Best Hotel Management Software in 2024

What is HMS or Hotel Management System?

Hotel management software is designed to automate hotel daily basis tasks, staff management, guest records, hotel assets, and hotel inventories. It comes with specific modules like billing, reservation, front desk, housekeeping, kitchen etc to improves coordination & efficiency in staff. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Hotel Management Software in 2024

  • top product arrowCheerze Connect
  • top product arrowAsiaTech
  • top product arrowBlynk Hotel Application
  • top product arrowMeshInk Hotel Management Software
  • top product arrowInnkey PMS

Best Hotel Management Software

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Cheerze Connect

Cheerze Connect

Brand: Cheerze Connect

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Cheerze Connect is a cloud-based hotel management solution that helps hotels streamline their operations, increase revenue, and improve guest satisfaction.... Read More About Cheerze Connect read review arrow

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Brand: Asia Tech


4.5 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

AsiaTech hotel front desk software helps hoteliers boost their online visibility. The software offers integration with a wide range of online travelling a... Read More About AsiaTech img


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Blynk Hotel Application

Blynk Hotel Application

Brand: Blynk Systems


4.3 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Blynk Hotel Application is one of the best tablet-based guest services apps. This app is designed to enhance the guest experience in hotels or resorts. T... Read More About Blynk Hotel Application img

₹5,000 /Lifetime

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MeshInk Hotel Management Software

MeshInk Hotel Management Software

Brand: Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd


4.9 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Meshink Hotel Front Desk Software is a comprehensive solution that helps you in managing different verticals of a hotel. From room-booking to housekeeping,... Read More About MeshInk Hotel Management Software img

₹10,000 /Year

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Innkey PMS

Innkey PMS

Brand: Innkey


4.7 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Innkey PMS is one of the most popular Hotel Management ERP solution that comes with an intuitive and integrated dashboard and its reservation system helps... Read More About Innkey PMS img

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Hot-Inn Hotel Management

Hot-Inn Hotel Management



4.5 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Hot- Inn Hotel Management Solution is one of the best open source Hotel Front Desk Software in India. MMI Hot- Inn software is a simple and easy to use onl... Read More About Hot-Inn Hotel Management img

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AxisRooms Hotel Channel Manager

AxisRooms Hotel Channel Manager

Brand: AxisRooms


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

The hotel channel manager is a different platform for hotels inventory management and pricing in tandem with online travel websites. It integrates with a... Read More About AxisRooms Hotel Channel Manager img

₹14,999 /Month

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Opera Hotel Software

Opera Hotel Software

Brand: Oracle


4.7 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Opera Hotel Software is a complete Property Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Property Management Software for... Read More About Opera Hotel Software img

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Dataman Aatithya

Dataman Aatithya

Brand: RVZION Infotech


4.5 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Dataman Aatithya is a cloud-based hotel management system that is helping mid-sized to large-sized hotel businesses in automating their entire range of op... Read More About Dataman Aatithya img

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Pure iBooking

Pure iBooking

Brand: Pure ITES


4.4 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Pure iBooking is Booking Engine which enables the hotels to get better integration with the online world at an extremely fast pace without requiring extra... Read More About Pure iBooking img

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Last Updated on : 01 Mar, 2024

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Best Hotel Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Time to upgrade your free hotel management software to premium version at low cost and use hotel software features in one dashboard. Contact us for an upgrade.   

eZee FrontDesk - Hotel Front Desk  Indian Mesh Hotel Management Software free download Bigdbiz Hotel Billing software Fusion PMS - Hotel Chain Management Hot-Inn Hotel Management Software Software Window Free Hotel Management Software Ahead SoftPro Hotel Billing Software HMS Hotelogix Mobile App For Hotel

Online hotel management software gives you the chance to operate your hotel business remotely. Here are the features of cloud based hotel management software. All reservation centre Check housekeeping service Front desk office operations hotel inventory Management restaurant management system Wedding hall and Banquet management system Employee task management Staff payroll management Profile Management Billing and invoicing Accounts view and management Customer Feedback management  MIS reports generate and view System Security 

Hotel billing software for the hotel industry is very helpful to hoteliers. With this module helps to manage the bill, invoicing, inventory, room vacancy, and Mis reports.

