, most follow the same process for recovering lost images.

  • First of all, install your desired image recovery app.
  • Once you install your preferred photo recovery app, with your permission, it scans your phone’s entire storage and figures out the location of your lost images.
  • On completing the scan process, all of your lost photos would pop up in the next window.
  • Now, you need to select which photos you would like to recover.
  • Once you have chosen the pictures that you want to resurrect, click on the “recover” button, and there you go, your deleted images are back to life.

The entire process is straightforward. All you need to do is select the right photo restore app and get your favorite photos recovered.

List of 18 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android (Without Root Included)

Photo Recovery AppsCompactibility
DiskDiggerAndroid, Windows & Linux
DigDeepAndroid, Windows, iOS & Mac
Photo RecoveryAndroid
Deleted Photo RecoveryAndroid
Restore Deleted Photos by DumpsterAndroid & Windows
Android Data RecoveryAndroid
Dr.FoneWindows, Android, Mac & iOS
FonePawWindows, Android, Mac & iOS
RecycleMasterWindows, Android, Mac & iOS
Google Photos RecoveryAndroid
EaseUSAndroid, Windows & Mac
IMyFoneAndroid, Mac & Windows
Disk DrillAndroid, Windows & Mac
PhoneRescueIOS, Android, Windows & Mac
RecuvaAndroid, Windows & Mac
Stellar Phone RecoveryAndroid, Windows & Mac
RecoveritAndroid, Windows & Mac
  • DiskDigger – Android, Windows & Linux

DiskDigger photo recovery’s advanced data recovery features can discover and restore your lost photos, whether you accidentally deleted them or reformatted your memory card.

diskdigger photo recovery

It provides the ability to filter results based on where they were located on the device, whether that place is a folder or a huge file.

The “Filter” icon will show in the toolbar at the top after the Basic Photo Scan is completed. You will get a list of probable locations and the number of results found in each place if you tap this symbol.

The photo recovery app assists you in finding a certain recoverable file by allowing you to choose a location where the file is more likely to be found. 

Highlights of DiskDigger App for Deleted Photos

  • Detection of specific raw camera formats, such as Nikon (NEF) and Canon (CRW), has improved accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Recovery of.MP3 audio files have been revamped and improved. Will now recover more .MP3 files from a variety of sources and devices.  
  • Support for recovering .AAC audio files
  • Enhanced option for a more thorough search for audio files ending in.MP3 or.AAC.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and pick the “Extra deep MP3 search” option after selecting “Dig deeper” mode.
  • Another advanced option has been added, which allows you to start the scan from a specific sector on the drive.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and type the custom sector number in the “Starting sector to search from” text box when selecting the types of files to scan.
  • The ability to restore compressed files from NTFS disks has been improved. When you recover compressed recoverable files, they will be immediately uncompressed.
  • Dig Deeper mode now supports detecting PostScript (.PS) and Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) files.
  • Detection of ancient IBM PC-DOS partitions has been improved.
  • The drive letter(s) currently mapped to that disk is now listed in the list of scannable disks.
  • Improved session saving and restoring, allowing you to pause and resume long-running scans.


  • DiskDigger recovers both photo and video data.
  • This photo restores app also allows you to upload recovered data using the FTP protocol (FTP).
  • Wipes the phone to free up space by eliminating temporary and undesirable files.
  • Retrieves nearly every file format that can be found on a normal PC  
  • On a portable storage device such as an SD card or an external hard drive, DiskDigger Pro fared better.
  • If your phone isn’t rooted, the Android app is the best option for recovering images.


  • By searching the entire disk rather than a disk volume or a folder.
  • You cannot locate the option to scan a specific folder that other apps offer in their free editions.
  • DiskDigger won’t show you a file if its format isn’t supported.
  • If you don’t have a rooted device, you won’t be able to use all of the DiskDigger app’s features.

DiskDigger Pricing

DiskDigger is a free photo recovery app that allows you to scan and preview deleted files. However, to properly retrieve the file, the user must pay INR 1183.47 for the premium license.

  • DigDeep – Android, iOS, Windows & Mac

DigDeep is quite a simple to use photo recovery app for android. You just have to wait until it has finished scanning all folders and files for wiped photos.

DigDeep photo recovery app for android

Depending on how extensive your RAM is, this could take some time. After the search is completed, a new screen will appear with folders containing images from a certain place. Check each folder one by one for your photos; each folder has a list of images within it.

