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What is TrackOFF? TrackOFF is a privacy protection software designed to stop online tracking. The software safeguards all confidential data of its users from getting exposed to unauthorized sources, such as their debit card, loans, internet activities, workplace and other relevant data. Most importantly, TrackOFF software automatically detects browsers within its user’s device and enables data protection. TrackOFF VPN hides the IP address of their system from various marketers and advertisers. Further, it removes tracking cookies who try to monitor your location and collect important information about your activities on the web. The intuitive DuckDuckGo feature of the software allows users to conduct their web searches in a private manner without getting logged in. How does TrackOFF protect the Digital Fingerprint of its users? TrackOFF software constantly alters and masks the digital fingerprint of users enabling them to appear different on different websites. Below mentioned are a few points that depict how TrackOFF for Mac and Windows protects its users: Shields the identity and private data from fingerprinting techniques: This security software shields the identity of its users from trackers by masking their digital fingerprint and also allows them to clear all unwanted cookies within their system. Provides Additional Privacy: Users can browse in private browsing mode through the TrackOFF security software to seek extra privacy and browse the web without storing any cookies or history-related data. Regular clearing of cookies and browsing history: In case users are not browsing in the private mode, it is best recommended that all the cookies and browser history must be cleared and removed to prevent hackers from accessing important data. Pricing of TrackOFF Security Software The pricing of TrackOFF is available on request. You can request a callback to connect with our product expert and get the TrackOFF activation key. . Compatible platforms for TrackOFF You can access TrackOFF for MacOS and Windows. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS operated mobile devices. Benefits of TrackOFF Security Software Dashboard: The intuitive dashboard offered by TrackOFF offers a detailed snapshot of the privacy threats detected and prevented by it. Users also get to view real-time statistics on how well they are being protected. Private Search: As most of the search engines collect, share, and store data of the users, the software uses DuckDuckGo search engine to provide users with the utmost privacy. Browser Integration: The software integrates seamlessly with the web browsers that are commonly being used. Thus, it facilitates fingerprint-based protection in an efficient manner. Reports: Users get a full list of all the tracking attempts that were blocked. They also get notified when their digital fingerprint undergoes any changes. Privacy Score: TrackOFF hosts a wide variety of privacy protection tools accompanied by multiple settings. Thus enabling its users to determine the present configuration and running status of their security software. My Tracks: With TrackOFF, users can easily remove the cookies and get rid of targeted ads as the cookies operate as an online tracker and collect confidential information of the users while they are surfing the net. Most importantly, users get to set a schedule and the software removes cookies for them in an automated manner. TrackOFF is a privacy protection software designed to stop online tracking. The software safeguards all confidential da... Read More
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Last Updated on : 17 Apr, 2021