What are SaaS Solutions and Why are they Needed?

SaaS solutions

The term SaaS has been around since a few years. SaaS refers to Software as a Service, which is an alternative way of accessing software as opposed to the on-premises software. It is a subscription based model, where the software is hosted in virtual server known as the Cloud. SaaS solutions can be accessed on any device with a web browser and internet connection. It is different from the on-premises software which is installed in the system. Companies don’t have to invest in hardware to host the software, the SaaS vendor takes care of all the IT responsibilities needed to maintain the software. SaaS has become a need for today because of the below reasons:

Lowered Cost

Companies don’t need to buy hardware to host applications, it is a subscription-based model. SaaS solutions have a monthly subscription which involves upgrades, maintenance and client support, with no requirement of large up-front costs.

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Quick Deployment

An on-premises software needs week or months in implementation. SaaS solutions just need a web browser and internet access and you are ready to go live! You thus get immediate access through SaaS.

Automatic Updates

Updates in SaaS are free of charge and deployed automatically by the software vendor. SaaS solutions offer automatic and frequent updates as a part of the ongoing subscription charge.

No Infrastructure Requirement

SaaS vendor manages the complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure in SaaS. Companies aren’t required to maintain hardware, or worry about which operating system version supports which database, the vendor takes care of all for them.


SaaS doesn’t require users to buy another server or software in case of scaling up of the business. SaaS solutions reside in Cloud environment and are scalable.

Anywhere Access

With an internet access, SaaS solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This provides mobility to the users, with the freedom to access data and work from anywhere and from any device including laptops, computer, tablets, or smartphones.

Backups and Data Recovery

SaaS solutions eliminate the need of implementing system for backing up the data in case of any contingencies. They have a system of automatic updates without user intervention.


The popularity of SaaS solutions is steadily growing because it eases deployment and decreases customer acquisition costs. With SaaS model, vendors can support a large number of clients. This approach allows businesses to scale up fast by replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff. Subscription model can keep the IT costs consistent or lower than on-premises software. This is specifically preferable for small and medium sized businesses who are looking for lowering their upfront expenses. SaaS has thus become the need of the hour and more and more companies are adopting it.


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