BIVA Analytics Grabs $500K in Seed-Funding Round

BIVA Analytics Grabs $500K in Seed-Funding Round-feature image
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New Delhi: BIVA Analytics, a plug and play platform for analytics, has recently raised a $500k fund in seed round. The funding round was led by SucSeed Ventures, T-Hub, WarmUp Ventures and more. According to BIVA, the funds will be used to focus on product development, expand into new markets, hire talent, and improve their e-commerce analytics features.

BIVA was founded by Akhila Ganti and Abhiram Kohli in 2022. It supports e-commerce businesses by gathering data from sources like marketplaces, e-commerce stores, payment gateways, marketing platforms, and order management systems.

BIVA also highlights the support it has received from T-Hub’s Lab32 program, which has been instrumental in nurturing BIVA Analytics’ growth over the past six months. This support includes guidance on marketing strategies, investor connections and product development.

The CEO of T-Hub, M Srinivas Rao, said, “I am extremely proud to have witnessed BIVA’s growth journey and success story. By focusing on their fundamentals, tapping the passion of their founding team, identifying market gaps, using their business intelligence for proactive decision-making, and exploring untapped opportunities, BIVA has proven again that Indian startups have the power to change the global SaaS landscape. T-Hub wishes them all the best.”

BIVA faces competition from other significant players including Actify Data Labs, Amigo Labs, Atlan, Beagle, HashedIn, Kyvos Insights and others.

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