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Essentialsoft is a leading software services provider within and outside India with a huge clientele across healthcare, FMCG and s... Read More

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Essentialsoft is a leading software services provider within and outside India with a huge clientele across healthcare, FMCG and sports goods industries with more than 150 clients, including some of the India's reputed exporters in pharmaceutical Industry.

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“The service provided by them is amazing. It was not only fast delivery but when I received my key they were extremely helpful in giving me a step by step guide.” Jyoti Ranjan Nayak - Aug 12, 2016

“I was shopping for a software. I thought I was comparing products but had actually stumbled onto Techjockey website. At first I was surprised that someone contacted me, but the gentleman was very professional and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. I told him I was merely a consultant for another company and wouldn't make the ultimate purchase decision. After a brief phone interview, he gave me five choices, but also gave those five companies my contact information. Once you understand that this is Techjockey business model, then what follows makes sense. Some of the companies that followed up with me were super aggressive, super expensive, and very off-putting. I feel Techjockey is somewhat responsible for the out of our price range referrals, but again, once you understand how they get paid, if I chose an expensive option, they probably get paid more. But, referring super high end solution to us was unnecessary. However, we have narrowed down our choices to two companies that we probably would have never even heard of if it weren't for Techjockey, so kudos for that. Over all, not a bad experience. Just be prepared for an immediate onslaught from the companies they refer to you because you are now a golden, pre-qualified lead.” MUKESH KUMAR - Aug 19, 2016


“N/A” Jyoti Ranjan Nayak - Aug 12, 2016

“N/A” MUKESH KUMAR - Aug 19, 2016


Jyoti Ranjan Nayak






“Honest Experience with Techjockey”

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Cons :

Posted - Aug 12, 2016








“time saver”

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Posted - Aug 19, 2016

EssentialSoft Technologies FAQ’s

What type of company is EssentialSoft Technologies?

EssentialSoft Technologies is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Sales Force Automation Software.

What does EssentialSoft Technologies do?

EssentialSoft Technologies provides customized and scalable Sales Force Automation Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

What is EssentialSoft Technologies’s main product?

EssentialSoft Technologies primarily deals in Sales Force Automation Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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