Secure Your ServiceNow SaaS Applications with Thirdera Cybersecurity

Secure Your ServiceNow SaaS Applications with Thirdera Cybersecurity-feature image
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Yesterday, Thirdera unveiled a cybersecurity service for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that eliminate reported phishing incidents, automates manual processes, and exposes enriched data threats.

According to Josh Tessaro, Thirdera’s director for security & risk, Attentive and Advanced Phishing Response gives security teams an intuitive centralized workspace to monitor, control, and manage phishing events. It expands ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response User Reported Phishing application and uses third-party integrations and workflow automation tools to speed up the containment process and resolution time for phishing incidents.

It comes with some cutting-edge capabilities like an automation roadmap to eliminate manual procedures and provide tools to examine phishing and malicious emails. According to Tessaro, the company’s ultimate objective is to reduce the manual 11 cybersecurity steps to three or maybe four.

“As the use of ServiceNow applications has increased, so has the number of user-targeted phishing attacks”, said Tessaro. The attentive and advanced phishing response process can, on average, reduce the manual task duration by 87% and stop malicious incidents by 65%.

Cybersecurity teams have access to a variety of anti-phishing platforms and tools.

Thirdera is arguing in favor of a strategy that is completely integrated with the ServiceNow software ecosystem. However, the Thidera approach is integrated within a much larger automation structure that most of the ServiceNow customers are already using, noted Tessaro. Each cybersecurity team will have to decide the specific amount they can invest in tools that are designed for SaaS applications.

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