ZingHR (HRtech Startup, backed by Microsoft) Invests in Lokibots (Saas Startup)

ZingHR (HRtech Startup, backed by Microsoft) Invests in Lokibots (Saas Startup)-feature image
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ZingHR– an HRtech startup has recently made an investment in Lokibots, which is a SaaS-based startup in Silicon Valley. ZingHR will be leveraging this investment to enhance its AI-based services and products, document AI, conversational AI, and AI software bots. Further, it will also use the investment to add certain features and capabilities to HCM (human capital management).

As per ZingHR. This investment will increase HRtech products’ efficiency by approx. 95-100%.

In the year 2014, Prasad Rajappan established ZingHR. This startup, which is based out of Mumbai, provides cloud-based HCM (human capital management) solutions that include talent management, talent acquisition, alumni management, payroll, etc. to small and mid-level organizations.

Recently, ZingHR has added deep learning, blockchain, and ML technology to all its products and offerings.

Prasad Rajappan (ZingHR, MD & Founder) said, ‘Our aim with such strategic relationships is to set a new standard in speed, efficiency, and productivity in the HRtech industry and deliver unparalleled value to our clients. This can be also leveraged by our customers for many of their non-HR processes like Accounting, Sales, Procurement, and many others.’

ZingHR serves a client base of about 1K companies as well as offers its services in 26 different languages.

On the other hand, LokiBots was established 4 years ago to assist non-tech-savvy individuals to automate recurring tasks and to design software bots. It also helps in digitization via predictions & forecasting based on ML, conversational AI, and document AI.

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