10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Salesforce

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Your business is running fine, making decent profits, but you still don’t see any major growth. Probably because your business processes are not streamlined. You have a defined structure like sales, commerce, marketing, IT, and a great customer service team, but the collaboration and coordination might be missing.

This is exactly what a CRM solution like Salesforce can help you do. Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform with a complete suite of connected apps. It enables users to do personalized marketing, deliver best customer service, automate time consuming tasks, and increase overall productivity. In fact, Gartner has rewarded Salesforce with the title of the CRM Gartner Magic Quadrant, because of its impressive performance and success rate over the years.

So, let’s find out why your business needs to switch to Salesforce CRM.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Salesforce

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Salesforce

Automate Your Tasks with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a popular Customer Relationship Management Software that automates business processes like sales, marketing, commerce, customer service, and more. For instance, businesses can increase sales reps’ productivity by automating tasks like generating email alerts, auto assigning tasks, automatically adding discount deals, and more.

In addition to this, you can speed up the customer service workflows using Salesforce which enables managers to automatically assign the case to the agent that possesses the best skills to handle it. Moreover, managers and team leads can also use the drag and drop option to automate approvals and workflows.

Personalize Your Business Marketing Campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Businesses can deliver personalized experiences in real time to all their prospects and customers across all touchpoints. By using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can gain insights into what your customer or prospect wants. The Salesforce CRM gives you a 360 view of your customers that includes their digital behavior. It shows their active & inactive time on your website or social media handles, interests, intent, etc. This will help you to build accurate customer records and then optimize your marketing material accordingly.

Salesforce allows you to use AI Driven Optimization to automatically recommend contextually relevant products, categories, and content based on user preferences. In fact, you can also use the analysis of customer behavior to create personalized messaging, offers, and recommendations.

Moreover, the Salesforce marketing automation tool can enable businesses to bridge offline and digital experiences. It makes the information available about customers’ online behavior to customer care representatives, in-store associates, kiosks agents, and more. This makes your offline employees equipped with the customers’ preferences beforehand and allows them to offer the best deals.

The testing and analytics in Salesforce Marketing Cloud allow you to track the achievements of your marketing team based on metrics like increased purchases, sign ups, downloads, and more. You can analyze the improvement and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly to fill in the loopholes if any.

Offer Best Customer Service with Salesforce Service Cloud

service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud enables businesses to increase customer representative productivity through quicker case resolution. Lightning Service Console provides all the customer information such as their name, age, gender, interest, and other related demographics. This will provide them with a complete context of every customer’s case so that they can resolve queries quickly.

Salesforce Service Cloud also enables your teams to deliver the best customer service on different platforms like telephone and even social media. Businesses can integrate popular CTI systems where they can instantly maintain call notes while being on the call. To further improve efficiency, agents can also manage calls and related controls right from their consoles, without physically managing the call from the headset. Moreover, your agents can quickly check social media comments and direct messages to resolve customer queries and answer promptly.

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Offer On-Site Service with Salesforce Field Service

Along with delivering the best online customer service, it is important for businesses to deliver great offline customer service as well. Salesforce Field Service Management Software does the same, it enables businesses to deliver speedy on-site services with AI. Businesses can easily manage on-site appointments from the software’s service console. This is done using intelligent consoling that automatically assigns the job to the right person based on their availability of time, location, and required skills.

To achieve more efficiency while delivering on-site service, mobile agents can use image recognition to correctly identify the required parts and assets. This will ensure that no additional trips or unnecessary back and forth are done, and the task is completed on time. In addition to this, Salesforce also offers a mobile application that keeps onsite employees and office employees on the same page. The mobile app keeps them coordinated in terms of job schedules, available stock, customer queries, and more in real-time.

Build Innovative Business Solutions with No Code Apps using the Salesforce Platform

Create your business-specific, low code apps to digitize processes and increase employee efficiency with modern and mobile-ready applications. Businesses can create apps for any department including legal, HR, finance, and marketing among others. Custom-made apps can automate department processes and connect everything using different integrations. Moreover, these apps help in reinventing the employee intranet and enable faster self-service by giving them a 360-degree view of every customer.

