ANKA SaaS E-Commerce Platform Raised USD 5 Million During the Pre-Series A Funding

ANKA SaaS E-Commerce Platform Raised USD 5 Million During the Pre-Series A Funding-feature image
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ANKA which is a Saas-based e-commerce software has raised USD 5 million in its Pre-Series A. Till now the startup has secured around USD 13.5 million from its investors since its establishment. ANKA said that it will use this funding to improve the product development process and expand its services especially in Nigeria, Kenya and U.S.A markets.

ANKA is a platform to sell and buy African-based clothing, accessories, arts, crafts, etc. Till now, it has served almost 7k sellers from over 47 African nations and thousands of buyers from almost 170 countries.

In a nutshell, it serves as a single platform for exporters to shop globally, online merchants to gather all orders in a single pane, and for drop shippers for producing and shipping products from Africa.

ANKA was launched with DHL and Visa partnership. The platform was designed to meet the needs of its e-commerce customers, payments, and international shipping. The platform includes an online storefront and omnichannel interface where the vendors could monitor the sales and inventory over Africa, social media, and websites.

As per the COO of ANKA, “We have grown in terms of community buyers and sellers since last year. The more our community grows, the more processes have to be efficient. That’s why we raised an extension to strengthen our processes and build teams too”.

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