AON3D Revolutionizes Printing Sector; Launches Hylo 3D Printer, Basis Software

AON3D Revolutionizes Printing Sector; Launches Hylo 3D Printer, Basis Software-feature image
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New Delhi: AON3D, a North American 3D printer manufacturer and software company, has recently unveiled its latest inventions, Hylo and Basis.

Hylo is a high-temperature 3D printer, and Basis is an additive manufacturing software based on ML (Machine Learning). These two solutions simplify and speed up the 3D printing of open-market materials, composites of carbon fiber, and high-end performance polymers, known for their strength, high temperatures, and chemical resistance.

Hylo is the first ‘smart’ 3D printer in the industry and it comes with over 25 sensors. Moreover, it has a spacious build area, a 250 degree chamber with a high printing speed. It can continuously monitor and control the printing process for the accurate results with materials from open-market.

Basis, on the other hand, is like a foundation of AON3D. It optimizes part properties and enhances layer weld strength, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish, while providing three-dimensional monitoring data for quality control.

In summary, AON3D’s Hylo and Basis revolutionize the 3D printing of open-market materials and high-performance polymers by combining smart hardware, intelligent slicing, and process monitoring. These innovations enable manufacturers to create reliable and high-quality parts with ease, eliminating the limitations associated with traditional 3D printing technologies.

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