How to Perform Kundali Matching for Marriage: Best Marriage Horoscope Software

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Kundali matching is an important pre wedding custom followed by families diligently in the Hindu culture. To ensure marital bliss and a prosperous future, families of the bride and the groom go for horoscope matching for marriage before starting wedding rituals. Matchmaking astrology is done with the help of marriage horoscope software for only marital purposes because it is considered necessary for checking the compatibility between two individuals.

Significance of Checking Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth

Marriage matching by date of birth is believed to be essential for ruling out possibilities of doshas of all kinds, especially mangal dosha. Doshas are believed to bring bad luck, difficulties and discord in the lives of married couples. People often opt for free kundli matching by date of birth to rule out the presence of mangal dosha. In case there is presence of such influence then either remedies are suggested, or marriages are annulled. 

Kundali matching by names

Along with Mangal kundli dosha, there are other kundli dosh that can be figured out with kundali matching by date of birth. These doshas are nadi dosha and Bhakut dosh.

How to Perform Kundli Matching by Name and Date of Birth

Kundli matching by name and date of birth is done as part of gun milan or matching qualities with the help of marriage horoscope software. There exists a total of thirty-six gunas and qualities and the higher the number of compatible gunas between prospective couples, the higher the chances of a blissful married life. Thus, you will find kundali matching for marriage include horoscope matching by names and date of birth to ascertain the couple is compatible in terms of gunas or qualities.

Both names and birth details of bride and groom are taken together to calculate gunas matching as per Vedic astrology. Many free kundli milan software offers kundali milan and horoscope matching functionalities on their websites to get answers for how prosperous and fulfilling the new relationship is going to be. Kundli matching for marriage is often based on:

  • Different types of charts

Kundali matching software generates different types of charts for improved predictions. The best marriage horoscope software can generate a total of twenty-one types of charts such as draconic, tertiary, pre-natal, birth chart or natal chart, etc. for correct astrological forecasts. These charts are based on the position moon and other planets.

  • Astro maps

Astro maps offer plant charts as calculation engines for doing the right kind of marriage horoscope forecasting. The map of Heaven is made of 12 bhavas or divisions, which decides a person’s life events. The seventh bhava is used to predict the nature of your spouse and tells about your marital life.

Other factors on which kundali matching for marriage depends are kundli types, yog, dosh and planetary houses at the time of the birth of the bride and the groom.

Best Astrology Software for Marriage Horoscope by Date of Birth

Kundli matching for marriage

Marriage horoscope is a matter of faith for most families as they believe correct positioning of planets and stars can bring forth a successful marriage union. Therefore try any of the following astrology software for marriage matching by star. Mostly the kundali matching software is preferred for calculating the compatibility of marriage partners with each other and getting some accurate predictions regarding future.

  • ClickAstro Marriage Horoscope Software

Get guidance and predictions on personal matters such as marriage with ClickAstro marriage horoscope software. You can also use the kundali matching software for getting guidance over career issues, business, etc. With ClickAstro matchmaking astrology software, all you got to do is fill up a form on the software’s website, select a language of your choice and click enter to generate a free basic report on marriage astrology.


  • Panchanga based predictions

Panchanga decides basic characteristics of your personality. ClickAstro analyses birth charts to predict such basic qualities as mindset, physique and emotions in a person so that these qualities are almost in sync with the soon to be partner’s qualities.

  • Marriage predictions

Marriage prediction is done by doing kundali matching for marriage. ClickAstro does this online horoscope matching by studying the placement of houses and planets in a person’s horoscope. 

  • Kuja doshas

Kuja doshas are malefic influences in your birth chart. With ClickAstro marriage horoscope software, identify and remove these kujas so that there are no impediments to your marriage. 

  • Planetary transitions

With ClickAstro’s matchmaking astrology, astrologers can study planetary transitions and their impact on marriage. 

  • Astromitra Kundali Milan for Marriage

Horoscopes are believed to be capable of providing insights into a person’s present and future life. Conduct a full analysis of your birth chart with Astromitra horoscope matching software and get some of the best kundali matching results. This kundali milan software generates a free natal chart for doing horoscope matching for marriage aside from providing information regarding a person’s real personality. 


  • Kundali matching by date of birth

One of the oldest methods for checking compatibility between two people, Astromitra matches kundali by date of birth to generate detailed kundali milan in Hindi. 

  • Horoscope compatibility

How compatible the horoscope of each person is with the soon to be partner is another functionality offered by one of the best kundli matching software, Astromitra.

  • Marriage report 

Marriage horoscope by date of birth is another feature of Astromitra. Aside from matching kundalis by date of birth, the software completes marriage report analysis for foretelling how successful the marriage is going to be in the long run. 

  • Planetary alignment

Planets have an important place in vedic astrology. You can use Astromitra for finding out planetary alignments in your horoscope that can impact your married life.

