How Live Chat is Changing the Way Customers Engage with Ecommerce Sites

| July 18, 2020
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For some years now, the e-commerce market has seen tremendous growth. And in the current challenging times, more people are migrating to online businesses to satisfy their daily shopping needs. As an online business, you would want more customers to come to your site and develop loyalty towards your brand.

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Live chat helps you achieve exactly that. Let’s find out how!

How Live Chat Software Helps Increase Customer Engagement?

According to a report, India’s E-commerce market revenue is set to increase from current valuation of 43 billion USD to more than 70 billion USD by 2024.

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Such a massive increase in revenue is going to be accompanied by more and more customers visiting e-commerce sites and purchasing products of their choice.

Each customer is going to expect an excellent customer experience when they visit your website. These include obtaining fast response to their queries, knowing details about their preferred categories and efficient resolution to their grievances. All this is possible with one single platform: Live chat software.

Reports suggest that more than 40% customers prefer live chat web as the preferred means of communication with support teams. This also includes first time visitors who just discovered your website. Providing them good customer service through web chat will help to convert them into potential customers and build trust towards your brand. Statistics point out that customers have a satisfaction rate between 80-90% when it comes to chat software.

Hence using the best live chat software is one of the important parameters to boost sales and engage with customers in a better way.

Ways in which Live Chat Can Boost Sales for an E-commerce Website

Live chat is an important tool for showing customers that they matter the most. Afterall, only happy customers can lead to more sales. In the following steps we tell you how you can use live chat software for website to drive in more sales:

  1. Live chat software makes new customers feel welcome

New customers on your website will feel more comfortable to share their queries on chat as compared to emails or calls.

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For example, the travel booking app Goibibo has been using live chat on site to provide customer support and reportedly the number of customers coming back to their site has increased by 4 times.

  1. Live chat software provides quick response to repetitive queries

Live chat features allow ecommerce companies to save and reuse responses to repetitive questions as well as add buttons to make chats more interactive.

Best live chat software

The food giant Swiggy offers quick resolution of customer queries. In the very beginning, their chat software provides pre-set buttons from which customers can choose their issue. It is estimated that more than 70% issues are resolved at this stage itself, without requiring human intervention. And when it comes to live interaction, Swiggy has an upper hand with 24X7 availability.

  1. Live chat software helps improve after-sales service

Web chat software can be used to obtain feedback from the customers and cater to their issues in case of a faulty product.

Live chat software for website

Nikon uses live chat on web to provide live chat assistance to fix issues in its products without the customer having to exchange or return the product.

  1. Live chat software lets customers know their purchases involve minimum risk

Web chat software like Freshchat is a potent way of dispelling perceived risks of a new customer such as financial risks. It helps them understand whether a purchase would serve their purpose or not.

Web chat software

Case Study: How Threadless used live chat to better their services

Threadless is an ecommerce set up selling artistical products made by their online community of artists.

The challenge

Since Threadless deals with artists and the people buying their products, it was becoming difficult to manage both the sides without any customer management tool in place.

The solution

Threadless started making use of live chat software solution to provide each customer personalized service and also manage their information in a seamless way. By using the web chat feature, they have been able to provide both artists and their customers a unique experience.

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Live chat has a direct impact on how your customers feel about your business. It helps you to serve them better and improves your conversion rate. Through live chat on site, you can make each customer feel like an important part of your business which will positively impact your sales in the long run.


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