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About Medixcel EMR

Medixcel EMR is a simple to use Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management software for Clinics and Clinical Software Chains. Browser-based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessibly, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders.



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About Plus91

Plus91 Technologies is a Healthcare Technology Company. Plus91 Medical Software Products include Medical Record Softwares, Lab Information Systems, Risk Assessments and more. Plus91 also provides digital marketing solutions for Healthcare Providers. Plus91 works with Hospitals, Clinic Chains, Physicians, Diagnostic & Research Labs, Insurance & Pharmaceutical Companies.
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Add Lab Values via an Internal Lab or Network Lab partner access. Get alerts on out of range values and see historical lab values plotted over time as graphs. Manage Lab workflow including Sample Collection and Accessioning.
Add Imaging or Radiology reports using canned report formats and options to include images and auto-sign reports.
Track Vitals across all visits made by the patient to any clinic or doctor on your network or chain. Graphically view vitals and receive alerts for vitals added outside the range.
Create Actionable Objective Treatment plans with targets and reminders for Doctors, Staff and Patients to improve adherence and manage Progress.
Provide Diagnosis using the latest International Coding of Diseases directory released by WHO and accepted by Insurance and Government Health agencies across the world
Comes Pre-populated with essential drugs list and with your own Master management to add new medications. Prescribe drugs quickly using generic or brand names, setup Drug Reminders, refill reminders and also comes with a simple clashing alert.
Create and Print or E-mail Referral notes for other Doctors or Labs with options to update their inputs and reports on the same report to maintain the care continuum. For internal recommendations, automatically generate notifications for the concerned team.
For specific reports create multi-signature rules, where multiple doctors have to sign-off before report can be viewed.
View the Entire Patient History on a Single screen and print a complete summary on a Single Page if needed. See History, Vitals, Prescriptions, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Additional Reports, Lab Values and Visit Notes on a Single page.
Create Disease Management profiles and schedules for them, create alerts to help you and patients manage their conditions. Integrate with App to provide a better care paradigm for the patient.

Plans and Pricing


Medixcel EMR


  • Scheduling & Appointments
  • Specialization Based EMR
  • Prescriptions
  • Consultations and Cases
  • Billing
  • Memberships
  • Inventory
  • Lab & Radiology Tests
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Alerts & Messaging
  • Internal Chat
  • Patient Record Access
  • Support
  • Screen Compatibility


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Medixcel EMR

Q. What is the Patient Portal or PHR?

A patient portal or PHR (Personal Health Record) is a module available either stand-alone or integrated with an EMR which provides personal medical record access to patients and allows for more focused health information to be shared with them. A PHR will allow you to share medical reports, prescriptions and consultation notes with your patients seamlessly. It will also help you engage patients directly and provide them with information most required for their health condition. It also allows you to provide updates and offer about your clinic. Advanced PHRs also allow users to set appointments directly online.

Q. What is MediXcel?

MediXcel is a flexible software solution for clinics, out-patient departments inside hospitals and clinic chains. It manages Medical Data of the patients and Administrative data of the practice. Its design lets user store data with ease, quickly retrieve data and use this data in various combinations and formats to make better decisions on patient treatment, customer service and practice profitability.

Q. Is the software HIPAA Compliant?

Yes MediXcel is HIPAA compliant software.

Q. What support options are provided?

We have a standard support option which covers bugs and ensure uptime of the server.

Q. How long does an implementation take for a Cloud Solution / Local Installation provided all the information is given and no custom development is required?

For a single clinic installation: Cloud installation: 7 working days,Local installation: 15 working days. For a multi clinic installation: Cloud installation: 12 working days, Local installation: 20 working days.


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