Yes, irrespective of your hotel size & scale, you can still benefit from using a hotel solution. If you’re concerned about the price and ROI, you can always opt for a license-based software subscription model, wherein you’ll only have to pay for the modules you use. Payment for the same would be deducted on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly basis.

Absolutely! Hotel solutions have dedicated modules that allow you to manage additional functions aside from room and guest management.

Yes, third-party integration is possible with hotel software. For clarity, make it a point to ask the hotel software vendor if your exiting accounting & attendance solutions can work in sync with the hotel software, to prevent any confusion later.

If you’re looking for a customized solution, it would take a few days for final deployment. Standard hotel software modules can be deployed in 24-48 hours.

The basic difference between these two is that hotel management solutions cater specifically to the lodging business, including inventory, stay & finances. On the other hand, property management solutions are more umbrella-esque and cater to any business within the purview of real estate (hotels, construction, apartments, office buildings, etc).

Hotel Management Software Reviews




“enables real-time room status updates, access to visitor data, including contact and billing information, offers resources for controlling check-ins and check-outs”

- Tarun Sharma

See all AsiaTech reviewsimg

MeshInk Hotel Management Software


“loaded with most advance features specially the office management module”

- Amit Chandel

See all MeshInk Hotel Management Software reviewsimg

Innkey PMS


“InnKey PMS is easy to understand the tool and makes accounting simple. It is very user-friendly and increases work efficiency. It provides good value for money.”

- Zafar Azmi

See all Innkey PMS reviewsimg

Hot-Inn Hotel Management


“Straightforward and smooth front work area and Pos module is generally excellent and propelled a lot of pursuit alternatives to spare time and can be brief to client...”

- Rajat Singh

See all Hot-Inn Hotel Management reviewsimg

AxisRooms Hotel Channel Manager


“AxisRoom allows for monthly billing and payment and ability to choose the required product, rather than buying the complete suite.”


See all AxisRooms Hotel Channel Manager reviewsimg

Hotel Management Software Price List In India

Hotel Management Software Cost
Top Hotel Management Software Starting Price Rating
AsiaTech₹24000.00 4.5
Blynk Hotel Application₹5000.00 /Lifetime4.3
MeshInk Hotel Management Software₹10000.00 /Year4.9
AxisRooms Hotel Channel Manager₹14999.00 /Month4.6

Buyer's Guide for Top Hotel Management Software

Found our list of Hotel Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Hotel Management Software?
  • Cloud Hotel ERP
  • Hotel Management System Modules
  • Hotel Management Software Features
  • Why You Need Hotel Management Software?
  • Hotel Management Software Advantages
  • Guest House Management Software
  • PMS Hotel Management Software

What is Hotel Management Software?

Hotel management software is designed to manage hotels, resorts, and other accommodation systems. It helps to automate hotel daily basis tasks, staff management, guest records, hotel assets, and hotel inventories. It comes with specific modules like hotel billing software solution, hotel reservation system software, hotel front desk software, hotel booking software, online hotel management system, housekeeping, kitchen which is brief in below. This system software or membership management software also manages lodge management, guest house management, motels, and their related operations, and improves coordination & efficiency in staff.

Cloud Hotel ERP

It is also known as online hotel management system software which is used anywhere from any browser. This web-based ERP allows every module and features as we can use in perpetual.   

Hotel Management System Modules

Hotel Bookings

With this hotel booking software system modules helps to manage online rooms booking in advance, instant and schedule for the same. Hotel staff and guests both are check get the notification for booking via emails and text messages.

