What is Cloud Computing (with Examples)

What is Cloud Computing (with Examples)

By Isha Lamba . September 8, 2022

Cloud computing might sound like a fancy term, but it is quite simple. In our daily lives, we use a few computing platforms to simply manage...

Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure: Storage Comparison

By Techjockey Team . May 12, 2022

All organizations worldwide are moving towards digital transformation to stay competitive in today’s world. Cloud is the enabler of digital transformation. According to a report from Research...

Modernizing Application Landscape with Hybrid Approach

Modernizing the Application Landscape with Hybrid Approach – Hitachi

By Somya Gupta . August 27, 2021

Organizations have been increasingly adopting a cloud-first strategy to achieve higher flexibility, agility and efficiency. ITProPortal 2020 report also highlighted the inclination of modern businesses towards the hybrid cloud infrastructure with...

Cloud Cost Optimization

How Azure Can Help with Cloud Cost Optimization?

By Ayushee Sharma . June 14, 2021

Many organizations are shifting to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies for hosting their resources. Apart from a high level of flexibility and scalability compared to on-premise infrastructure, the...

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