Check the images you wish to restore with DigDeep and then hit the restore button to get them back. Now a dialog box will appear, instructing you where to look for the recovered photographs. You can either look through this folder or the gallery to see what’s available.

DigDeep Restore Image App Highlights

  • Both internal and external memory should be scanned (SD Card).
  • It has a nice UI design and is simple to use.
  • Fast, dependable, and of the highest quality.
  • All picture kinds, including jpg and png, can be restored.


  • This app helps recover photos in original or near original quality 
  • Light and high-speed photo recovery
  • There’s no need to root your phone.

Cons: This android photo recovery app may display certain images that have not yet been erased.

DigDeep Pricing: It’s a free image recovery app.

  • Photo Recovery – Android

This android photo recovery app can help you recover deleted photos from your phone or tablet. These photographs may have been removed from the phone’s memory or external storage.

The deleted photo recovery process will return them to your gallery once they’ve been recovered. You no longer need to root your Android device to recover photographs you may have deleted by accident.

Photo Recovery App Highlights

  • It offers a simple yet appealing and user-friendly interface.
  • The program thoroughly examines your device’s exterior and internal storage.
  • It accepts a variety of image formats, including jpeg, png, and jpg, among others.
  • You can also pick and choose which directories you want to restore photographs from.


  • To begin with, the program offers a relaxing, user-friendly, and fully functional UI.
  • Restoration of photos in all main formats, including jpg, jpeg, and png, among others.
  • Displays a history of all the most recent scanning results.
  • You can save the recovered photographs to Photos, Google Drive, or any other folder.
  • You can see a preview of the photographs you want to delete before you delete them.
  • Scanning is made easier by the ability to scan by size, date, and name.
  • You can also choose to remove recovered images from the recovery list.

Cons: The results’ accuracy depends on your phone’s performance and storage limit.

Photo Recovery App Pricing: It’s a free photo recovery app for Android.

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  • Deleted Photo Recovery – Android

With this particular photo recovery app, you can efficiently restore lost photos. It scans both your internal and external storage to figure out the exact location of your deleted photos.

Depending on your phone’s processing power and storage capacity, this photo restores app might take longer to scan all aspects of your phone’s storage facility.

Deleted Photo recovery App Highlights

  • Deleted Photo Recovery app has a simple interface that’s extremely easy to use.
  • This restore image app scans both the internal as well as external storage of your smartphone.
  • The app for deleted photos is known to produce accurate results.
  • Irrespective of the format of your deleted photos, Deleted Photo Recovery app can restore them all.


  • Supports all image formats, like png, jpeg, etc.
  • Gives you the option to choose a specific folder from where you wish to recover images.
  • The photo recovery app doesn’t require you to root your mobile device.

Cons: Deleted Photo Recovery app might work slow if your mobile device doesn’t have enough processing speed and storage.

Deleted Photo Recovery App Pricing: It’s a free photo recovery app for Android.

  • Restore Deleted Photos by Dumpster – Windows & Android

 You’re probably not going to think twice about installing Dumpster app that has over 40 million downloads. It provides a rapid solution for restoring photographs that have ever been deleted from your smartphone.

Dumpster android photo recovery app can recover nearly every type of text document, video, or audio file, including RAW, JPG, PDF, mp3, mp4, AVI, DOC, TXT, APK, VCF, and even erased messages.

Restore Deleted Photos by Dumpster App

The dumpster app works in the background, akin to a plug-in for your smartphone, and creates a copy of deleted files. However, other picture recovery apps check the storage for deleted files.

In other words, the application works in the same way as your computer’s recycling bin.

Dumpster Highlights

  • You don’t even need to have an internet connection or root your smartphone.
  • Not only images but also videos and other essential items can be recovered immediately.
  • To avoid any clutter, the free version also has an auto-clean feature.
  • There is a backup option for media files and apps.
  • The premium version also includes transferring recovered files to the cloud, custom designs, themes, and lock screen functionality.


  • It imitates the recycle bin on a computer.
  • Data backup is performed automatically.
  • You can see a preview of deleted files and set the recycle bin to empty or restore automatically.
  • Arranges the files automatically, substantially simplifying the search for the necessary file.

Cons: The basic version lacks a lot of features that are otherwise available on the premium version.

Pricing: The basic version of the image restore app comes for free. However, the price of its premium version is available on request.

