Growing Significance of IT Asset Management Software

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Regardless of the size and field, one common challenge the organizations face today is accurate tracking and management of IT assets. From copiers, laptops, company issued phones to configuration items, monitoring all the purchases, items in stock and those in transit is a complex process. A decade ago, IT asset management & tracking was mostly handled manually with the support of excel sheets, with some formulas to make it little easier.

However, with rapid increase in use of IT devices at workplace, increasingly complex cloud technologies, frequent updates of license-based software, and spreadsheets make this task all the more complex.  A modern asset management software can be a boon to any organization to deliver the best value in the long run.

Moreover, cloud based asset management software enable businesses to manage their IT assets with no additional cost needed to maintain an in-house server.

What is IT Asset Management Software?

An IT asset management software can smoothen the inventory management of IT hardware and software of businesses to make informed decisions with respect to further purchases and distribution. Not only it helps make the best use of current resources but also reduces wastage while improving efficiency.

Aspects of an IT Asset Management Software

  • Monitors life cycle of assets starting from procurement to disposal
  • Auto management of hardware and software inventory deployed in your network
  • Controls all assets through remote access and can perform maintenance check on remote systems
  • Ensures compliance with software license agreements and their due upgrades
  • Generates auto-alerts for unused and under-utilised licenses and devices
  • Maintains all purchase orders, contract details and sends notification prior to contract expiration
  • Schedules pre-defined/custom reports that can be delivered straight to your inbox

 The list of benefits is endless. The market is flooded with Asset Management software available at different rates suited for all kinds of budgets.  A few popular picks from Gartner’s research are – are Solarwinds, ManageEngine, and CATechnologies. However, the final decision rests in the hands of the organization to choose the one that will best address their current challenges and cater to their future needs as well.

Future of Asset Management tool

Several breaking transformations in business landscape triggered by the advent of technology, automation, explosion of devices and data has made adoption of an asset management software a significant step for businesses. This has helped businesses make a shift towards automating the error prone task of tracking their IT assets. The rising volume of machines demands a new paradigm to manage the assets that hold the vital information of your business and also the support system of your business.

An asset management software can be your single point of source to manage all your physical assets, coupled with reporting that can help offer a holistic insight with respect to your firm’s assets. And we call it a BEST Practice to adopt!



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