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[Infographic] What is Online Best Reputation Management Software – ORM Guide-feature image
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Online Reputation Management infograph

Here are some examples of ORM Tools and Software which help your business and sales graphs grow. Use these user-friendly mediums for monitoring social media, news, blogs, articles and the entire web focusing on online reputation management.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management Software (ORM) deals with everything related to your company’s brand by producing and disseminating content in the online community. This is achieved by building and promoting the company’s brand in search engines through social media, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites, etc.

Google Alerts

You can monitor your brand online by tracking web results, news, blogs, video results, and groups results. Google Alerts is THE best when it comes to getting all of your brand mentions.

Yahoo Alerts

You can track news by keyword, stocks, local news, feeds and more by signing up for free. On top of this, you will receive notifications via email, Yahoo Messenger or mobile.

Twitter Search

Twitter is a behemoth and can boost your social media presence though retweets and hashtags. Twitter search lets you set-up search parameters such as dates, links, location, sentiment, Twitter account, and more.

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