Top 12 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) in India

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More organizations are turning to (Managed Security Service Providers) MSSPs in order to gain professional security expertise and lessen the workload of the IT security team. MSSPs are IT service businesses that offer a range of security services, right from incident response to security management. While some MSSPs specialize in a specific area, others offer complete outsourcing of an organization’s information security program!

If you are wondering what MSSP is, the use of managed security service provider and the best MSSP companies, you are at the right place. Read on to know all this and other relevant information related to MSSP providers!

What Is Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is a vendor that offers managed network and sells security related services to enterprises. MSS providers can also handle system changes, administration as well as upgrades.

The core of MSSP business is to protect your business from security threats. The different kind of services included in managed security include patch management, incident response, 24*7 monitoring for threats, to name a few.

12 Best Managed Security Service Providers in 2022

Here is a list of the top MSSP managed security service provider.

Top MSSP VendorsIndustriesServices Offered
Wipro– Large enterprises
– Manufacturing
– Transportation
– Security operations and monitoring
– Identity and access management
– End to end security risk management
IBM– Medium sized corporations serving industries like banking and finance
– Healthcare retail
– Managed cloud security
– Data security services
– Security command center
Verizon– Enterprise and mid size businesses catering to industries like retail
– Healthcare
– Insurance
– Incident information with the Unified Security Portal
– In-depth check on incident trends, Endpoint protection
– Threat based intelligence driven security monitoring and analysis
BT– Mid size and large corporations serving Telecommunication and IT sector– Information risk management
– Cybersecurity consultation services
– Cloud and networking services
AT & T– Large enterprises serving media
– Telecommunication
– Technology industry
– Managed cybersecurity services
– Endpoint security
– Network security
Cipher– Small, medium and large enterprises catering to financial
– Hospitality
– Healthcare
– Cybersecurity monitoring
– Security asset management
– Compliance management
Symantec– Medium and large enterprises serving automotive
– Finance
– Education
– Information security
– Data protection
– Prevent malware
CenturyLink– A global telecommunication company– Network and cloud-based security
– Web application firewalls
– Threat monitoring and reporting
BAE Systems– Large corporations providing aerospace
– Defense
– Security solutions
– Security monitoring
– Business defense assessment
– Cross domain solutions
SecurityHQ– Small, medium and large size enterprises catering to real estate
– Public sector
– Transport
– Managed detection and response
– Web application security testing
– Managed endpoint protection
Secureworks– Large enterprises serving industries such as retail
– Financial manufacturing
– Security event monitoring
– Managed firewall
– Enterprise network monitoring
Trustwave– Small, medium and large enterprises catering to education
– Government
– Hotels
– Managed detection and response
– Compliance management
– Penetration testing
  • Wipro


Wipro’s managed security service provider supports IT security management infrastructures from across 16 locations. They deliver IT and operational choices that not only enhance security capabilities but also aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The standard services include security infrastructure and operations, behavior analysis, penetration testing, anti-virus operations, DLP operations, and other operating services to provide real time security protection without hindering business performance.

Company history – Established in the year 1945, Wipro has a company size of over 10,000 employees and revenue of around $9.4 billion (USD) in 2021.

Services offered –

  1. Security operations and monitoring
  2. Identity and access management
  3. End to end security risk management
  4. Comprehensive cloud and infra security management
  5. Unified threat management
  • IBM

As one the leading MSSP providers, IBM offers a flexible approach to deal with cyber security threat. It offers a fully managed security system that helps you deal with your security needs of all types – simple to the most complex. In addition, you can further enhance your security program with tailored services that includes cloud, infrastructure, and response management & more.

Company history – Founded in the year 1911, IBM has over 4 lac employees with operations in over 171 countries. The company revenue stands at $57.35 billion (USD) per year in 2021.

Services offered –

  1. IBM X – Force threat management services
  2. Managed cloud security
  3. Data security services
  4. Managed detection and response
  5. Endpoint security services
  6. Security command center
  7. Unified threat management
  • Verizon


Verizon managed IT security service providers help protect valuable assets 24*7 from unintended consequences or any kind of security threats. The managed security service premises provides management for a range of security devices. If you’re wondering how it works, here’s how!

All your devices are connected via a connection Kit to a Local Event Collector host in any of Verizon’s Security Management Centers. This kind of service allows you to select world class products, thus avoiding vendor lock-in.

Firewall, VPN, Proxy Server, Content Scanning are a few of the devices security solutions supported by Verizon. The best part is that Verizon’s security solutions are flexible to fit your needs.

Company history – Founded in the year 2000, Verizon has over 155,400 employees and a company revenue of $133.61 billion in 2021.

