Cambri’s Lauch AI Set to Redefine CPG Product Launch Strategies

Cambri’s Lauch AI Set to Redefine CPG Product Launch Strategies-feature image
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New Delhi: Cambri, a research-based technology, and consumer insights platform has announced the launch of its product development solution, Launch AI, which is all set to transform the success rates for CPG and FMCG sector from 25% to approximately 73%.

With Launch AI, the research-based and consumer insights platform is planning to challenge the status of the newly launched 30,000 products. As per the statistical data, around $500,000 incurred in development costs and 50 days of lost labor have been the major factors that contributed to the failed product launch.

Cambri is well known for its expertise, challenger mentality, and impressive network of clients, including Nestle, Carlsberg, and Electrolux.

The research platform has successfully conducted testing on more than 200 products for the U.S. market, and now it is ready to expand its base in the U.S. with investment, leadership summits, and a packed 2024 event calendar that will support the US-based brands and other global brands.

Ben Harknett, CEO of Cambri, was quoted saying that “Imagine the NPD process that flips from 95% failure rate to 95% success rate”. To learn how to improve NPD, Launch AI also offers actionable insights and precise suggestions that lay a lot of focus on key strengths and weaknesses of the concepts.

It will also help in the generation of new and improved ideas and insights that can be seamlessly moved to the next stage of the innovation process.

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