Hotel Channel Manager

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Price: 1000.00 INR

Djubo has a centralized reservation system that integrates with channel manager and automates room distribution to all your OTA’s at real time. The software automatically updates the room inventory on all online sales channels. It ensures that as soon as the room is vacant, it is listed on your different online traveling agencies. In this way, this software accelerates room inventory distribution. View More

Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager

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Price: 2000.00 INR onwards

Hotel Channel Manager is an innovative platform for hotels to manage inventory and pricing with all online travel portals. The software provides user a dashboard which acts as one single platform enabling management of room inventory across various platforms, avoid over bookings, manage prices at multiple websites from a single platform, generate granular reports. This enables better pricing strategy and optimized inventory as well. View More

STAAH Instant Channel Manager

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Price: 2500.00 INR /month

Instant Channel Manager is an online software for hotels and similar accommodations that enable effective management of multiple booking channels. The software aims to enhance the OTA relationship and provide a better experience. The prominent features include booking retrieval, bulk data upload, integration with GDS interface, detailed logs, booking reports & dashboards. Also, a user doesn't require any operating system and can be run online. View More

eZee Centrix - Online Hotel Channel Manager

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Price: 2650.00 INR onwards/month

eZee Centrix is a Channel Manager that helps hotels to manage their property's rates and inventory on various channels and travel websites. eZee Centrix; a new state of the channel manager consists of all tools to easily manage property rates and inventory on various channels. View More

eZee Reservation Online Booking Engine

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Price: 2050.00 INR onwards/month

eZee Reservation is a complete tool for hotels that allows any property to get online bookings from their own property website. eZee Reservation is a complete hotel reservation management module that integrates seamlessly into the hotel’s website and upholds details of all the guests. The core of eZee Reservation is the cutting edge hotel reservation engine, which simplifies web-based reservation and occupancy management for a hotel. View More

In hospitality industry, Hotels can boost their business and acquire more customers with the help of booking channels. These booking channels generate business leads and provide business opportunities to hotels. To manage booking channels, hotels can use channel management software that enable them to manage all aspects such as channel details, performance and history, commission and properties to be channelized. Best channel management solutions automate the following for smooth and flawless operations:
  • Inventory Control and Management: Inventory management of all properties of a hotel businesses can be well managed with specific inventory modules. These modules allow tracking of the availability of the rooms to be opened for booking. Current status of the inventory (here properties) can be tracked accurately.
  • Channel Master: Details of all channels can be maintained in automated channel registers. Channel history, performance and payment terms can be defined for later uses in the system.
  • Stop Selling: Stop selling feature allows businesses to halt the operations with a specific channel while capturing all vital details and reasons for the same.
  • Accounting: All accounting operations including payments, debits, credits, cash book, bank book, ledger, balance sheet, commission etc. can be readily managed with automated accounting features.