Services offered –

  1. 360-degree security expertise around the year
  2. A quick view of incident information with the Unified Security Portal
  3. Indepth check on incident trends
  4. Threat based intelligence driven security monitoring and analysis
  5. Security services tailored to your needs
  • BT

BT local service providers offer 24*365 uninterrupted security solutions using managed firewall security service. They have state of the art technology and intelligence to manage cyber threats before they become too difficult to handle.

BTs core services include addressing challenges around data loss protection, access to cloud services, encryption, to name a few.

Company history – Founded in the year 1846, BT has over 10,000 employees and is one of the most preferred MSSP.

Services offered –

  1. Information risk management
  2. Cybersecurity consultation services
  3. Security event monitoring to ensure real time threat monitoring
  4. Cloud and networking services
  • AT&T

AT & T business managed cybersecurity service provides strategy, risk and managed services to support the implementation of strong security-centric digital transformation initiatives. Their security services address common cybersecurity challenges like difficulty maintaining staff or too many products to manage.

So, AT&Ts efficient security operations and leading threat intelligence helps make it safer for your business to innovate and grow!

Company history – Established in the year 1983, AT&T has over 10,000 employees and a company revenue of $ 168.86 billion per year in 2021.

Services offered –

  1. In-class managed cybersecurity services
  2. Endpoint security
  3. Internet protection
  4. Network security
  5. Threat detection
  6. Intrusion detection
  7. Cloud security monitoring
  • Cipher

Cipher delivers a wide range of cybersecurity services 24*7. All you have to do is choose the right solution that meets the need of your business. This global MSSP provides quick and effective managed detection and response services. It enables organizations to quickly access dedicated threat monitoring and incident response capabilities around the clock. This is possible via a comprehensive SOC-as-a-Service.

In addition, Cipher understands your company’s unique needs and provides solutions tailored to your company and industry.

Company history – Established in the year 2000, Cipher has over 300 employees and a company revenue ranges from $20 – $50 Million every year.

Services offered –

  1. Cybersecurity monitoring
  2. Security asset management
  3. Managed application security
  4. Incident management
  • Symantec


Accenture acquired Broadcom’s Symantec cybersecurity services in April 2020. Symantec is a leading MSSP in cybersecurity services including advanced cyber defense and managed security operations. They bring together security innovation and worldwide delivery capability across industries with the help of their team of highly skilled professionals.

In brief, Symantec’s different product categories provide valuable insights to reduce risk and lower costs across your entire business.

Company history – Established in the year 1982, Symantec has over 10,000 employees and a company revenue of $5 billion every year.

Services offered –

  1. Endpoint security
  2. Information security
  3. Web security
  4. Data protection
  5. Secure web usage
  6. Reduce attack surface
  7. Prevent breaches
  8. Storage protection
  9. Immediate response to advance threats
  10. Prevent malware, fireless attacks & more

Rebranded as Lumen Technologies, CenturyLink protects your business and sensitive data with top notch managed security services. With 24*7 monitoring and management and analysis services, Lumen helps you detect, protect and respond to any kind of malicious activities. Their security services help enhance your core business as well as add an extra layer of security that your organization needs against malware attacks.

Company history – Established in the year 1930, Symantec has over 10,000 employees and a company revenue of $19.69 billion per year in 2021.

Services offered –

  1. Network and cloud-based security
  2. Device management
  3. Endpoint security
  4. Web application firewalls
  5. Unified threat management
  6. Threat monitoring and reporting
  7. Incident response and recovery
  • BAE Systems

The leading MSSP managed security service provider – BAE systems cyber portfolio comprises of security testing, incident response, building national level cyber defense capability and more. Their portfolio has evolved through years of research and each of their services is meticulously designed to meet the end-to-end security needs of the business. They offer a range of enterprise security services and national cyber mission services.

Company history – BAE systems has over 10,000 employees and a company revenue of $19.52 billion (USD) per year in 2021.

Services offered –

  1. Security monitoring
  2. Compliance monitoring
  3. Endpoint monitoring, detection and response through host agent
  4. Business defense assessment
  5. Cross domain solutions
  6. Cyber technical services
  7. National security law enforcement solutions
  8. Banking and insurance compliance
  • SecurityHQ

SecurityHQ detects and responds to threats 24*7. As a trusted security partner, they act on threats on behalf of you, with access to a team of expert’s engineers who are aware of what is required for each and every situation.

Through response incident management and analytics platform, SecurityHQ helps customers to visualize and recover from cyber related incidents.

Company history – Established in the year 2003, Symantec has over 200 experts around the globe.

