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Nexthink Software Overview

What is Nexthink? 

Nexthink is a cloud-based employee engagement software that works towards consistently enhancing the employee experience. It assists companies in managing employee productivity and morale. By using multiple employee engagement tools like real-time analytics, automated remediation etc., it increases employees’ enthusiasm towards their KRAs. 

For any company, it is essential that the employees work willingly and happily and are not forced to do a job. If the employees are satisfied, the company will automatically grow. Through its exceptional talent management solutions, Nexthink ensures that it will work to enhance the employee’s productivity and thereby reducing the employee’s attrition. It solicits employee’s experience and feedback through its brief surveys. 

Why Choose Nexthink Employee Engagement Platform? 

It comes as no surprise that Nexthink is the leader in enhancing digital employee experience management.  It gives every company’s IT department an unprecedented insight into your employees’ everyday experiences. Its nonpareil services like real-time analytics and employee feedback separate it from the crowd. However, we still feel that you should know more about the key advantages of Nexthink talent management solution.

  1. Comprehensive experience recording  - Nexthink works on uniquely quantifying an employee’s complete digital journey. It has a 360-degree score that depicts hard and soft metrics. It is then up to you to realize, manage, and enhance your employee’s digital experience. 
  2. Prioritized recommendations - Nexthink guides the managers towards proactively managing and improving the employee’s experience.
  3. Real-time dashboard - For a lightning speed diagnosis, you get the flexibility to move towards the events from dashboards. 
  4. Two-way employee engagement - To break down the wall between the employees and the IT team, Nexthink offers targeted sentiment gathering and then analysis. 
  5. Faster results - Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily configure, import and even schedule an outreach.  

Product Structure of Nexthink Employee Engagement Software 

Nexthink’s product structure grows with your needs. It offers a variety of products. Below is a rundown of the key products from Nexthink’s employee engagement software: 

  1. Nexthink Analyse - It grants you access to dashboards, metrics, investigations, scores and categories for measuring an employee’s digital experience. 
  2. Nexthink Web & Cloud - It offers analytics related to extranet and intranet and HTTPS web requests.  
  3. Nexthink Act - This allows you to work remotely on employees’ devices for assisted or automated services. 
  4. Nexthink Engage - It allows you to gather employee feedbacks and notify on relevant issues. 
  5. Nexthink Integrate - It allows continuous integration of reports, samples, etc. 

 Integration for Nexthink Employee Engagement Software 

Data should never be left in isolation. Nexthink allows you to store, interact, and share data using a third-party tool. You can build advanced queries to support smooth integration through its built-in web API. 

  1. Pre-built connectors - Nexthink provides official pre-built connectors to share data across various platforms with minimal efforts. 
  2. ServiceNow consoles - You can populate your ServiceNow consoles with employee-centric intelligence on a real-time basis. It then lets you enhance ServiceNow’s elements like incident management, event management, virtual agent and many more. 
  3. Chatbot Support - You can integrate Nexthink’s intelligence into your preferred chatbot’s technology to extend its features for more accurate, contextual, and targeted data. 
  4. Personal Library - With Nexthink, you get an unceasing catalogue of more than 100 innovative packages including engagement campaigns, remote actions and even additional dashboard metrics. 

 Nexthink Employee Engagement Software Pricing 

To get more insights about pricing and employee engagement options, email us at sales@techjockey.com. 

Nexthink Features

  • checkbox Real time data Obtain real-time, actionable insights into every employee and activity, at every moment - across devices, operating systems, and
  • checkbox Real Time Visibility Nexthink’s digital employee experience offers comprehensive visibility and key insights throughout the organization.
  • checkbox Analytics
  • checkbox Targeted employee engagement You can conduct innovative and hyper targeted employee engagement in correlation with the technical insights.
  • checkbox AI-Powered Expense Capture Implement contextual recommendations based on artificial intelligence (AI). 
  • checkbox Actively Engage You can actively engage your employees into employee experience programs to boost their morale.   

Nexthink Plans & Pricing

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Nexthink Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • All Industries
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  • English

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Nexthink FAQ

Q. Can Nexthink talent management software work with other software? arrow

A. Yes, Nexthink has been crafted to integrate other tools that the employees might want to bring-in.

Q. Can one store data over Nexthink Employee Engagement Software? arrow

A. Yes, Nexthink offers one to store their data and analyse later.

Q. Is there a step-by-step guide to work with Nexthink Employee Engagement Software? arrow

A. Yes, Nexthink has a cloud-based knowledge database having readymade content to go through.

Q. Can there be multiple user accounts on Nexthink workforce engagement software? arrow

A. Yes, one can create multiple user accounts and assign different responsibilities.

Q. Can one work according to hierarchy in Nexthink Employee Engagement Software? arrow

A. Yes, one can organise employees into levels and access user level accordingly.

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