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We compare two of the best visitor management systems, Vizitor Vs Veris and tell you which one is more suitable for your organisation.

Changed the way organisations function all over the world. Organisations are adopting novel ways of ensuring social distancing and minimum physical contact. Electronic visitor management systems occupy the top slot on that list of novel ways.

But what has left businesses, especially new and small businesses, is exactly what type of visitor management system is suitable for them and how would they work?

So, today we bring an intensive comparison between two of the most well-known visitor tracking software: Vizitor Vs Veris. After reading this, you would be able to make an easy choice from the two.

Vizitor Vs Veris: About Vizitor App

Vizitor facial recognition visitor management software is used to keep a track of visitors on company premises. With Vizitor automated visitor management system, you can check in visitors automatically and generate e-badges for them without any need for physical intervention.

Veris visitor management

Vizitor Visitor Management System App Features

  • Customize registration page

You can customize your registration page while signing in users to represent your brand or company in the best way.

  • Notification to the host

Once a visitor has signed in using Vizitor app, the person they are required to meet will get instant notification of their arrival.

  • Visitor log

This visitor management app maintains a visitor log which displays information of every visitor accessing the company premises.

  • Touchless check in

This digital visitor management system allows visitors to check in using their phone without coming in contact with any device or personnel.

  • Analyzing useful insights

This visitor sign in system provides insights such as visitor footfall in a particular time frame.

  • Overstay and outstay alerts to the admin

Vizitor provides an option to select the duration of stay for a visitor, based on the purpose of visit. If the visitor doesn’t check out within the expected time, an overstay alert is sent to the admin to make them aware that the concerned person is still in the premise.

Vizitor App Pricing

Starting price of Vizitor app is ₹1250 per month. For detailed pricing and demo, connect with us.

How Vizitor Ensures Secure Visitor Sign In?

Secure visitor sign in is the need for the hour. Touchless check in is being promoted to ensure a safe workplace for employees. These are the following ways in which it ensures contactless visitor management:

  • Touchless check in through QR code

Organisations using Vizitor visitor check in software can send a QR code to visitors before they arrive at the facility for touchless check in.

  • Visitor screening

Vizitorapp screens visitors using a questionnaire based on the visitor’s health, travel history, etc. The access is approved or denied based on their answers.

  • Monitoring of visitors

With this electronic visitor management system, you can monitor visitors in real time and prevent access to confidential areas.

  • Time Tracing  

Vizitor automated visitor management system accurately registers check in and check out time of visitors.

  • Contact tracing

Through the contact tracing feature of this visitor check in software, admins can assess the disease-wise threat level of a visitor and accordingly deny or approve their access request.

Vizitor App is suitable for:

This visitor sign-in system is suitable for corporate offices, schools, hospitals, salons, hotels, societies, etc.

Vizitor Vs Veris: About Veris Visitor Management System

getVeris facial recognition digital visitor management system allows organisations to ensure touchless check in for visitors and monitor their presence in the company premises in real time. Veris visitor management comes in both cloud and mobile app versions.

Veris visitor management

Veris Visitor Management System Features

  • Ability to collect feedback

Visitors can add their feedback while checking out or through SMS links sent by the visitor sign in system.

  • Entry/Exit through multiple points

This visitor check in software can be integrated with multiple terminals to facilitate easy check in and check out.

  • Defining access controls

By using getVeris, control hierarchy of admin teams can be defined define which teams can only read visitor data and what teams can edit it.

  • Sending pre-invites

Using Veris visitor management, you can send invites to visitors before arriving which helps in better crowd management at entry terminals.

  • Efficient support services

Veris visitor tracking software provides robust support through different channels such as email, call, chat, etc.

Veris Visitor Management Pricing:

Price of Veris visitor management app can be obtained by visiting the official website.

How Veris Ensures Secure Visitor Check In?

Veris automated visitor management system provides many features to ensure the creation of safe workplace for employees and visitors. This is how it ensures a secure visitor check in:

  • Registration of visitors beforehand

Using getVeris, companies can send it check-in details to visitors even before they arrive at the premises.

  • Printing of badges automatically

Veris visitor check in software automatically prints badges bearing their details without the need of frontdesk employees.

  • Photo based notifications

Veris sign in system sends in photos of visitors as notification to hosts so that hosts can ascertain authenticity of the visitor.

  • Seamless check out

Veris visitor management software allows admins to check out visitors using a web dashboard.

  • Keyword based blacklist

Veris visitor management system facilitates creation of a blacklist to deny access to certain visitors on the basis of keywords.

Veris Digital Visitor Management System is ideal for:

Corporate offices, co-working spaces, schools

Vizitor Vs Veris: Which is a Better Contactless Visitor Management System

Now that you know details of both visitor tracking software, here is a detailed comparison between the two:

Category Vizitor Veris
Contactless visitor management features   – Screening of visitors on basis of questionnaire to know their health status  

– Touchless scan through QR codes  

– Pre Invites to visitors before their arrival 
– Monitoring location of visitors in company premises

– Automatic printing of badges

– Photo based notification system
Pricing ₹1250 per month Price on request
Onboarding time Fast paced onboarding; completed in less than 30 minutes. Comparatively, takes more time for onboarding.
Affordability An affordable option for start-ups and small businesses Almost 3 times costlier as compared to Vizitor
Technology usage Facial Recognition   Geo Attendance (for employees) Facial recognition

Vizitor Vs Veris: The Final Verdict

Although both Vizitor and Veris emerge as sophisticated visitor management systems, Vizitor app is creating much buzz these days when touchless visitor sign-in has become the need of the hour. Also, Vizitor app is suitable for SMBs and startups adopting a visitor management system for the first time since it is affordable and has a significantly less onboarding time.

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