Amazing IT Support Features of these 7 Best Ticket Management Systems

Ticket management systems


Ticket management system is a software solution created for better handling and resolution of customer grievances as well as issues faced by employees within your organisation.

IT helpdesk software

What is IT Helpdesk Software

An IT helpdesk ticket system works by generating a ticket whenever an incident related to asset, network access, etc. is raised. This ticket is assigned to both the person raising the issue and the executive catering to it and stays active until the issue is resolved.

Using IT ticket tools, customers can view action taken on their grievance and its current status by using ticket management software. The ticket can be closed from either side and even reopened in case the customer requires additional help.

Ticket Management System Features for Your IT Champs

Since the ticket management system plays a big role in deciding how good your customer service really is, it is imperative that your IT team has the best IT helpdesk software to easily resolve incidents. We list some of the important features available with an efficient IT helpdesk software and IT ticket tools:

  1. Omnichannel support

A robust ticket management system can keep a track of customer incidents raised across multiple channels such as social media in addition to email, calls and live chat. The IT helpdesk software is also able to present tickets generated through these multi channels under one platform.

  1. Integration with website

Your ticket management software can be completely integrated with your website or application so that customers can utilize it easily in case of any grievance.

  1. Automation of repetitive tasks

By using an IT helpdesk ticketing system, you can automate processes associated with handling of tickets for example sending automatic notification to customers when their ticket is resolved, etc.

  1. Personalized ticket generation

Ticket management systems provide personalised ticket generation experience to each user. They do this by showing agents past tickets generated by the user, thus skipping asking basic information again and serving customers in a better manner.

  1. Enhances IT team’s performance

IT ticketing tools help to enhance performance of IT team in providing customer support and employee support. Tickets can be assigned to a group in addition to an individual with IT helpdesk software. Agents can add their notes for reference and managers can monitor handling of tickets by the agents.

7 Best IT Ticket Systems in 2020 To Support Your Employees & Customers

  • TeamSupport Ticketing Tool

TeamSupport ticketing tool enables easy resolution of customers’ queries by allowing collaboration between different teams in an organisation. Team Support has been designed for modern B2B organisations to ensure outstanding customer support.


  • Automation of ticket generation process

The moment a person raises an issue, ticket is generated and assigned to the agent most capable of resolving it.

  • Provides sentiment analysis

TeamSupport software uses IBM WatsonTM to understand a person’s sentiment when they first ask for assistance.

  • Easy to use interface

This IT ticketing tool has an easy to use interface which makes ticket generation simple for first time users

  • Easy to tweak and customize

The ticket management software supports customization and can be tweaked as your organisation’s needs evolve

  • Generation of email reports

Using TeamSupport IT helpdesk software, you can generate email reports about utilization of IT personnel and resources for ticket resolution.

Pricing: Price of TeamSupport ticket management system starts at ₹3741.28 per user per month.

  • HPSM Ticketing Tool

Originally known as PNMS, HP service management ticketing tool is a part of HP open view product suite. HPSM is used by businesses for resolving IT processes such as change, problem, incident, etc. and even for transforming big data into insights.


  • Cloud based as well as on premise

HPSM ticket management software is available for use both as cloud based software as well as on premise usage

  • Codeless configuration

Codeless configuration of HPSM IT helpdesk software makes it more customizable and flexible to use with future updates.

  • Mobile compatibility

Users of HPMS can access its different functionalities such as self ticketing from their mobile phones.

  • Build your own workflows

HPMS IT helpdesk ticketing system allows users to build their own process workflows to manage their workload better

  • Support services

HP offers robust support services for HPSM users either through phone or through an online knowledge base.

Pricing: Price of HPSM starts from ₹3726.53 per month per user.

  • Ticketing Tool Jira

The name of this ticketing tool is inspired from the Japanese name ‘Gojira’ which means Godzilla. Jira ticket management system is used for bug tracking in software and mobile apps in addition to issue tracking and detecting bottlenecks in projects.

IT helpdesk software


  • Self knowledge portal

Customer service agents can make use of Jira’s self-knowledge portal to quickly find solutions for frequently asked questions

  • Setting up numerous SLAs

Using Jira’s IT ticketing tools, you can set up different service level agreements. You can resolve requests based on their priorities and notify teams about SLA violations.

  • Availability of ‘queues’ feature

Using Queues, agents can allot priority tags like high priority or low priority customer requests.

