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Configure IT is an app development platform which simplifies the process of Rapid App Development for enterprises, developers and students. Configure.IT is a platform that helps develop fully customized 100% NATIVE mobile apps without writing code. The platform has built in functionalities, tools and templates that are required to create UI, screens, menu, etc. It supports cross platform applications, i.e. a user can create apps for both iOS and Android using the platform. A user can create their own database as per their requirement and there is complete visual interface to develop API as per business logic and can connect to remote database and insert data. Additionally, the software provides PreviewIT app (available on both iOS and Android platforms) where a user can check the real-time output of the mobile app so developed immediately.
Product Features
Configure IT is a mobile application development platform which enable development of mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The platform has the required set of in-built tools, technologies and templated which are required for app development. The solution is all-in-one development platform where a user can develop, test and manage every little piece that their app requires, build dynamic and customized solution to fit the need, accommodate frequent updates/changes and is easy to learn as well.
Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • App console: Helps create beautiful UI for mobile and tablets right within the browser with drag-and-drop editor
    • 100% Native Apps with Swift and Java: No HTML5, wrappers, C# or Javascript. A user can develop apps that are pure native produced in 100% Swift and Java code.
    • Concurrent Platform Development: A user can develop simultaneously for iOS and Android platforms complementing the powerful sync between the platforms
    • Develop Apps in the Cloud: Helps build custom UI, logic and just about everything within the browser (without using any SDK)
    • UI Beyond templates: Helps build fully customized user interfaces as per app needs without being restricted to the template based design
    • Integrate Data APIs swiftly: A user can integrate data APIs as per their logic and bind them variables to screen controls instantly
    • Actionable Push Notifications: A user can set up actionable Push/GCM notifications for better user engagement and meaningful experiences
    • Offline apps with SQLite Storage: A user can create apps that can store information on the device, and doesn’t require Internet connection
    • Universal Apps: Create apps for smartphones and tablets within the single interface and logic, for both iOS and Android
    • Asset Manager + Image Editor: A user can manage the images and assets used within the app with Asset Manager, tweak sprites with the advance editor
    • Download IPA/APK instantly: A user can generate the builds with their own code signing instantly by compiling the builds in the cloud, without installing any SDK
    • Download Extendible Native Source Code: One can instantly download the native source code for the entire application for iOS and Android to further extend
    • Supports Multilingual Apps: To enable effortless localization of app UI with instant translation to 20 languages, the platform helps build rich personalized experiences for global audience
    • Social/Third Party APIs: Helps instantly connect popular social services and third party services into the app with minimal efforts
    • Plenty of additional UI features: A user can land that added beauty to their apps by integrating popular interfaces like Side Panel, Pull to Refresh etc. 
  • PreviewIT: A user can see real-time native preview as they build apps with Configure.IT on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, with PreviewIT app.
    • 100% Native Preview: Whether it’s a prototype or a real app – a user can check the output as 100% native app with native controls and performance
    • Revolutionary REAL: TIME preview – A user can check the output of their app as a real app, instantly on the real device as they work in AppConsole
    • Share preview only access: To keep anonymity, a developer can grant special access to client or testing teams to use PreviewIT to test the app or check the progress
    • Gather feedback on notes/record screen activity: Allow preview users to take notes on specific screens, or videos to share with the developer for better bug reporting
    • Preview with LIVE data: A user can see the app with live data with the data sources as they have configured. No test data/placeholders!
    • Database: Allows user to design fully relational database based on customized needs. Exploit the power of MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, for building feature-rich and powerful back-end.
    • Smart DB Design tool: Design the database with more control and standards than PHP. MyAdmin or the likes, with ease of quick alteration
    • Design Fully Relational Database: Go limitless by creating relational entities that helps user build functionality that they needed. e.g. Orders -> Products
    • Database Design With Standards: Build mobile app database that follows unified standards for anybody to interpret easily – including naming, types and validations
    • Import Data From Existing MySQL:  Have an existing database to work with? Import the database in the form of .SQL file to jump start
    • Design SQLite Database For Offline Support: Design mobile app’s local database right from Database Design interface. SQLite Database allows user to store mobile app data on the device without requiring the internet.
