7 Best Web Scraping Tools Online in 2023

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Summary: Web scraping tools streamline the data extraction procedure from websites to take data driven decisions. Let’s explore some of the best scraping tools that you can use for this purpose.

Website scraping tools are instrumental in extracting data from websites. They enable users to collect, analyze, and organize information for various purposes, including research, analytics, and competitive insights. They can automate the entire process of extracting data and contribute significantly to data-driven decision-making in diverse fields.

In this article, we will learn about top web extraction tools that can come in handy while exporting data. But first, let’s learn about what exactly web scraping is.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is an automated way of gathering bulk data from different websites. The extracted data is unstructured data in HTML that is converted into structured data like spreadsheets and database.

There are multiple ways to scrap data from websites like using APIs, software, and creating your own unique code for the same. Many software examples offer built in scraping bots or allow you to create your own scraping bots for web scraping.

List of 7 Web Scraping Tools of 2023 in India for Beginners

Here is the detailed enumeration of the best web scraping tools based on their features, pricing, pros and cons etc., to help you choose the best software.

  • Octoparse


Octoparse is a web scrapping tool that lets you turn your web pages into structured data in a few seconds. It is a no code software that can extract relevant information from different types of websites or webpages.

The unstructured data that it extracts from any website is saved in structured file formats like HTML, plain text, Excel, and so on.

Octoparse Features

  • Exports data into multiple formats like Excel, CSV, and JSON
  • Schedules data export to databases
  • Provides multiple templates for scraping data
  • Builds no code web scrapers
  • Creates 750 tasks for web scraping

Pros and Cons of Octoparse

  • It supports automatic IP rotation when extracting data from a website to reduce the chances of it being traced.
  • You can also extract data from multiple clouds via cloud servers.
  • Limited options available to customize the software.

Pricing of Octoparse: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 6,241.54/month

  • ParseHub

ParseHub Web Scraping Tool

ParseHub free scrapping tool can be used for scrapping data from various websites. All you need to do is select the website for scrapping, choose the data for scrapping, and export the scraped data into various formats.

It can be used for storing data from various servers, JavaScript rendering, solving CAPTCHAs, etc. With its scheduling feature, you can also schedule data extraction on various websites.

ParseHub Features

  • Auto rotates IP addresses to crawl websites
  • Imports the scraped data into multiple formats like JSON and Excel
  • Scraps sales leads from directories, communities, social media, etc.
  • Offers multiple APIs to aggregate data from various sources
  • Extracts data from tables, maps, and charts

Pros and Cons of ParseHub

  • It offers integration with Dropbox to save extracted data.
  • You can use it to extract images, text, attributes, etc. from websites.
  • Users with little technical knowledge might find it difficult to use the software.

Pricing of ParseHub: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 15,736.69/month

  • Scraping Bot

Scraping Bot provides a web scraping API for extracting HTML data from various sources without getting blocked. It offers multiple APIs catering to the specific sector to extract the most relevant data. Once the data is parsed, it automatically imports it in JSON format to integrate with the existing workflow.

Scraping Bot Features

  • Supports concurrent server requests
  • Automates data collection procedure
  • Extracts customers details to find sales leads
  • Offers sentimental analysis
  • Curates content from various sources to improve the content strategy

Pros and Cons of Scraping Bot

  • It also supports JavaScript rendering.
  • Provides Geotargeting to filter websites based on your geo location
  • It takes a lot of system memory and RAM.

Scraping Bot Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 3,476.21/month

  • Scrapingbee


Scrapingbee is another website scraping tool that can help you with general web scraping, Search Engine Result Page (SERP)-based scraping, and growth hacking.

The tool can execute JavaScript on pages and rotate all proxies for every request to make the raw HTML page available to you without any chance of getting blocked. ScrapingBee manages the CAPTCHAs, proxies, and browsers so that you can easily extract data from the site you want.

Features of Scrapingbee

  • Supports IP rotation for web scraping
  • Provides automatic proxy rotation
  • Offers general web scraping
  • Extracts websites HTML, JSON, etc.
  • Creates no code custom web scraping engines

Pros and Cons of Scrapingbee

  • Supports geo-targeted data scraping.
  • Provides a separate API for Google search scraping.
  • Internal server errors occur very frequently.

Scrapingbee Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 4,077.57/month

  • Apify

Apify is web scraping software where you can create, deploy, and oversee various web scraping tools. It lets you create various APIs for website scraping and optimizes data center proxies for extracting data.

Apify also has a store where it offers premade scraping tools for scraping websites like Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps, etc. It comes with several features for web scraping, workflow automation, and data extraction.

Features of Apify

  • Runs unlimited tasks simultaneously
  • Manages proxies for datacenters and SERPs
  • Extracts data from Amazon, schema.org, webpages, etc.
  • Supports IP addresses rotation while scraping data
  • Offers CAPTCHA solving and JavaScript rendering
  • Exports data in formats like CSV, JSON, Excel, etc.