Hotel Front Desk

With this hotel front help desk software help to manage guests walk-in to your hotel and create a digital record of their information, complete with every detail relevant to their stay. It will help to check rooms available for new allotment, check-in and check out, generate billing and invoices.

Hotel Reservations Management

With this hotel reservation management software help to manage offline and online reservations for ensuring the rooms booking. This reservation system is an open-source module for guests only and so they can check their status from anywhere anytime on by using cloud-based hotel reservation features.

Hotel Room Management System

From occupancy status to cleaning status, the room management module assists in managing the entire nitty-gritty. You can also update the system to reflect repairs needed in the room or if a room is currently unavailable for repair work.

Hotel Housekeeping Management Solution

You can easily manage the housekeeping staff with this module. Your staff can use it to update the cleaning status & assign cleaning duties to employees. Additionally, admin staff can update the system to reflect rooms that have to be cleaned.

Online Hotel Billing and Invoicing

Any hotel has multiple facets operating within it. There are different vendors who provide kitchen supplies, stationery, bedding, furniture, cleaning supplies, etc. to your hotel. This billing software module generates automatic invoices for any such transaction. Additionally, at the time of guest checkout, it generates invoices detailing their stay and add-on services availed by them (food/drinks ordered, on-premise activities, mini-bar usage, etc).

Hotel Reporting System

You can’t run a successful hospitality business if you don’t assess the profitability and performance metrics of its different verticals. This hotel reporting module generates MIS reports which detail out & graphically represent different metrics like seasonal bookings, the highest booking period and so on in an easy and convenient way.

Hotel CRM System

A hospitality business needs a robust customer experience strategy for longevity and profitability. The customer relationship management system module of Hotel software can be programmed to send welcome and thank you messages to arriving & departing guests respectively. Additionally, you can share promotional messages, send congratulations and wishes on important days, and solicit feedback about the guest experience.

Hotel Kitchen Management Solution

When guests place an order from your hotel, the hotel restaurant billing software can enter the order information into the system which gets relayed to the kitchen staff. The front desk/room service team isn’t required to call and confirm the order with the kitchen, as the order status can be updated by the cooking staff.

Hotel Property Management System

If you run a resort, this module is especially useful to manage different areas of your property. You can use hotel property management software features to simultaneously check up on swimming pools, tennis court, restaurant, lounge, yoga studio or any other activity available at your lodging business.

Hotel Accounting Solution

Quite a few hotel software offers this as an add-on module. Accounting software module helps in ledger maintenance and bookkeeping of your hotel finances. It records financial information, including transaction and payment details, and stores it in a centralized database.

Hotel Management Software Features

Hotel Employee Management

Track your employees’ work schedules effortlessly with the hotel employee management system. This nifty tool can be used to track employees as they move in & out of your property, along with tracking their break hours. Simply ask them to input their entry and exit time into the system. If you have a separate attendance solution, you can integrate the two seamlessly.

Hotel Front Office Management

From tracking visitors’ check-ins/outs to addressing their queries, your front desk operations are simplified with hotel front office management software. Guest registration, query handling, delegating tasks to room service & kitchen and checkout processes can be performed with a hotel front desk software.

Hotel-Online Travel Agency (OTA) Integration

If you want your property to be available for viewing and booking on popular online travel websites and aggregators, a hotel travel management solution can assist you with that. You can use the hotel software’s dashboard to create a listing on popular webpages. Additionally, any booking made on your hotel’s website is automatically updated to OTAs, ensuring that the room count remains consistent across platforms.

Hotel Channel Management Solution

If you run a multi-location hotel, you can easily manage all of them with a single hotel channel management software. You can maintain the super-access of the solution at your head office. This way, information of an update in any of the locations will be conveyed to you immediately and you can also send instructions/guidelines to the concerned staff, without moving an inch.