  • Android Data Recovery – Android

Photos may be recovered from Android devices and SD cards with Android Data Recovery app. The program works with over 8000 devices and supports various image types, including BMP, jpg, png, jpeg, tiff, and gif.

Android Data Recovery

After you’ve connected the device, you can pick between two scanning modes: deleted files only or all data. You can also choose the sort of data you want to retrieve.

Before restoring the photos, you can see them and choose whether to recover all found files or specific images.

Android Data Recovery App Highlights

  • Restores videos, messages, contacts, and documents along with images.
  • Performs file backup
  • Extracts data from broken handsets
  • Screen capture & screen unlocking
  • Supports SIM card unblocking


  • Over 8000 Android devices have been supported so far
  • Multiple scanning modes
  • It’s also good for recovering videos and messages.

Cons: The performance of the app depends on your phone’s internal power.

Pricing: A free version of the app is available. However, you can request the price for the premium version.

  • Dr.Fone – Windows, Android, Mac & iOS

Dr.Fone data recovery software has been at the forefront of the market for more than eight years and ensures personal data recovery across 6000 Android devices. Even files from shattered Samsung cellphones can be extracted.

This app can recover various file kinds for rooted phones, including music, text messages, contacts, movies, photographs, documents, and WhatsApp chats.

best app to recover deleted photos

With this delete image recovery app on your side, you can recover lost data in various situations, including accidental deletion, system crashes, and forgotten passwords. It also ensures image recovery in case of SD card problems, rooting failures, black screens, factory resets, and so on.

You can scan and preview lost files with Dr. Fone app to recover all or selected data with a few simple clicks. Internal storage, broken device, and SD cards are the three recovery mechanisms available.

Dr.Fone Highlights

  • Recovers and restores data from phones, memory cards, hard drives, and computers, including photographs, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more.
  • Is compatible with the most up-to-date gadgets.
  • Data is transferred or copied between iOS and Android devices as well as desktops.
  • Exports, adds and deletes files to manage data throughout the transfer.


  • There are two modes for recovering files
  • Data from broken devices can be recovered
  • Recovers numerous file formats
  • Can recover a variety of files


  • Only for rooted phones and tablets
  • Recovered photos would be of low quality.

Dr.Fone Pricing: Dr.Fone’s perpetual license is available at INR 5527.59 for 1 to 5 mobile devices and 1 PC. However, it has a free version as well.

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  • FonePaw – Windows, Android, Mac & iOS

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is a popular and powerful data recovery app. The service can recover any sort of file that has been lost or destroyed.

FonePaw is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. Owners of Android and iOS devices can also download this photo recovery app for free and use it on multiple devices.

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard

Three smart file recovery modes have been built into FonePaw software, increasing the odds of a good outcome. FonePaw Data also works with various data kinds, including video/audio files, notes, archives, and other documents.

This app for deleted photos and other files handles different deletion instances and promptly recovers your lost data, whether you accidentally deleted a file, formatted a disk on purpose, or were the victim of a virus assault.

FonePaw Highlights

  • Recovery is simple. All you have to do is click and wait for the data to appear on your PC and get transferred to your Android.
  • Quickly recovers lost data at high speed.
  • It examines your deleted files faster than other programs.
  • There will be no data loss. It will not delete anything from your phone’s data.


  • Fast execution
  • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • Clear recovery steps
  • Restores any lost or removed content
  • Offers three options to retrieve data


  • While scanning data, the system slows down
  • Scanning and restoring specific folders impossible

Pricing: FonePaw’s Android data recovery app monthly price starts from INR 2818.75 for 6 devices and 1 PC. You get one month of free updates and the option to cancel your subscription at any time..

  • RecycleMaster – Windows, Android, Mac & iOS

This is the application you require if you mistakenly delete any of your images. This app allows Android users to retrieve all of their deleted photographs easily. The program offers a basic UI that allows users to complete their tasks without difficulty.

Furthermore, the app takes up very little space in your app. Because the program has a simple interface, it does not require a rooted system to function properly.

RecycleMaster Android Photo Recovery App Highlights

  • Two different photo recovery techniques are included in the program.
  • You can easily find your photos, thanks to the powerful file searching mechanism.
  • It enables you to transfer and post your photographs rapidly.
  • You may also use the program to recover videos.


  • It does not require a rooted phone
  • Dual photo recovery techniques
  • Little space is required for this app to function
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rapid photo transfer capabilities

Cons: Some photos might fall behind in terms of their resolution. 