Pros and Cons of Apify

  • Offers proxy rotation as a built-in feature.
  • Data can be accessed in multiple formats via APIs.
  • Software compatibility issues might occur.

Apify Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 4,077.64/month

  • Zenscrape


Zenscrape is an API that manages all web scraping problems and supports high-quality HTML data extraction. The tool renders requests via a modern headless Chrome browser for precise and accurate data aggregation.

The data retrieved from websites is exported into multiple formats like Excel and JSON. Moreover, with its geolocation feature, you can select the proxy location to view geotargeted website content.

Zenscrape Features

  • Supports web crawling
  • Performs price data scraping
  • Automatically scraps contacts info from websites
  • Manages standard and premium website proxies
  • Support IP Rotation and CAPTCHA solving

Pros and Cons of Zenscrape

  • It also supports HTML data extraction from websites.
  • Websites response time is very quick in Zenscrape.
  • You need to use a third-party tool to convert retrieved data into different file formats.

Pricing of Zenscrape: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 2,496.26/month

  • Web Scraper

Web Scraper is an online scraping tool that you can use for regular and scheduled data extraction. It can be integrated into other systems to use the extracted data. With this scraping tool, you can extract the data in bulk and run multiple websites’ scraping tasks concurrently.

Features of Web Scraper

  • Quickly automates data extraction procedure
  • Configures scrapers without coding
  • Extracts site data with multiple level navigation support
  • Uses sitemaps for websites data customization
  • Exports data in CSV, XLSX, JSON and other formats.

Pros and Cons of Web Scraper

  • You can also schedule website scrapping based on weeks, days, hour, etc.
  • It can rotate IP with multiple IP addresses.
  • It takes a lot of time to set up.
  • The retrieved data is retained only up to 60 days.

Web Scraper Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 4,162.90/month

How to Choose a Web Scraper?

To choose the right web scraper, you must consider the following factors:

  • Supported OS: The web scraper you are planning to buy must support the operating system you are using.
  • Cloud Support: With this support, you will be able to save structured data over the cloud.
  • Integration: The integration with other platforms enables you to easily transfer the retrieved data to other platforms.
  • Training: Since using a web scrapping tool requires programming knowledge, you must choose a tool that offers ample training materials.
  • Pricing: Take into consideration the pricing of the software and make sure it falls within your budget.

How Does Web Scraping Work?

The web scraping is performed in three simple steps. First the scraping bot simulates human browsing and scraps the site, secondly, it parses data from the data node. Lastly, it downloads and converts the parsed data. Here is the detailed enumeration of each step in detail.

Step 1: The web scraping bot simulates any human while browsing a given website. After that, it enters the targeted URL and sends requests to a server. Once it is done, the server provides information back to the HTML file.

Step 2: With HTML code, the bot reaches the data node and parses the data as commanded by the scraping code.

Step 3: Based on the bot configuration, the scraped data is cleaned and converted into the structured data format like JSON. After that, the data is ready for import or transport into different databases.

Comparison of Top Web Extraction Tools

Here is a comparison of the best web scraping tools based on their supported operating systems, free trial availability, and overall user rating.

SoftwareSupported OSFree trialRating
OctoparseWindows, MacAvailable4
ParseHubWindows, macOS, LinuxNot available4.5
Scraping BotWindows, MacAvailable3.5
ScrapingbeeWeb basedAvailable for 14 days4.1
ApifyWeb basedFree to use4.9
ZenscrapeWeb basedFree data parsing tool3.8
Web ScraperWindows, MacAvailable for 7 days4.1


After reading the article, you might have understood the website scraping tools and how they can help you with data extraction. In this article, we have listed top software to extract and import data from websites.

Based on features like data extraction, IP rotation, proxy management, etc., ParseHub and Scraping Bot have turned out to be the best tools for web scraping. However, before choosing any web scraping tool, make sure you consider your pricing and feature requirements.

  1. What are web extraction tools?

    Web scraping tools are software programs designed to streamline the data extraction feature from websites. These tools let you create your own bot that can scrap the required data from given websites.

  2. What is web scraping used for?

    Web scraping can be used for multiple purposes like extracting social media data, contacts info, real estate data, stock pricing info, and much more.

  3. How to extract data from the website?

    To extract the data from your website, you can use different data scraping tools. Some of the best tools you can consider for web scraping are Zenscrape, Apify, Scrapingbee, Smartproxy, Agenty, etc.

  4. What are the benefits of using web scraping tools for businesses?

    By using web scraping tools, businesses can automate the data extraction process, save valuable time, and use the data to gain valuable insights. Moreover, businesses can also scrap data from multiple websites simultaneously with these web parsing tools to save time and resources.

  5. Is coding knowledge necessary to use web scraping tools?

    Basic coding knowledge is required to use a website scraping tool. However, it is not necessary as many tools have user-friendly interfaces and can be used with little or no technical knowledge.

  6. How can I scrape data for free?

    To scrape the website data for free, you can choose free data scraping tools. These tools offer free plans or are completely free to use. Some of these tools include Apify, Zenscrape, Octoparse, etc.

Published On: November 17, 2023

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