Hotel Housekeeping Management System

From assigning cleaning schedules to laundry and maintenance tasks, the housekeeping management feature allows hotels to digitize the administration of your housekeeping staff. Simply assign a schedule and the same will be communicated to the concerned team. Any impromptu requests made by a customer can be instantly communicated to the housekeeping staff for a quick resolution.

Hotel Maintenance Management System

Much like housekeeping, this feature manages your property’s maintenance activities. Repair work, cleaning, gardening, painting, washing, and any other maintenance activity can be easily administered with a hotel solution.

Marketing Management

The hotel software provides advanced marketing automation software features, which you can use to send promotional messages to your guests (SMS & Emails), feedback requests and analyze customer satisfaction metrics.

Online Booking

This software’s dashboard creates an online booking option on your website, complete with a payment gateway. It’s highly secure, so data loss or hacking is next to impossible.

Point of Sale (Hotel POS)

An add-on feature, you can receive payments from your guests and generate automated invoices using point of sale software module.

Hotel Reviews Management Solution

Irrespective of positive/negative reviews, the review management feature consolidates feedback from your website, feedback cards, social media, and review aggregator platforms, and allows you to respond to them. You can also use the review analyzer to identify key points of contention reported by guests.

Why You Need Hotel Management Software?

Efficient Processes

Hotel software creates an efficient administrative system with which managing different verticals becomes simpler. Because it’s a digital solution, the time consumed in performing administrative tasks is reduced and redundant/reoccurring tasks are automated.

Automated Tasks

Certain tasks like updating room status on check-in/check-out, sending promotional messages, etc. can be easily automated with hotel software. This helps your staff focus more on guest experience & ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Better Reputation

This hotel ORM software lets you manage your online reputation, accumulate and assess feedback, process complaints, communicate with guests and do more. 

Data Security

Top Hotel software is designed with the latest in data security & encryption technology, ensuring that your business data is secure and in safe hands.

Easy Access of Information

A digital repository of records is a lot easier to manage than physical records. With a hotel management solution, you get just that through a central data management platform.

Integration with Third-Party Website

Want your hotel to be listed on popular hotel booking platforms like TripAdvisor, Trivago, Goibibo, etc? Or do you want to include a booking option on your own website? All these processes can be easily attained with the best hotel system.

Hotel Management Software Advantages

Reduced Hotel Time Spent on Administration

Using this software, you can minimize the time spent by your employees on administrative tasks. A lot of redundant tasks are automated, such as hotel billing, invoicing, task delegation, etc., allowing you to focus on growing & improving your business. Aside from this, you can also use its employee management feature to gain valuable data on employee performance and productivity.

Improved Hotel Online Presence

You might have a social media presence already but in a world with immense online saturation, you need to stand out. With this software, you can increase your brand presence online through the integrated website builder, social media & OTA manager, and feedback consolidator. You can use it to increase your relevance in search engine results, enabling more travelers to discover your hotel during their research.

Enhanced Relationship with Guests

Using a hotel management system, you will be able to develop a better rapport with your guests. The software lets you send welcome messages to guests with upcoming stays. Additionally, you can also send thank you notes and feedback requests to guests when they are checking out.

Increases Hotel Bookings

With a comprehensive hotel solution, you can do just that. You can set up a website with online booking options, list hotels on other platforms & OTAs, improve stay and constantly monitor activities in your hotel to ensure complete accountability and efficiency.

Guest House Management Software

Guest software management system software is also known as cloud-based property management system software for automates daily basis tasks in the guest house, resorts and all sizes of the guesthouse. This guest house software allows online booking, rooms management, advanced reservation.

PMS Hotel Management Software

Hotel Property Management Software assists hoteliers in management of their daily chores. It enlists and schedules all the activities that a hotel must cover on a daily basis. A hotel management software works for hotels of all sizes and is scalable for a growing operation. It is also referred to as Hotel PMS Software. Hotel Property Management centralizes all hotel-related operations and improves coordination & efficiency in employees.


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