  • Astrosage Kundli Match

Online horoscope matching

Generate a natal chart or a birth chart analysis for finding out more about marriage horoscope. With Astrosage’s matchmaking astrology capabilities, match kundalis to ensure no malefic effects exist in your or your partner’s future life. Patrika matching is a critical part of marriages in the Indian society. Thus, you can rely on Astrosage free kundali matching capabilities to start a new life.


  • Guna Milan

Guna Milan is done by studying the position of moon in two people’s birth charts. Based on a scoring system from one to thirty-six, the software rates guna milan starting from not recommended to excellent. 

  • Mangal dosha matching

The software completes mangal dosha matching to make sure that the planet has equal influence in birth chart of both the people. 

  • Nadi dosha

Nadi dosha is calculated to make sure that the other match is decent enough. Astrosage does this by measuring it on a point system. 

Best Kundali Matching Software for Kundli Milan by Name

Kundali matching for marriage

Kundali matching is believed to inform the prospective couples and their families of the kind of life they would lead post marriage. By calculating birth charts for any malefic influences or doshas, the best kundali matching software also provide solutions to undo the ill effects of any such influences. Kundali matching for marriage by marriage horoscope software is believed to identify in depth the course of life post marriage such as financial situation, longevity, health, children, career, etc.

  • Rahasya Vedic Astrology Software

As you enter a marriage alliance, it is crucial that both the partners are compatible with each other. No malefic influences exist for the future life and relationship is a stable and compatible one. Therefore, use Rahasya Vedic Astrology premium services to find out more in terms of marriage compatibility and lead a happy married life. 


  • Kundali matching

Kundali matching by names or any other criteria, Rahasya Vedic Astrology helps generate a karmic road map to provide an overview of how the future married life is going to be.

  • Marriage horoscope

What make this software unique when compared to other platforms is its ability to study and analyse birth chart based on western, Vedic and KP astrological methodologies. 

  • Auspicious muhurat

Find out the best date for getting married with the software’s auspicious date calculation technicality. 

  • Prosperity

Based on birth chart dealings, the online horoscope matching software seeks to find answers for whether your married life is going to be prosperous or not so prosperous. 

  • MyKundali Kundli Milan Software

Astrology software is one of the primary tools used for marriage matching by star. Marriage astrology undertakes marriage matching by date of birth, paid or free kundli milan and kundali matching by names to see the compatibility between two different individuals. MyKundali software studies how compatible the future marriage partners are going to be from all perspectives such as psychological, emotional and biological. 


  • Longevity

Use the kundali matching software for checking if the longevity gap between the two partners is too high. If it is so, then there can be ways to overcome this dosha.

  • Mental compatibility

Mental compatibility tests in marriage horoscope software help identify the kind of temperament each person has and how much they match with each other.

  • Health

Are there going to be serious health issues that are going to affect one or the other partner? Kundali matching for marriage by MyKundali software examines this factor deeply and thoroughly.

  • Separation

Issues as serious as separation may crop up sooner or later. MyKundali marriage horoscope software assesses future for such possibilities.

  • Financial stability

Finances matter to make a marriage successful. This kundali matching software for marriage searches for major fluctuations in financial situations to undo any kind of future harm.

  • Prokerala Marriage Horoscope Predictions

Astrological predictions are generated for forecasting the kind of turn your life would take once you get married. Stars have an impact on human lives and marriage also gets significantly influenced by the positioning of our stars. Attain marital bliss by getting answers to all the relevant marriage related queries with Prokerala kundali matching for marriage software. 


  • Porutham

Defined also as marriage compatibility, Porutham method does matchmaking astrology by studying the twenty seven birth stars of each person. 

  • Gun milan

Gun milan is performed by studying the influence of celestial bodies on birth chart of the about to get married couple. 

  • Muhurtam

Decide the best date for getting married as per muhurtam or Prokerala’s muhurat finder.

  • Zodiac compatibility

You can also try Prokerala’s capabilities for calculating the compatibility of your zodiac sign with that of your partner.

  • Vedic Rishi Marriage Matching Software

Perform a kundali analysis to ascertain a blissful married life. You can use the software for not only free birthchart analysis but also for free horoscope matching. Fill up all the necessary details on the registration form provided in the website and your report would be ready soon.


  • Vedic compatibility analysis

Undertake vedic compatibility analysis for foreseeing how the future married life would look like.

  • Ashtakoot

Both ashtakoot and dashtakoot provide not just an overview of the influence of stars on your marriage but also requisite remedial measures required for solving any faults that exist.

  • Marriage matchmaking

Marriage matching or matchmaking is still relied upon by families to ascertain a safe and prosperous future for prospective bride and groom. 

  • Astro details

Astro details cover main astrological points of the soon to be married couple.

  • Grah-Maitri Koot matching

This type of kundali matching for marriage covers similarities between the two couples in terms of attitudes, temperaments and beliefs.


Astrology software offers detailed predictions for couples and their families so that they can be assured of the new alliance’s happiness and prosperity. With predictive algorithms and astrological calendars, generate reports to ascertain the secure future of soon to be married couples.

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