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Checkpoint Sandblast Cloud is a cloud environment email protection for Microsoft office 365 which provides the user with varied tools for multiple layer of defences such as Antivirus, threat extraction and threat emulation. With consistent and intuitive user experience, it is easy to deploy and manage. Its pure cloud solution makes it easy to get up and run quickly. It ensures email continuity to maintain full user and business productivity. Sandblast cloud is designed to provide protection from unknown and known threats for cloud-based email environments.

Product Features
Sandblast Cloud have advanced threat protection capabilities, including threat emulation and threat extraction which elevates defences against unknown malware for cloud-based email users. Sandblast cloud utilizes Microsoft dynamic APIs for deep integration and deep malware inspection at the CPU-level. They provide best catch rate of unknown threats and zero day malware.
  • Industry leading security for cloud-based environments - Sandblast Cloud is a comprehensive solution which blocks known threats using tools like Antivirus and URL Reputation to secure users from latest malicious files and infested websites.
  • Threatcloud ecosystem - Sandblast cloud enables gateway to block the new threat before it has a chance to become widespread. With constant collaboration, Threatcloud becomes the most advanced and up-to-date threat intelligence system.
  • Identify and prevent more malware - Sandblast cloud inspects file behaviour simultaneously across multiple operating systems and versions. Files which are engaged in suspicious activity and new file creation are flagged and further analysed.
  • Prompt delivery of safe content to end-users - Unlike other solutions, sandblast cloud can be deployed in detect and prevent mode, while still delivering emails to end-users promptly. The threat extraction component within sandblast cloud immediately eliminates any potential threats transported through files.
  • Evasion resistant detection - The threat emulation engine monitors CPU-based instruction flow for exploits attempting to bypass operating system and hardware security problems. By detecting exploit attempts during the pre-infection stage, the threat emulation engine stops attack before they have a chance to evade detection by the sandbox.
  • Transparent user experience - All content is analysed in the cloud before it is delivered to the user’s inbox, ensuring that end-users have a consistent experience without the need for any additional actions or complexity.
  • Protects most common file types - Sandblast cloud protects a wide range of the most common document types used in organizations today, from Microsoft Office word, Excel, Power Point, and Adobe PDFs to archive files.
  • Detailed Reports - A detailed report is generated for each file emulated and found to be malicious. The easy to understand report includes file details and information about any abnormal activity or malicious attempts originated by running the file.
  • Easy to deploy and manage - Sandblast cloud has an API-level integration with Microsoft office 365, enabling it to implement as a complete cloud solution that won’t interfere with your email delivery, or require any on premise hardware.

About the Company
Check Point Technologies Ltd. is a leading IT security industry established in 1993 with its patented stateful inspection technology, which is still the foundation for most network security technology today. The company aims at developing numerous technologies that help secure the use of the internet by corporates and consumers while transacting and communicating. The dedicated team of Checkpoint provides customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be customized to meet exact security needs of any organisation.

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