Benefits of PA-400 Firewall Series

A Few Amazing Things About Palo Alto Firewall PA-400 Series

By Ayushee Sharma . January 24, 2022

Cyberattacks are growing at an unprecedented pace, keeping pace with digitization across businesses. According to ‘Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022’ by World Economic Forum, each firm faced...

Why You Must Upgrade to SonicWall TZ Firewall

Why You Must Upgrade to SonicWall TZ Firewall

By Ayushee Sharma . November 30, 2021

From chatbots for answering customer queries to industrial robots, digital technologies are taking over the world. But with digital transformation, the risk of cyber threats also...

VAPT Testing

Why VAPT Should be the Top Priority for SMEs

By Mayank Dixit . August 31, 2020

A report by Kaspersky found that more than 35% small and medium enterprises in India became prey to data breaches in 2019. Such a staggering statistic...

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