Digitization of business processes through Salesforce apps allows organizations to add more functionalities such as application integration and artificial intelligence. Further, you can also enhance your apps by adding predictive capabilities and customer databases from ERPs.

Efficiently Meet Customer Order Requirements with Salesforce Order Management

Manage omnichannel orders and deliver with great flexibility, keeping a customer first order delivery approach. With Salesforce Order Management, businesses can visually manage workflows with easy drag and drop tools. These workflows can help in automating tasks like payment capture, order fulfillment, sharing invoices, etc. In addition to this, businesses can also view the amount of inventory available at every source including the showroom, warehouse, or the store. According to incoming orders, businesses can optimize the speed and quantity at which inventory needs to reach the required location.

Additionally, order management enables businesses to scale with agility. It means you can operate locally or even go global with multilingual support, tax formatting for different regions, and integration of multiple currencies. Other than this, Salesforce Order Management also ensures that your customers are completely satisfied in terms of processing hassle free returns, exchanges, and refunds. Customers can use self-service features to check their order updates and actions.

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Increase Efficiency with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Increase Efficiency with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your organization to sell smarter and faster with sales automation. You can automate complex sales processes like giving approvals for discounts, expenses, etc. Moreover, sales automation can also increase the efficiency of your sales representatives by creating automatic email alerts, auto assigning tasks, and adding senior employees as your deal moves up the sales stages.

Businesses can use the insights into customers’ buying journey to understand their requirements better and pitch them the right solution to sell faster. In fact, sales managers and team leads can also track their team’s and individual rep’s performance on the sales dashboard.

Salesforce Sales Cloud also comes with a forecast management tool that allows you to access insights and analytics with a real-time view. You can view these analytics in the form of charts, graphs, and groupings that help you easily identify sales patterns in your organization. For instance, you can compare your sales performance during quarters and years, see what products or services are performing the best.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction by Integrating Their Preferred Digital Channels

When you sell on every channel, you need to provide customer service on every channel as well. For optimum customer satisfaction, you can connect with your customers through multiple channels like mobile messaging, social media networks, web chat, emails, and more. Ensure that the channels you choose are easily accessible to your customers on an everyday basis, they don’t have to go through long procedures to reach you.

Using automation in the form of self service on digital channels will save your employees time and effort, which can rather be used in solving more complex customer issues. Moreover, even your customers will not have to wait for a human to reply to their general queries about pricing, password change, login issues, and more.

Keep Your Customers Engaged with Salesforce Pardot

Automated marketing doesn’t mean that you will lose connection with your customers or prospects. In fact, businesses can make customer engagement simpler and quicker. For instance, you can use responsive landing pages and forms to drive engagement. Another way of increasing customer engagement is to make them feel special by creating personalized content, which is a time-consuming task if done manually. Although, with Salesforce Pardot you can create personalized messages using dynamic content.

Further, to increase touchpoints with your customers, you can invite them to events and webinars. Later, you can use the information collected from events, such as name, age, gender, and even interests. These details can be used to make a targeted sales pitch. All in all, customer engagement will contribute to getting high-quality leads, as they already know about your product and who are interested in them.

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Facilitate Better Collaboration by Connecting Everything using Salesforce MuleSoft

Using Salesforce MuleSoft, businesses can integrate Salesforce with any of their on- premises or cloud system. Enterprises can integrate Salesforce by developing a flexible architecture and leveraging Salesforce APIs. This will help to securely connect Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud to your POS, ERP, and other legacy systems. In addition to this, you can also use MuleSoft’s monitoring tools to analyze speed, security, and SLAs in real time, for both cloud and on- premises deployment.

The integration will help you stay connected with your customers and deliver the most personalized experiences to them. You can create consistent customer experiences across all stages including pitching, sales, customer service, etc.


All in all, implementing Salesforce in your organization will help automate business processes across departments including sales, marketing, customer service, order delivery & management, etc. Moreover, Salesforce integration helps businesses to achieve more efficiency and become productive while saving their time and effort.

So, if you are a growing business that is ready to scale you need to implement a next-gen CRM like Salesforce to deliver the best service to your customers

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Published On: November 30, 2022

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