Services offered –

  1. Detect and response
  2. Cyber risk management
  3. Web application security testing
  4. Cybersecurity controls assessment
  5. Managed endpoint protection
  6. Threat and risk intelligence
  7. Managed endpoint security
  • SecureWorks

SecureWorks offers a wide range of managed IT security services to safeguard your company against malware attacks. Their holistic security solutions are not only battle tested but also are industry proven. Some of their advanced security services include security event monitoring, vulnerability scanning, web application scanning, next generation firewall, to name a few.

Company history – Established in the year 1999, SecureWorks has over 300 employees and a company revenue of $4.3 Million per year.

Services offered –

  1. Security event monitoring
  2. Enterprise network monitoring
  3. Effective cybersecurity solutions
  4. Advanced endpoint threat detection
  5. Managed firewall
  6. Managed web application scanning
  • Trustwave


The leading MSSP in cybersecurity, Trustwave boasts new managed detection and response offering to help keep your business moving securely by mitigating cyberthreats. With their managed security and professional consulting services, they help you expand your team capabilities and strengthen security stand.

What more? Organizations can respond to threats, generate reports, or scale services & more using Trustwave platform and all from a single dashboard.

Company history – Trustwave has around 5,000 employees and a company revenue of $216 Million every year in 2014.

Services offered –

  1. Managed detection and response
  2. Penetration testing
  3. Database security
  4. Professional cybersecurity specialists’ services
  5. Email security
  6. Application security

Role of Managed Security Service Providers

Now that you know what MSSP is, it is important to understand the role MSSP plays to help protect businesses from security threats.

MSSPs addresses several critical issues when it comes to cybersecurity.

  • It assists in creating complex security infrastructure, managing tools and platforms
  • MSSP provides 247365 monitoring to ensure complete security
  • An managed security service provider scans potential security threat in your network like obvious targets for cyber criminals
  • The intrusion detection by MSSP provides protection against all devices and systems that are inside or outside your organization
  • It comprises useful resources to focus attention on viruses that pose a threat or disrupt an organization’s systems
  • Lastly, MSSPs ensures that business is up to date with the status of security issues, maintenance and audits

Owing to the increased complexity of cyber security systems that require well-thought security policies and strategies, the market for MSSPs is growing immensely.

MSSP and MSP: What’s the Difference

Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers services to manage and monitor business software solutions such as cloud platforms and networks. MSSPs, on the other hand, focuses on ensuring that the organization’s systems are safe, secure and compliant with the current cyber security standards and practices.

While MSSP ensures that your employees can share data, use tech system conveniently, an MSSP deals with providing cybersecurity management. Further, the core focus of MSP is performance and usability while an MSSP primary focus is security.

Comparison PointsMSSPMSP
Focus AreaOrganization IT securityHandles IT aspect of an organization
ObjectivesDeals with monitoring of security devicesManages network administration and essential systems
Risk levelAnalyzes possible vulnerabilities on a regular basisLimited to installing updates
Security levelAdvancedBasic to medium
ExpertiseSecurity threats detection and responseManage IT and provide technical support

Summing Up

As we know information security is crucial for any organization, it is critical that companies take necessary steps to protect their sensitive information from unauthorized access. All these managed security service providers that we discussed in the article provide top notch cybersecurity solutions.

Apart from the above top MSSP vendors, some of the other leading security service providers are Foresite, Trustnet & more. So, compare all MSSP providers and pick the one that best suits the requirements of your company.


  1. What should I look for in a managed security provider?

    Some of the important things to look for while evaluating a managed security service provider includes extensive security expertise available 24*7, latest cybersecurity technologies, actionable security insights and flexible and scalable deployment options.

  2. What is security services management?

    Security services management is a specialist security provider that identifies and mitigates potential cyber threat to your company. They cover almost all aspects of protecting your organization’s valuable assets including systems, sensitive information, and machines.

  3. What is MSP used for?

    A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third party company that helps keep all aspects of the business functional round the clock. They are committed to providing the necessary resources to fix any threats before they become a major cause of damage to the organization.

  4. What is the difference between a VMS and MSP?

    A vendor management system or VMS is essentially a web based software system that helps procure, manage and standardize the process with vendors. On the other hand, a managed service provider or MSP is a third-party service provider that is responsible for the end to end management of the workforce for an organization.

  5. What is the difference between MDR and MSSP?

    MDR (Managed Detection & Response) is driven by intelligence and focuses completely on detection and response in order to identify active threats in the organization. MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), on the other hand, relies on automation to monitor your network and often the response element of security solution is missing. This is one of the primary differences between MDR and MSSP!

  6. How does MSSP work?

    The role of MSSP is to provide cybersecurity monitoring and management solutions. This includes a range of services, firewalls, VPN management, upgrade & more.

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