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by : Data Peace


Brand: Data Peace

Type: Software

Operating System: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows(Phone)

Free Trial Available: No

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1UPVMS Software Overview

What is 1UPVMS?

1UPVMS is a visitor management software designed to supervise the facility access. This visitor management system is powered with an artificial intelligence engine which helps organizations maintain a database of faces and unwanted people are blocked. The software also facilitates CCTV integration for better facility access monitoring. It allows organizations to track the movement of their visitors and their activities within the premises. One of the greatest benefits of using 1UPVMS visitor management system India is that it’s platform-independent. The software works with all kinds of operating systems and is hardware agnostic.

1UPVMS deploys deep learning analytics to generate actionable insights from the visitor data, be it corporate offices or gated communities.

1UPVMS visitor management software is used across different areas, such as:

  1. Corporate offices
  2. Multi-tenant buildings
  3. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes
  4. Co-working spaces
  5. Co-living spaces
  6. Hotels and restaurants
  7. Manufacturing plants

What are the key benefits of using 1UPVMS visitor management system?

1UPVMS helps the security maintenance staff to manage visitors efficiently. Here are some notable benefits of using this visitor management software.

  1. Flawless Security: Foolproof the entire premise by directly matching the details of visitors with their face.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: The software helps in improving the visibility and accountability by keeping an unalterable digital record.
  3. Visitor Ease: This visitor management software assures seamless visitor experience while illustrating professionalism at the same time.

What are some key 1UPVMS visitor management system features?

Here are some of the features offered by 1UPVMS:

  1. Artificial intelligence engine
  2. CCTV integration
  3. Customized workflow
  4. Customized welcome screen
  5. Unlimited visitor
  6. Unlimited hosts
  7. Email and SMS Messaging
  8. Unlimited data storage

What is the price of 1UPVMS visitor management software?

You can request a callback for price related inquiries related to 1UPVMS. Our product experts will help with all the required information.

1UPVMS Features

  • Artificial Intelligence The software is backed by an artificial intelligence engine which facilitates better identification of the visitors.
  • CCTV Integration Users can integrate this software with their live CCTV system to track the movement of their visitors.
  • Customization Organizations or various other facilities using 1UPVMS can create customized welcome screen and workflow for enhanced
  • Visitor insights and lead scoring. The software tracks and records all the activities of visitors and generates actionable insights.  
  • Multi Location The software can be deployed for managing multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Platform Independent This visitor management software is hardware and software agnostic. It has minimum system requirements for operation.
  • Security Facility security staff can use this software to manage the visitors efficiently.
  • Increased Visibility The software helps track the movement and activities of visitors for better monitoring.
  • Data Security All the user information is secured with an industry-level firewall which prevents unauthorized access.
  • Live Chat The software offers a live chat feature for users to communicate internally.
  • Phone Support Live technical support is provided to the customers through phone calls.

1UPVMS Plans & Pricing

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CCTV Integration

1UPVMS Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
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  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • iOS Android MacOS Windows(Phone)
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Q. Q.1. Can I use the same license of 1UPVMS to monitor multiple facilities? arrow

A. No, you will have to purchase a multi-location license for multi-site usage.

Q. Q.2. Can I blacklist visitors in 1UPVMS? arrow

A. Yes, you can both blacklist and whitelist visitors in 1UPVMS.

Q. Q.3. Is my data secure with 1UPVMS? arrow

A. 1UPMVS is fully compliant with GDPR guidelines to ensure that all the user information is safe.

Q. Q.4. How to get started with 1UPMVS? arrow

A. After the purchase, you will be provided video tutorials, on-site training, and installation support for easy understanding of 1UPVMS.

Q. Q.5. Where an I get the demo for 1UPVMS? arrow

A. Techjockey offers an online demo of 1UPVMS to the interested buyers. Please request a call to schedule the demo.

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