Microsoft Launches Radius to Manage Cloud, On-Premises Apps

Microsoft Launches Radius to Manage Cloud, On-Premises Apps-feature image
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Microsoft’s Incubator team has launched Radius, a cloud native platform for managing apps in public clouds and on-premises infrastructure. It will also help engineers work on cloud applications together in real-time. With this software, businesses can deploy their apps over Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services clouds, and also private clouds.

Buying Radius will provide businesses with plenty of benefits. Some benefits include improved app development and deployment experience, scaling of app deployments. It also provides pre-configured templates to fully automate infrastructure provision and app environment configurations.

Moreover, Radius will also provide an application graph through which any business can get visibility of the app resources and configurations.

This new app from Microsoft can be accessed from and is designed to manage apps deployed over different public clouds.

Radius also supports Kubernetes, Terraform, Bicep, GitHub library, etc., for overseeing all the components of the applications. Further, it will also manage permissions and connection whenever new components are added to the app.

Lastly, this app management platform makes sure that applications’ cloud infrastructure fully meets the security, costs, and operational requirements. For more info on Radius, users can access its documentation available on GitHub.

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