Secures $7 Million to Drive Automation in Landscaping and Construction Services Secures $7 Million to Drive Automation in Landscaping and Construction Services-feature image
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New Delhi:, a startup specializing in vertical software for landscaping and construction services in the U.S., has successfully raised $7 million in a Series A funding round. This round was led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India, Peak XV’s Surge and InfoEdge Ventures, along with secondary investment from Tenacity Ventures.

The funding aims to support’s AI-driven solutions and extend their reach to a broader range of businesses. Landscaping and construction services often have to deal with manual measurements which can result in significant labor and operational costs. addresses this challenge by providing AI and computer vision technologies.

The Delaware-based startup offers a comprehensive business management platform that uses AI-based workflows to automate the operations of landscaping and construction companies.’s flagship tool, Automeasure, enables companies to obtain property measurements, including commercial, retail chains, or housing societies, using a user-friendly interface just like Google Maps. Users can receive estimates by searching for a specific property address and defining lot boundaries based on their project requirements.

In addition to Automeasure, provides cloud-based business management software called Accelerate. This software streamlines sales processes and operational workflows, offering production planning with overtime alerts and live sales pipeline tracking. The tool also prevents inaccuracies in work hours through its integration with aerial and blueprint takeoffs.

Shiva Dhawan, Co-founder and CEO of, explained, “Earlier, businesses used to go on to the site, measure the site- go in with a measuring wheel and measure the entire site. It used to take hours and days. Now, they can just enter the address of that site. Computer vision will process all the available aerial imagery of that site and give you the data… we are also doing generative AI-based automatic scheduling of different properties and jobs that companies need to do.”

This funding will further drive the startup’s mission to enhance automation in the landscaping and construction sector.

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