RecycleMaster Pricing: It’s a free photo recovery app.

  • Google Photos Recovery – Android

Google Photos allows all Android users to recover data for free. Perhaps you weren’t aware, but this cloud storage service automatically backs up any photographs and movies that have ever been on your smartphone.

Follow these methods to recover deleted media from the Google Photos app. Tap three lines in the top left corner of the screen to open the Google Photos app on your device. Trash is the option to choose.

Then, choose the material you’d like to recover. Restore is the last option. It’s worth noting that this strategy will only work if you enable Google Photos’ backup and sync feature.

Google Photos Highlights

  • Google’s high-end servers ensure data security
  • The app stores all your deleted photos and videos
  • Easy recovery based on date, place, etc.


  • Free sign-up  
  • Do not require a rooted device  

Cons: You will require to pay once your 15 GB storage capacity is full.

Google Photos Pricing: Google Photos is free for up to 15 GB of storage, after which the basic plan starts from INR 35 per month for one month and then INR 130 per month.

  • EaseUS – Android, Windows & Mac

When data is lost due to unintentional damage, virus assault, or device failure, the EaseUS photo recovery app can recover files from SD cards and internal memory.

best photo recovery app for android mobile

Simply connect your device, scan for missing files, and recover the files you desire in a matter of minutes. EaseUS protects your data’s security and privacy by not overwriting it.

EaseUS Photo Restore App Highlights

  • In just three clicks, you may complete the recovery process.   
  • With EaseUS data recovery software, recovering data is a breeze.  
  • Scanning modalities come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   
  • Quick Scan scanning mode uses the fundamental algorithm to look for deleted files and folders.   
  • To ensure recovery outcomes, deep scanning mode scans the storage devices sector by sector.  
  • Preview of all the files that are available for recovery so that you can choose the files.   
  • Documents, graphics, audio, video, email, and other types of information, can be recovered.  
  • In a few clicks, EaseUS data recovery software can also recover mistakenly deleted files.  
  • You can filter the scan results by file type and restore the archived data.  
  • Recovery of files from a crashed Windows operating system.   
  • EaseUS has a WinPE boot device that allows you to restore data by booting your machine.  


  • The user interface is simple but effective.  
  • It runs in the background and gets the job done.  
  • It is simple to use for people of all ability levels.  

Cons: Lacks a flawless mechanism to track the success or failure of scheduled backups.  

EaseUS Pricing: EaseUS Data Recovery is a function freeware with a 1 GB recovery limit. The paid version is available for a monthly fee of INR 5528.32.

  • iMyFone – Android, Mac & Windows

iMyFone provides a simple approach to restoring data from Android smartphones and tablets. You may even recover them from shattered phones. This software supports call logs, messages, images, audio, videos, contacts, documents, and WhatsApp data.

IMyFone data recovery tool

You obtain a high level of security and a faster data retrieval rate with iMyFone after losing data due to a system crash, water damage, virus attack, black screen, etc.

Data can be recovered from both internal memory and SD cards with this photo recovery app. Before retrieving files, you can even preview and filter them. It makes no difference whether your device is rooted or not; the tool can still recover your data.

iMyFone Highlights

  • Quick and simple  
  • Scanning modes are versatile  
  • Different file types can be recovered  
  • Data can be retrieved from an empty recycle bin  
  • Operating system recovery after a crash  


  • Photo quality will not be a compromise  
  • No tampering with the data on the device  
  • It checks iOS device linked to your Windows PC and asks about files to recover  
  • Preserve space on your device, manage and delete unnecessary programs  
  • There are several recovery options  
  • Resolving issues without causing data loss  
  • Transference in Both Directions  


  • For a successful installation on Android, additional authorization steps are required.  
  • Because the program is PC or Mac-based, your phone or tablet must be connected to your computer at all times.  

IMyFone Pricing:  iMyFone’s monthly package starts at INR 3947.40 for one month and for a single device.  

  • Disk Drill – Android, Windows & Mac

Disk Drill is one of the best data recovery apps for iOS and Android. It can recover deleted or lost data from any storage device. Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery help keep your data safe.  

Disk Drill can recover erased data from a wide range of storage devices, including PCs and laptops, workstations, internal and external hard drives, memory cards, and more.

best data recovery apps for iOS and Android

Disk Drill not only restores your files but also protects them from harm with three distinct characteristics. The Recovery Vault function keeps track of every file you delete from your Mac and remembers where it went and what it was called.