  • Easy to obtain customer feedback

Jira’s inbuilt feature allows you to collect users’ feedback and improve on your customer service.

  • Enhanced search option

The search option in Jira ticketing tool is based on machine learning, allowing for smarter searches for both employees and customers.

Pricing: Price of Jira IT helpdesk software begins from ₹698 per user per month. For detailed pricing and demo, you can connect with us.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot ticketing tool allows users to consolidate tickets raised across multiple channels under one dashboard. This dashboard is accessible to all team members. It is suitable for managers to view metrics such as the agent’s response time, the number of tickets raised within a specific time, etc.

IT ticket tools


  • Automated ticket creation

HubSpot ticket management system creates a ticket automatically whenever a customer reaches out and depending on the issue, notifies the appropriate person to handle it.

  • Prioritization of tickets

Using HubSpot, you can prioritize incoming tickets so that critical issues are sorted first.

  • Ticket generation via email

With HubSpot IT helpdesk software, you can convert customer emails into tickets or direct them directly to the dashboard.

  • In built reporting tools

HubSpot IT ticketing tools include reporting tools to track the usage of the knowledge, customer service impact and much more.

  • Centralized tracking

Tickets can be assigned to different members and tracked at a centralized location to know their status.

Pricing: Price of HubSpot ticket management system starts from ₹2450 per user per month. For more details on price and demo, you can connect with us.

  • Mojo IT Helpdesk

Mojo IT helpdesk software is suitable for handling internal service requests as well as external requests generated by customers. It comes with built in reporting tools to measure the effectiveness of your customer service and the option of storing data associated with past tickets in the cloud.

IT helpdesk ticket system


  • Welcome page

Mojo ticket management system has an interactive welcome page which notifies users of business hours, crucial information, updates, etc.

  • Multi language support

In addition to English, this ticket management software provides its services in French and Spanish.

  • Efficient categorization of tickets

Agents can categorize tickets on several factors such as priority, types, assigned agents, etc. to streamline the resolution process.

  • Keeping track of ticket resolution time

With Mojo IT helpdesk software, you can keep track of how much time you are spending on ticket resolution and handling priority tickets.

  • Integration with third party calendar apps

Mojo desk ticket management system can be integrated with calendar apps such as Google Calendar and Office 365 calendar to monitor recurring tickets and ticket deadlines.

Pricing: Pricing of Mojo Desk IT ticketing tools starts from ₹2161.17 per user per month.

  • Zendesk

Zendesk ticket management software is one of the leading online IT help desk tools that ensures customer service management. Zendesk supports ticket consolidation, generated across multiple platforms. Your IT team can view the entire ticketing history of a customer through Zendesk to support them better.

IT helpdesk ticket system


  • Availability of Zendesk suite

Zendesk provides a suite of support apps which can be utilized to service customers better

  • Self service portal

By making use of Zendesk’s knowledge base, you can design a self service customer portal to reduce time agents spend on repetitive tasks.

  • Mobile support

Users can seek out Zendesk’s support services through their android or iOS devices.

  • Time zone and language compatible

Zendesk IT ticketing tools can be used across the globe in different time zones and languages.

  • Customer facing interface

Interface of Zendesk can be branded to align it with your company’s image.

Pricing: Price of Zendesk IT helpdesk software can be obtained from the official site. For demo and other details, you can connect with us.

  • Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk ticket management software helps online businesses, ecommerce companies, software industry and others to serve their clients in a better fashion. Vision Helpdesk consolidates tickets from multiple platforms under one dashboard.


  • Automated workflows

Using the rule-based system, you can create automated workflows for better functioning.

  • Enhanced notifications

This IT helpdesk ticketing system alerts customers about updates on their tickets by delivering notifications to their email account.

  • Collaboration through Blabby

Blabby from Vision Helpdesk supports collaboration between team members on resolution of tickets.

  • Agent achievement on Gamification

Gamification on Vision Helpdesk ticket management software shows an agent’s achievement levels, which are kind of a reward system for resolving customer issues.

  • Task delegation

Using Vision Helpdesk, you can quickly delegate different tickets to the best available agents and keep a tab on the status of these tickets.

Pricing: Pricing of Vision Helpdesk ticket management system starts from ₹894.28 per user per month.

Summing it up

Ticket management systems are a potent tool to serve your customers in an enhanced manner. From the above listed ticket management software, choose the one which is suited for your organisation.


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