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Pathology Reporting Software allows the patient management and other operations in a Pathology Lab efficiently. This automation solution enables to keep a record of patients, doctors, tests and reports along with samples and packages. The pathologies can readily manage the accounting transactions and creating useful reports for better business insights and profits earned. The analytical data provided by the software helps in effective decision-making. Pathology Reporting software helps in improving the efficiency of each department and better customer service at reduced costs and efforts.

Product Features
Pathology Reporting Software is an exquisite software solution that empowers the pathology labs with state-of-the-art automation of various operations. With effective management of all aspects and administration features, the software also provides useful reports contributing to the data analysis. The software is a leading edge solution integrated with SMS for smooth communication with the doctors and patients.
The highlighted features include:
  • Patient Management: This module allows the labs to efficiently manage patients, registrations, history, test requested etc. thereby taking care of overall management of the operations.
  • Doctor Management: All vital details of the doctors referring patients to the lab for diagnosis along with their commissions can be stored in this module.
  • Agent Management: The marketing agents associated with the lab for promoting and catering business opportunities can be managed here.
  • Employee Management: The staff in the lab along with their work schedules, salary, personal details etc. can be managed with this employee management module.
  • Expense Management: All types of expanses such as staff payment, e-bill, telephone bill etc. can be recorded and tracked in this easy to use module with just a few clicks.
  • Stock Management: This module allows the labs to keep track of the lab stock readily. All stock transaction including the opening and closing stock including all stock transfers and movement can be recorded in this module.
  • Administration: An interactive Administration Dashboard available within the software allows the management of all lab operations easily, quickly and efficiently.
  • Report: Various customizable reports can be generated for data analysis and audit so as to facilitate the effective decision making.
  • Email and SMS: Effective communication between administrations, doctors and patients have been enabled in the software with email and SMS integration
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