Guaranteed Recovery creates a backup of every file removed from the Trash, allowing you to “Undelete” even after emptying the trash bin. With S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring, Disk Drill maintains a watch on your hard drive and alerts you if it shows any indications of failing.

Disk Drill Highlights

  • Comprehensive Data Recovery  
  • Quick & Deep Scan  
  • Undelete Protected Data  


  • Simple to use  
  • Support for a wide range of media formats and files   
  • The app helps to recover data from all devices   
  • Supports disk drives, solid-state drives, SD/CF cards, USB flash drives, digital cameras & smartphones.  
  • Mount and read a previously unmountable USB flash disk with ease  
  • Recover data from a USB flash disk in a short amount of time.  


  • PRO plan of Disk Drill quite expensive  
  • The names of the recovery vault folders are meaningless  

Disk Drill Pricing: The lifetime license of Disk Drill is available for around ₹4010.82.  

  • PhoneRescue – IOS, Android, Windows & Mac

PhoneRescue photo recovery and the backup app is an Android and iOS data retrieval and restoration tool. You can recover images, contacts, messages, and media that you have deleted or that are hidden deep within your device, even without rooting it.

This photo recovery app provides the most hassle-free and streamlined data recovery method.

Highlights of PhoneRescue

  • Recover essential data that has been lost due to deletion or device failure.   
  • Before restoring, you can filter out the non-essential files and photos.  
  • Simple to use  
  • The app is compatible with any device that has access to the Google Play Store   
  • If you forget your password, you can easily access it through your lock screen.   


  • PhoneRescue has a high recovery rate.  
  • The scan is completed rapidly  
  • The particular photo recovery app is available in several languages  


  • Requires rooted device  
  • This app doesn’t support all variations of Android  

PhoneRescue Pricing: The software’s license can be purchased for a lifetime or a year; the rates are INR 2999 for 1 year. The plan is valid for 1 year with access to all pro features.

  • Recuva – Android, Windows & Mac

recuva dashboard

Recuva is a popular all photo recovery app that helps you easily recover deleted photos on Windows. Whether you lost a file or deleted it, using Recuva you can easily retrieve data from memory cards, hard drives, internal storage systems, etc.

This app further comes with a recovery wizard that helps you understand the file recovery process, thus making it a perfect choice for novice users. The highlight of using this app is that it not only recovers lost data but also fixes the name of the photo. This unique feature will sort your life as you won’t have to find images in a bunch of nameless blank files or folders.

Highlights of Recuva

  • Recover data that has been lost due to deletion
  • Available in over 40 languages
  • The app is compatible with every version of Windows
  • Simple and clean interface
  • The app provides easy to use wizard for beginners
  • The basic version of the app can be accessed for free


  • Simple recovery process
  • Extremely reliable to recover lost files
  • The latest version of the app comes with detailed tutorials and resources
  • Offer a deep scan feature to find details of files that you have lost/deleted
  • Recovers all file formats including videos, documents, music & more


  • The deep scan feature runs slow
  • No dedicated app for Mac and Android

Recuva Pricing: Recuva offers free access to basic features like advanced file recovery. However, you need to upgrade to the professional version that starts at INR 690 to access features such as automatic updates, premium support & so on.

  • Undeleter – Android

As the name suggests, Undeleter scans and retrieves deleted files from your phone’s memory cards and internal storage. The app lets you restore files or data completely free of charge. In addition, the data collected by the app is not shared with third parties, hence ensuring complete security.

Like many other photo recovery apps, Undeleter scans your phone’s storage and preview lost files before restoring them. Further, it also offers the feature to destroy files stored on your Android completely. So, if you are looking for the most efficient deleted photo recovery app, Undeleter should be your pick!

Highlights of Undeleter

  • Clean and organized interface
  • Restore files/data and destroy documents
  • Completely free of charge
  • The app is compatible with Android devices


  • Available for use free of charge
  • The possibility to destroy data permanently
  • Creates backup copies of lost files in Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Easy to use and saves time
  • Continuous data protection


  • You need to buy Unlocker to remove ads
  • Without root access, this app can only scan app caches for images

Undeleter Pricing: The app shows ads and is completely free. You can buy the pro version to remove all ads.

