Case Study: Bhartiya International – IT Helpdesk Management Solution

Case Study: Bhartiya International – IT Helpdesk Management Solution-feature image

IT helpdesk plays a pivotal role in any organization by acting as a connecting link between end users and their IT services. It has a broader scope as it provides a single place to manage all IT needs by employees and customers.

To keep the technology ecosystem intact, every business needs to create a robust service management infrastructure. This is critical for creating secure IT infrastructure and facilitating smooth process workflow. Let’s find out how one of our clients took steps at the right time to provide the customer or internal user the right amount of support to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

The Client

Bhartiya International Ltd is one of the leading providers of leather products and textile products and was facing challenges with respect to managing IT-related issues within the organization. It operates with different production facilities in the Bangalore region and was constantly struggling to manage the increasing number of IT-related complaints by employees on a day-to-day basis.

The Challenge

IT Helpdesk Management Image

The limited strength of their IT team was preventing them from addressing IT-related issues of their employees in real time. Also, there was no proper record of issues raised and the solution provided on a case-to-case basis. As a result, most of their organizational data was lying unstructured, which could have helped them understand their process loopholes better.

Further, with employees bringing their own devices and location to office premises, monitoring every system was proving to be a losing battle. As a result, there were many data compliance and management issues. With all types of gadgets, operating systems, and software in the corporate network, there was a nightmarish situation. There was no control over the types of applications accessed by every device.

Most importantly, they were not getting enough time to plan out an IT strategy for their business. As their IT team was occupied in handling IT-related issues of employees, they were getting quite a little time to identify their IT infrastructure needs.

The Solution

As the clients were fully aware of their chap was to challenges, the next important step was to help them make the right software buying decision. And what could have helped them more than online software demos for the best IT helpdesk solutions? Based on the demo, they finalized Manage Engine as their go-to solution for managing all IT-related queries of their employees.

The IT helpdesk management solution by Manage Engine is ideal for anyone who is looking for a recipe to save their IT costs and get over mediocrity. From tracking user requests to prioritizing requests and providing answers to every IT-related query, Manage Engine IT help desk software assists at every stage.

Incident Management

This IT help desk software allows IT managers to create a relationship between an incident and its associated problem tickets. As soon a problem ticket is resolved, the incident ticked associated with the same also closes automatically. Thus it helps with problem management with complete control over the life cycle of IT tickets.

Self-Service Portal

It ensures a multi-channel ticketing system, enabling employees to submit a ticket via multiple channels. These include phone, email, chat, or web forms. It’s an intuitive self-service portal, which helps resolve common IT –related queries of employees with ease.

Problem Management

With the best IT helpdesk management software, our clients can now classify and analyze their problems. This will help them to get to the root cause and prevent repeat incidences.

Knowledge Base

Handling repeat incidents is easier with a knowledge base. Moreover, it also empowers the IT team of our clients to tackle any type of query with ease.

Now the IT team of Bhartiya International Ltd is not just happily addressing the queries of their employees, but also proactively identifying and fixing issues. Are you also looking for a similar IT helpdesk solution, hesitate no more from leveraging the right technology.

Published On: July 12, 2019

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