5 Best Free Kundli Software for PC

5 Best Free Kundli Software for PC


Horoscope matching or Kundli Matching plays a crucial role in figuring out the mutual compatibility of a prospective bride and groom. In the Hindu scriptures, matrimony is considered to be a holy union that has been decided before birth. It is one of the most beautiful events in a person’s life. Everyone wishes for a partner with whom s/he can share and cherish some of the most beautiful moments of their lives.

List of 5 Free Kundli Software for PC

kundli software
5 Best Free Kundli Software for PC

For the rectification of these doshas, astrology provides various remedial solutions to nullify its effects.

According to the Vedic scriptures, an individual’s Kundli in Hindi or any other regional language has eight categories known as Koots or Kootas. With the help of these Koots, 36 Gunas can be matched between the bride and groom. This system of Kundli milan (Guna Milan) according to Vedic scriptures is known as Ashtakoot Milan.

Ashtakoot Milan

Guna Milan considers the position of the moon in natal charts of both the bride and groom. In northern India, the process of Guna Milan, known as Ashtakoot Milan, signifies the eight aspects of Gunas. In Sanskrit, Ashta means’ eight’ and Koot translates to ‘aspects.’ The eight Koots are:

Vashya: It predicts mutual attraction, control in various aspects of married life and also gives an estimate of the power equation between the couple. This can be classified into five categories, namely; Manav (human), Vanchar (wild animals), Chatushpad (small animals), Jalchar (sea animals) and Keet (insects).

Tara/Dina: It involves birth star destiny and compatibility by considering 27 birth stars  or Nakshatra.

Yoni: It measures the level of intimacy, mutual love, and sexual compatibility between the prospective couple. Yoni Koot is classified into 14 categories, which are Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Tiger, Horse, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Hare/Deer, and Mongoose.

Free Kundli Software
5 Best Free Kundli Software for PC

Graha Maitri/Rasyadipati: It helps analyse affection and natural friendship. It also predicts the compatibility between couples based on the moon sign.

Gana: Birth stars are categorized into Deva (God), Manava (Human) and Rakshasa (Demon). This helps predict the behavior and temperament of your marriage partner.

Nadi: It helps more in the prediction of health and genes. Stars (Nakshatra) are divided into three parts- Aadi (Vata) Nadi, Madhya (Pitta) Nadi and Antya (Kapha) Nadi.

Varna: According to the Vedas, the 'aham' of individuals are categorised in 4 Varnas; Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and shudra. For better compatibility, it is important for the groom's varna to be higher than that of the bride.

Rashi: Rashi is calculated by looking at the lunar position. If the groom's moon positions are on the 7th and 12th house it is considered to be good, while for the bride, moon's position in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th,  5th, 6th, and 7th position are considered to be auspicious.

Best Free Kundli Software for Marriage

Traditionally, how performing kundli matching for marriage was done manually, by learned pundits who used to observe and calculate the alignment of grahas. But there was a scope for human error while calculations that could lead to incorrect results and was time-consuming, as well.

Here are our top five picks for free janam Kundli software solutions or Astrology Software:

  • Astro-Vision Kundli Software

Astro-Vision is easy matchmaking and kundli software, based on the Vedic astrology science. It provides accurate future predictions and is designed to analyze various factors in Kundli in Hindi and other languages to give a detailed and precise report.

The report provided by this kundali software includes multiple observations based on the birthday and other astrological elements that might influence the Grahas of both the bride and groom.


  1. Provides Kundli match reports in Hindi
  2. Generates precise Janam Kundli by taking the date of birth, time and place of birth into account
  3. Checks Kundli matching for prospective bride and groom and provides insightful observation 
  4. Analyses the star alignment factors of partners, such as Kuja/Mangal Dosha, Papa Samya and Dasha Sandhi.

Pricing: It’s a free kundli software.

  • MyKundali Kundli Milan Software

MyKundali kundli software offers ultimate services like horoscope matching, love match, horoscope, numerology calculator, etc. for free. Superior quality software for matching kundli for the matrimonial alliance and getting a janam kundli done for a newborn.

Excellent features make this kundali software the first choice of Astrologers who love to move on with time. Horoscope matching helps highlight incompatible factors between a couple, so that they can take remedial steps to stay stronger.


  1. Speeds up the process of Kundli making 
  2. Accurate and standard janam kundli matching reports 
  3. The automated system negates the chances of human error in calculation. 
  4. Free kundli software download 
  5. Vedic horoscope calculation and charting. 
  6. Calculation of planetary positions

Pricing: It’s a free kundli software

  • Online Jyotish

Online Jyotish provides lightning fast and accurate Kundli matching services with its fast and automated computing system. With the help of the matchmaking software, users can calculate all the gunas and doshas between the birth charts of the bride and groom.

Apart from Kundli matching, it also helps in the creation of janam kundli in Hindi with the help of birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth.


  1. Easy to download and set up 
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Provides detailed analysis of Kundli matching
  4. Provides compatibility insights between and groom
  5. Offers other services such as horoscope calculation and charting
  6. Provides free Kundli matching and matrimonial compatibility analysis 
  7. It follows all the rules of traditional Kundli making process based on Vedic astrology

Pricing: It’s a free kundli software.