  • Stellar Photo Recovery – Android, Windows & Mac

Stellar Photo Recovery is another popular deleted photo recovery app. It recovers lost or deleted videos, photos, and even audio files from memory cards, flash drives, SSD, USB, memory cards & more.

Using Stellar Photo Recovery, you can even recover videos and photos from encrypted drives and volumes. This photo recovery app is available in premium and professional editions. The professional version provides you with photo restoration software that restores photos, and videos as well as repairs damaged photos. The premium edition majorly repairs damaged or distorted videos. The tool has emerged quite popular among photographers, videographers, and illustrators.

Highlights of Stellar Photo Recovery

  • Works smoothly with media with large data set of 18 TB and more
  • Photo recovery from 4K hard disks
  • Ability to preview media files before recovery
  • Easy to use
  • A complete photo restoration tool with recovery and repair options
  • Supports recovery of Unicode files


  • Retrieves deleted audio and video files
  • Memory card data recovery
  • Recovery possible from action and drone cameras
  • Supports VR cameras, 4K, 8K and 360


  • Inconsistent data recovery results sometimes
  • The problem in recognizing devices, sometimes
  • Deep scan option is a bit slow

Stellar Photo Recovery Pricing: There is a trial version of the software available for free. The software is available with a 30-day subscription plan as well that starts from INR 3500.

  • Recoverit – Android, Windows & Mac

Recoverit dashboard

Did you know that you can recover your photos even if you delete them from the recently deleted folder? Well, with Recoverit, you can easily restore lost photos, videos, or even audio from SD cards, SSD cameras, USB drives, and more devices.

Recoverit offers a state-of-the-art solution to restore photos and videos within 3 easy steps and minutes. The best part is one need not be tech-savvy to use this app. It features an intuitive interface and a simple process to retrieve your precious photos and videos.

All you need to do is choose a location to start data recovery, scan devices all around for deleted data, and finally preview the results and click Recover to get your files back.

Highlights of Recoverit

  • Supports all main video and image formats
  • Recovers photos, videos, and music from digital cameras, Android phones, memory cards etc.
  • Quick, easy and secure platform to recover your lost data
  • Preview recovered photos and save them
  • An all-in-one data loss solution anytime and anywhere


  • Retrieves deleted files from external storage devices
  • Recovers data due to virus attacks as well
  • Advanced video recovery solution
  • Simple user interface
  • Repairs corrupted video


  • Inconsistent data recovery results sometimes
  • Problem in recognizing devices, sometimes
  • Deep scan option is a bit slow

Recoverit Pricing: The essential plan recovers unlimited files for 1 PC costs INR 5525.77/ year. Users could restore 1000 + file formats, deep scan and file preview, quick support & more.


  1. How can you find your lost photos?

    You can download any photo recovery application for Android and iOS and then use it to recover your lost photos.

  2. How can you get your deleted photos back?

    Simply follow the steps mentioned below to get your deleted photos back:

    1. Install the image recovery app of your choice.
    2. After installing your selected photo recovery app, it will scan your phone's whole storage and locate your missing images with your consent.
    3. After the scan is finished, all of your missing images will appear in the following window.
    4. Now you have to decide which photos you want to rescue.
    5. Once you've selected the photos you wish to resuscitate, click the “recover” option, and your erased photos will be brought back to life.

  3. How can you restore deleted photos from your gallery?

    Here is a simple remedy on how to restore deleted photos from your gallery:

    1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android device
    Tap the “Library Trash” option at the bottom.
    2. Hold the photo or video you wish to recover
    3. Tap Restore at the bottom
    4. The image or video will be recovered in the gallery app on your phone.
    5. You can find them in your Google Photos collection. It may have been in any of the albums.

  4. Do photo recovery apps actually work?

    Yes, photo recovery apps actually work well. They effectively recover deleted photos or videos from scanning internal memory as well as the SD card.

  5. How to delete photos from the photo recovery app?

    If you are looking to permanently delete photos from the recovery app, sign in to your account, tap and select the photo you want to delete, and then click on the delete button.

  6. Do photo recovery apps recover all deleted photos?

    Yes. Whether you deleted a photo by mistake or reformatted your memory card, photo recovery apps can recover all deleted photos.

  7. Can photo recovery apps recover a year old photo?

    Yes, you can use photo recovery apps to restore/recover your year old pictures.

  8. Does deleted photo recovery app require root?

    For deleted recovery app to retrieve lost data, you will need root access!

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