    • Smart Data Types and Validations:  Define the DB with smart field templates, such as Address, Email, and Password etc. – with tightly integrated validation rules
    • Import Tables From Remote Server: User can connect with the remote database server to import selective tables for their project
    • Reuse Tables and Fields:  Define once, and reuse some of the most common database entities (e.g. users, categories etc.) in the next project
    • Powerful SQL Query Editor:  Users can build and test their own custom queries that directly operates with database – and also see the result set right away
    • Export Tables as.SQL:  Enables users to host their database on any 3rd party server, or simply take backup of database design
  • API Builder: Allows building the logic visually, in the form of simple flow chart and actions, and also enabling users to connect the data from different sources!
    • Visual Query Builder: Design database query with modular query builder. No need to worry about complex syntax and rules
    • Flowchart Based APIs: Use flowchart to define logic and Configure.IT automatically generates appropriate PHP code
    • Easy to Interpret Powerful to Execute: With visual flow chart, it is far easier to understand, debug and modify the logic instead of lines of code
    • Conditions and Control Structures: Design custom logic with the help of nested loops and conditional flow
    • Model-based App API Design: Tightly Integrated database objects that help define the logic based on data models extremely fast
    • Trigger Notifications Within Logic: Allows to integrate SMS/Email/Push notifications to include in flow based on specific conditions
    • Build Service Specific APIs:for Reuse - Build APIs for smaller functions, to enable easy decoupling of business logic and reuse whenever needed
  • Data Panel - Popularly known as Admin Panel or CMS interface, Data Panel allows users to build extremely user-friendly and powerful business application to manage data.
    • Module Driven Approach: Build unlimited functional modules by combining various entities and design customized interfaces
    • Create Smart Forms with Validations and UI: Create own forms, custom validations, and interfaces for a great user experience
    • Relational Modules: Create inter-related modules that are connected with each other by interlinking the data points. (e.g. Customer -> Orders)
    • Power Packed Data Listing: Create smart data listing that simplifies information filtering, extraction, highlights and quick actions
    • Add Custom PHP Functions For That Extra Salt: Enables addition of custom function to extend the UI, alter data, or formatting
    • Call SQL Functions and Sub-Queries: A user can use built-in SQL functions and add sub-queries to define their module
    • Re-use /Copy-Modules: Defined once, copy modules once built across different projects. e.g. Employees, Customers, Products, Orders etc.
    • Create Visual Dashboards: A user can create unlimited dashboards that depict summary of information per module as charts, pivot or tables
    • Custom Push/Email/SMS Notifications: Define different scenarios where their application needs to trigger email/SMS/push notifications to segments
    • Personalize Notifications: Customize email, SMS, error messages for creating personalized applications
  • DeployIT: Generate App Builds in the cloud, download source code, backend Hosting and remote deployment
    • Download 100% Native Source Code: Get the extendible source code for iOS and Android Apps in form of XCode or Android studio project
    • Create Build For Development or Distribution: Helps generate builds for pre-release testing with development profile or for distribution to marketplace
    • Generate Builds on The Fly: A user can compile the builds for iOS and Android apps instantly in the cloud, without requiring SDK installed on computer
    • Upload own Certificate: Users can upload their own code signing with own certificate, provision profile and keys to secure distribution
    • Download Back-end Source Code: Users can get the source code for entire back end, powered by PHP, database dump and bootstrap based UI for DataPanel
    • One-Click Remote Deployment of Back-End: - Deploy entire back-end containing database, API code and DataPanel code to remote server instantly with hot connectivityo Install manually through Wizard - Get up and running in matter of minutes with downloaded source code with simple installer wizard
    • Back-end Hosting - Host entire backend on managed servers and go live without additional infrastructure costs.
About The Company
Configure.IT is an IT company helping people increase their reach by enabling them to develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. The company provides the platform and tools with which a user can create user friendly apps easily making their lives easier. The company believes that Mobile App Making should not be exclusive, but rather be permissive to everybody who has an idea that can disrupt or can make a difference in the business process. Configure.IT was built for quality craftsmanship of apps without getting bounded by dependency of technology and infrastructure. Backed by years of experience in delivering apps, the company knows what the app wants developers to do and hence, it provides all the required tools and make a difference.

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