  • AstroSage

Kundli matching AstroSage kundli software is flawless and quick. The kundali software just requires the birth details of both bride and groom such as date, time and place and it will do the rest. Using the Vedic Astrology principles, horoscopes of the natives are analyzed and the result comes with a good explanation.

Since olden times, Kundali matching has been establishes as the most reliable method to analyse compatibility between two people for matrimony. AstroSage kundli software not only provides all standard points, but also the remedies and measures.

There are various online horoscope software solutions online available, but not many are free. To add, the free ones don’t give a full report. AstroSage kundli software, provides free kundli matching reports.


  1. It is accurate
  2. Provides detailed predictions
  3. Matching janam kundli in Hindi 
  4. Web compatible 
  5. Free mobile app
  6. Other free services such as horoscope chart creation
  7. Kundli download in PDF

Pricing: It’s a free kundli software

  • ClickAstro

ClickAstro Kundli software is one of the fastest and most precise software available in the market. It follows the directives of ancient Vedic Astrology system for matchmaking.

This kundali software has a user-friendly interface where the user just needs to enter the birth details of the potential bride and groom.
ClickAstro generates the Janam Kundli and also studies them. This popular kundali software then creates an analysis report with the help of which the user can understand the attributes which will influence the married life of the couple.

This kundli matching software also provides an overall compatibility score to indicate the compatibility percentage between the potential partners. For a detailed report on kundali and marriage compatibility, users can get the premium plan for a small fee.


  1. Follows authentic Vedic Astrology system
  2. North Indian & South Indian way of marriage-matching.
  3. Match-making based on a birth star, rasi, guna milan etc.
  4. Checks the 10 poruthams or kootas
  5. Mangal Dosha check
  6. Papa-Samya comparison
  7. Dasa sandhi check
  8. Checks other doshas such as Rahu-Ketu doshas

Pricing: ClickAstro kundli software provides two plans, the Basic plan is for free while the Premium is for ₹195

ClickAstro Kundli Software
5 Best Free Kundli Software for PC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kundli Software

1. How many gunas should match for marriage?1️⃣8️⃣

Any kundli match with 18 or more points is considered alright. More the points, better the match.


2. Is Mangal Dosha matching is also important?😯

Yes, it is crucial for potential brides and grooms to get their Mangal Dosha matched. Shastras suggest that the intensity of Mangal Dosha should match between partners.


3. Is there a remedy for Nadi Dosha?😨

In the matchmaking system called Ashtakoot, Nadi has been given the highest rank (8 points). If the cumulative score adds up to more than 18, then even if the couple has nadi dosha, it can still be accepted as a decent match.


4. How can I learn to use a kundli matching software?🙄

An astrology software is incredibly accurate, but it’s important for you to learn how to use it. You must ask for a Demo before purchasing an online astrology software. Also, always read the manual to explore all the features of this software.


5. Should I buy a PC or a Mac for kundli matching software?🖥

Latest astrology software comes rich in features and can be conveniently used in both Windows and Mac. It is a matter of personal choice whether you want to use it on Windows or Mac.


6. Can I get astrology software in different languages?💯

Yes, you can get kundli milan in Hindi software in many different languages such as Hindi, English, Bangla, Malalam, Tamil, Telugu etc.


7. Is online horoscope matching accurate?⚛️

Any kundli milan software employs algorithm designed in accordance to all the factors used in the manual kundli milan in Hindi. Due to this, scope of errors become lower than that of manual matchmaking. You will get the same result whether you use online horoscope matching or go to a pandit. Pandits also use Panchaang or Patra which uses the same system but the scope of errors there is more.

Summary: How to Choose from the Top 5 Astrology Software for Kundli Milan in Hindi

There are different names for matchmaking, i.e., Kundali Milan, Guna Milan, Horoscope Matching and Compatibility, Lagna Melapak etc. The factors that one should consider before choosing from a list of kundli milan in Hindi software are as follows:

  1. Guna Calculation: It should be able to calculate Gunas, Manglik and other Doshas, and the strength of the Navamsa chart.
  2. Expert Advice:  Matchmaking and astrology software is the key for a happy marriage and a happy life. One takes the necessary actions for fruitful results. Hence, it is important to choose an astrology software that provides tips on how to correct a dosha.
  3. Accurate Planet Predictions: Online kundli software helps study the couple’s birth chart to make analyse accurate predictions about their planet’s positions. Additionally, the software should be able to display and print the chart using astrological signs.
  4. Built-in World Atlas: The latest kundli software provides an inbuilt world atlas, which automatically enters latitude, longitude, and time zone to make accurate birth chart predictions.
  5. Automatic Retrieval of Quotes: The match making software should automatically retrieve all Yogas and quotes for birth charts. This will help in creating a detailed and customised summary reports.
  6. Printout Design Tool Facility: Some of the top match-making kundli software provides a printout design tool that allows customised printouts. Once kundli has been created, they automatically get added to the print menu.
  7. Worksheet Facility: Ensure that the birth chart of both bride and groom can be conveniently placed alongside on a worksheet. Such worksheets are a great way to forecast the dynamics of potential partnerships.   
  8. Report Generation: With the help of kundli software, highly accurate planetary summary reports can be created. Such reports will not only help in understanding the nuances of doshas and gunas but will also serve as a guiding force to take steps to make the matrimony happy. It is also crucial to make correct reports so that the interpretations are distinct and accurate.


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