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About Hotelogix

What is Hotelogix?

Hotelogix, a cloud-based property management system, helps in simplifying hotel operations. This automated software with its next-gen capabilities, streamlines daily operations and improves work efficiency. Hotelogix can simultaneously manage both front-office and back-office operations. It guarantees immediate and synchronized information flow among various departments.

This software is designed to maximize the target audience, increase direct bookings and boost the revenue. Its automation functionalities reduce the need for manpower and help ensure higher guest experience. With Hotelogix, keeping track of the hotel’s performance, KPIs and the scope of growth has become easy. 

How the business intelligence feature of Hotelogix helps hotel owners?

Hotelogix provides over 100 system reports, analysing the current performance and the growth of your business. Using these reports, you can evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies and make new ones, if necessary. Below are some reports provided by the software, along with their importance.

  1. History reports provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. These reports can draw outlines for the past performance of your hotel.
  2. Hotel Revenue report and Hotel analytics report help in evaluating the budget and revenue.
  3. Hotel Reservation report provides detailed information on reservations, cancellations, reservations source, etc.
  4. Hotel Housekeeping report helps analyse the effectiveness of housekeeping and front desk processes.
  5. Hotel Night Audit report provides details of rooms, counter-wise revenues, tax and revenue generated per room, etc.
  6. Hotel Financial report helps users evaluate the financial condition of their hotel.

Users can restrict access to these reports by levelling permissions and user types.

Pricing of Hotelogix

The pricing of Hotelogix is set as per the size and functions of your hotel business. The pricing for independent property and multiple properties are different.

The pricing of the independent property is described below:

  1. Premium: ₹250 per room, per month (for a minimum billing of ₹ 4,250)
  2. Premium Plus: ₹375 per room, per month (for a minimum billing of ₹ 6,375)
  3. Platinum: ₹599 per room, per month (for a minimum billing of ₹ 8,985)

If you want pricing details for the multiple properties n, you can make a callback request. Our sales experts will provide the best information.

Compatible Platforms of Hotelogix

Hotelogix is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

What are the benefits of using Hotelogix

  1. Direct bookings: This software enables users to generate direct bookings via a web-booking engine. Users can avoid overbookings and double bookings as well.
  2. Easy customization: Users can customize the software as per the property and its major business areas.
  3. Reputation management: Hotelogix allows users to collect reviews, promote positive feedback and establish a strong brand value.
  4. Round the clock support: WIth Hotelogix, users can ensure 24/7 active operation and support to the customers.
  5. Assign tasks and set reminders: By integrating this software, users can assign tasks to the team members using the central dashboard and set reminders as well.

Sold By : Hotelogix

Get Hotelogix support 26 Chatting right now

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Hotelogix Features

Hotelogix is a cloud-based hotel management system. It provides you with a host of third-party solutions and helps in decreasing the cost of software ownership.
With Hotelogix, you can automate your hotel management processes. and ensure work efficiency.
Hotelogix allows users to control all operations from a single dashboard that forms the core of the software.
With this software, you can merge with online and offline channels like OTAs, GDS and TripAdvisor, and reach a broader market easily.
Hotelogix ensures seamless functions by syncing all the departments of the hotel, including the accounting processes.
Hotelogix allows users to manage numerous POS outlets from a central dashboard.
This property management software helps with the monitoring of hotel’s processes. Users can keep track of the performance, property status and the market easily from a single dashboard.
Based on a detailed market and competitors’ pricing analysis, you can create rational rates to ensure maximum profit. With Hotelogix, you can even change room rates as per the demand and occupancy.
Hotelogix allows users to monitor their hotel’s processes from anywhere and at any time. Users can check the hotel status through the dashboard.

Get Hotelogix support26 Chatting right now

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Hotelogix Specifications


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Hotelogix FAQs

A. You can manage multiple properties on Hotelogix using the same login ID and password from the super console board.
A. You need to apply through your bank. Once you have selected the credit card processor through your bank, you can make the payment.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo for Hotelogix. You only have to send in a demo request along with your favourable time and date.
A. Hotelogix is available in English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Albanian, Thai and Turkish.
A. Hotelogix has a mobile app that is compatible with Android version 5.0 and above, and with iOS 11.0 or later.

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