vHub Launches an AI-Driven Digital Matchmaker for Brands and Influencers

vHub Launches an AI-Driven Digital Matchmaker for Brands and Influencers-feature image
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New Delhi: vHub.ai, an AI-powered SAAS platform, has ambitious plans to onboard over 500 brands and more than one lakh influencers by the end of 2024. This AI-powered SaaS platform simplifies influencer marketing, making it as effective as digital marketing. Brands and marketers gain confidence to allocate larger budgets to influencer marketing, while vHub.ai empowers creators with technology that can unlock sustainable income.

Sachin Modi, CEO and co-founder of vHub.ai envisions a future where influencer marketing becomes accessible and lucrative for creators. As India’s creator economy flourishes, influencer marketing emerges as a potent tool for advertisers to connect with their target audience.

During its three-month pilot phase, vHub successfully onboarded 40,000 influencers. The creator marketplace fosters connections, allowing influencers to showcase their unique style, content, and engagement metrics. By aggregating both influencer agencies and digital marketing agencies, vHub.ai aims to facilitate easier and more effective collaborations for influencer marketing.

Furthermore, vHub.ai’s fraud detection tools ensure authenticity, resulting in cost savings and genuine engagement.

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