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4 Best Mobile Application Management Software in 2021

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Coldfusion Builder

Coldfusion Builder

By Adobe

(1 reviews)


Originally code named “Bolt”, Adobe ColdFusion is used to develop applications for ColdFusion. This is an Ec... Read More About Coldfusion Builder
Smart tab assist Advanced find and replace Intelligent code assist +7 More
Configure IT

Configure IT

By Configure.IT

(4 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Configure IT is an android app development software which simplifies the process of Rapid App Development for enterprise... Read More About Configure IT
Cross Platform Apps Build Prototypes, POC or full fledged apps Preview Experience +6 More


By SOTI India


SOTI Snap is one of the best mobile application development software solutions available in the IT market worldwide. I... Read More About SOTI Snap
Drag & Drop Cross Platform Apps API Integration +2 More
Clappia is an app development software used by corporates worldwide. This software facilitates the creation of enterpr... Read More About Clappia
Workflow Management Dashboard Bulk Uploading +6 More

Last Updated on : 29 Sep, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Mobile Application Management Software

Found our list of Mobile Application Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is a Mobile Application Management Software?

With most companies opting for remote working in this pandemic, mobile application management software are being deployed for preventing security breaches of all kinds. The software helps companies monitor applications, which are installed on the mobile devices of its employees. This is done to make sure that only those apps intended for official purposes are being used.   

The best mobile application software ensures complete protection for all customer and enterprise data. This is especially critical in an environment where organizations encourage employees to bring their own devices.

The software helps organisations to achieve their goals and enhance workforce productivity. As you deploy a mobile application software on an enterprise’s remote devices, you would find critical security modules built-in into the application. The important ones are Wipe & Lock, Data Encryption, Data Backups, Logging for complete compliance and Easy Restoration. 

Features of the Best Performing Mobile Application Management Software in 2020

  • Device grouping

Device grouping feature is helpful for sending multiple files safely to a large group of people. It also comes with alert options and device-level analytics that enable you check status reports through the best mobile application management software in the free and paid categories. 

  • Remote locking

Remote device locking capabilities are intended for managing user access. This is important for preventing information leaks. It also offers data wiping feature so that you can remove all data in case a device gets lost or stolen. 

  • Staged rollouts

Staged rollouts are important for releasing and updating all the business applications. Such a process can be carried out on both specific devices and group ones. The option also offers data on apps usage and releases made so far. 

  • Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode is used for either locking specific applications or applying restrictions on the available websites. This is done to ensure that the clients or a workforce use the application for only its intended purpose. Kiosk mode is majorly used in the field of digital signage.

  • Geofencing

Geofencing feature offered by mobile application management software is mostly used by transportation companies for tracking and locating transport vehicles. All you got to do is set up this digital perimeter feature to start path tracking.  

  • Managing endpoint threats

Managing endpoint threats is required for supervising all access rights available to endpoint devices. This is required for preventing internal/external threats as well as applying critical security policies. 

  • Profile management

Creating and publishing is easy with mobile application management software in both free and paid versions of the software. This is required for securing corporate resources and grouping devices for streamlining policy distribution. The feature enables access to corporate accounts with greater security.

  • Building app’s catalogue

Use mobile application management tools for creating an application catalogue. Application catalogues contain only those apps that have been approved for instant downloading by the respective companies. The module ensures that only the enlisted apps get downloaded on the employee's device and nothing else. 

  • Self-service portals

Paid and open source mobile app development software help companies develop their own self-service portals for their staff and teams. Such portals help the workforce select an app of their choice as and when they require it. 

Mobile Application Management Software Lifecycle- Device Enrolment

Device enrolment for personal devices

  • Enrolling devices on your own
  • Enrolling devices on invite
  • CSV file uploads for bulk enrolment

Device enrolment for corporate devices

  • Automated bulk enrolment for all devices, be it Windows, macOS, iOS or Apple

Benefits of Mobile Application Management Software 

  • Securing file transfer

Files can be transmitted hassle-free with mobile application management software solutions. The software comes with an optional file sharing option and gives you the control to restrict a user’s access with ease.  

  • Remote management of mobile devices

The mobile application management tools let you manage mobile devices from a remote location with a complete data control option. Data transmission process is also secured and you can access these from any location of your convenience.  

  • Boosting employee’s productivity

Mobile device managers make use of digital forms for collecting user information and processing it faster. You can also use these programs for accessing corporate networks and resources available to them. 

  • Enhancing security

Paid and free mobile application management tools let their end users configure business data in case a device gets stolen or lost. Even web content is secured here. Dashboard reports in real-time constantly update the status of all scanned systems.  

  • Two-way file transfers

Two-way file transfers are done between two devices for retrieving or sending information. This process is completely encrypted by mobile application management platform. 

  • Apps-based reports

App-based reports highlight applications installed on any team’s mobile devices. Such reports can be scheduled as per a team’s or manager’s preferences and sent easily across the email channel.

FAQ iconMobile Application Management Software FAQs

Mentioned here are the key procedures deployed by the best mobile application management solutions in 2020 for establishing data control through procedures like policy and content management. Also, it has a hardware and application inventory built-in for managing an operating system’s configuration. You can remotely wipe that data too.

Popular app management tools offer multiple benefits that have helped organizations streamline the daily workflows. Some such benefits have been:

  • Blocking websites that aren’t related to work
  • Password enforcement
  • Reducing equipment costs
  • Eliminating a system’s security vulnerabilities
  • Decreasing dependence on large office spaces 

Companies use mobile application management software to control access to mobile applications in a business environment. This is done to ensure data security and compliance as well as offering value added services. 

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