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GuruSquad is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company's award-winnin... Read More

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  • Gs Richcopy 360 Enterprise
  • GSRichCopy360


prosicon “when we talk about the speed, reliability, good GUI and affordable price, GS Richcopy360 is the target which can provide us high speed in copying data, provides byte-level file replication to save on bandwidth and file copy time, and it gives you a report, logs and a great solution for long path names issues.” EsianaPole - Feb 3, 2020

prosicon “Gs richcopy 360 is replication program that helps us to move data from server to another without any problems or time-consuming. it is a great solution to copy NTFS /share permissions, it has a good GUI, copying open/locked files, a great speed which saves our time, it can sync via TCP port and run as a service option.” Amr Khalil - Feb 13, 2020

prosicon “Gs richcopy 360 Enterprise is a good solution for copying data in time intervals, as in my company we needed software to copy any data appeared for customers in the last 6 days and to copy changes only. Honestly, gs richcopy did this job very well and still doing well with any copying issues that were appeared to us. The good Interface makes it easy in the replication process, also the great speed is a good advantage.” JesseFelix - Mar 1, 2020


consicon “it's not free ” EsianaPole - Feb 3, 2020

consicon “It does not work on Linux” Amr Khalil - Feb 13, 2020

consicon “gs richcopy360 will be great if it supports Linux ” JesseFelix - Mar 1, 2020


prosicon “Its implementation was smooth and it copies all my files, photos, and videos on all my computers to Onedrive easily and securely.” Gamil Bogdady - Oct 18, 2021


consicon “Few learning videos about the tool would be great.” Gamil Bogdady - Oct 18, 2021

GuruSquad Overview

GuruSquad is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company's award-winning IT solutions are empowering Indian businesses and fueling their growth. Further, GuruSquad customer care service is prompt, and its team is always available to address the issues of end-users.

GuruSquad FAQ’s

What type of company is GuruSquad? alt

GuruSquad is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with High Speed File Transfer Software.

What does GuruSquad do? alt

GuruSquad provides customized and scalable High Speed File Transfer Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

What is GuruSquad’s main product? alt

GuruSquad primarily deals in High Speed File Transfer Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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