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Hubstaff staff scheduling
Hubstaff staff scheduling
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Hubstaff Staff Scheduling

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About Hubstaff Staff Scheduling

What is Hubstaff Staff Scheduling?

Hubstaff Staff Scheduling is an employee shift management software that helps manage employee shifts, plan the team’s schedule, and set weekly hours limit. The application gives a clear view of shift coverage and helps maintain the budget and staff in order. It has a user-friendly interface and is a powerful employee work tracker with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports, and more.

How does Hubstaff Help in Employee Monitoring?

With Hubstaff Software, one can track the progress of tasks and projects that need to be accomplished. You can also keep a note of the performance of each of your employees or team members in real-time. 

Employee Scheduling Software comes with a Productivity Monitoring tool with which you can monitor your workflow with the help of optional screenshots and URL tracking to capture your team’s progress. However, you can completely turn off this feature whenever you wish.

This prevents you from interrupting the team for asking about the details of the project status. You can see what the team is working on from anywhere with the help of a mobile app as well. It helps in easily viewing and tracking your team's work progress with detailed analytical reports.

Features of Hubstaff Staff Scheduling Software

With Hubstaff's easy-to-use tools, you can create to-dos, or track the time taken by team members in completing individual tasks. Its Employee Timesheet feature also enables you to track whether your employees are making productive utilization of time. Hubstaff Software comes with an Employee Payroll Management module with which you can maintain the daily attendance of your employees and manage their payroll. With its daily, weekly and monthly calendar views, you can quickly have a glance at the performance of your workforce.

Hubstaff Pricing

The Hubstaff software has variant pricing slabs as per the requirement of users. Find them as below:

  1. Basic Plan - Rs 499 per user per month.
  2. Premium Plan - Rs 713 per user per month.
  3. Enterprise Plan - Rs 1425 per user per month.

You can request a callback to get a suitable quote depending upon the needs of your business.

Importance of Hubstaff Staff Scheduling Solution

The software’s built-in efficiency tools help teamwork in a productive manner. It performs productivity monitoring with which you can track your work progress in real-time with the help of screenshots, mobile apps, and URL tracking. 

With Hubstaff Software, you can let your team keep moving forward while the work progress is captured in a flawless manner. By eliminating manual invoices, you can save your time with this software. With Hubstaff Software, you can track time and manage your bills and payments. The payment gets faster and accurate with automatic invoices.

Sold By : Hubstaff

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Hubstaff Staff Scheduling Features

Manual staff scheduling and attendance tracking is a thing of the past with Hubstaff. Automatically track hours and attendance so that you know when and how long each team member has worked. The Hubstaff online schedule maker makes it easy for staff to see the shifts they are working and automatically tracks attendance when the employee clocks in.
Get all your employees on the same page so that everyone knows what the work schedule is, what they’re working on and how much time they should spend on a project with weekly time caps and task assignments. Our online schedule maker not only gives management and staff insight into shift coverage but also helps to keep budgets and work schedules on track.
Set up staff schedules in advance so that your teams know what projects and tasks they should be focused on. Easily create new projects and recurring tasks as well as smart notifications for missed or late shifts and days missed. An employee schedule maker should be easy to manage and transparent to staff and with the staff scheduling features of Hubstaff your business will get both.
Smart online employee scheduling and attendance tracking that helps you know who’s working when.
Hubstaff makes shift management simple by giving you the ability to add your team's one-time or recurring shifts to the work calendar with ease.
Hubstaff tracks your employees’ work time and provides you with detailed analytical insights and reports in real-time.
The software records employees’ attendance with mobile-based time tracking app. Your team members can login and logout from any place, helping you with better job scheduling, job costing and payments. 
Hubstaff helps manage candidate details so that you can build a talent pool and get the best professionals for your business.
 With this software, you can manage your employees’ shifts, and even set weekly hour limits and plan your team’s schedules.
The software helps drill down into projects by tracking time against specific tasks.  
The software provides accurate estimates for project budget and also tracks expenses.
Hubstaff keeps track of the travel requests made by employees and also manages their travel expenses.
Details of visitors coming at your organisation can be managed with this staff scheduling software.
Hubstaff comes with online attendance tracking and scheduling feature that helps users track daily attendance, along with the in-time and out-time of employees.
The app tracks and manages all the paid, casual and medical leaves of your employees, along with their leave balance
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Hubstaff Staff Scheduling Specifications

Hubstaff Staff Scheduling Reviews

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Hubstaff Staff Scheduling FAQs

A. The software provides insights into your employees’ work hours and the progress of their tasks and contribution to the project completion.
A. The feature of automatic time tracking along with Geo-fencing helps track employee attendance unfailingly
A. Yes. Your data is just that, yours. We provide several export options. We make it easy for you to get your data.
A. With Hubstaff software, we can set up pay rates for each individual, for the team and even for the project.
A. The software records employee hours and can view online reports to optimise the company’s performance. Hubstaff provides accurate, detailed timesheets that one can easily export.
A. Hubstaff Staff Scheduling software comes with a simple staff scheduler and an employee attendance tracker. With these features, one can easily figure out who is working on which project and how much time he/she is spending on each task.
A. Yes, you will get the staff scheduling demo before purchase.

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