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Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers cloud service management capabilities, cloud computing services & solutions to fast-growing start-ups, government agencies, and large enterprises. The cloud management services by AWS have been helping businesses power their workloads, including game, web... Read more

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Amazon AWS Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is AWS or Amazon Web Services?

Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers cloud service management capabilities, cloud computing services & solutions to fast-growing start-ups, government agencies, and large enterprises. The cloud management services by AWS have been helping businesses power their workloads, including game, web, and mobile application development, storage, warehousing, and archiving. AWS has also been the frontrunner in prearranging compute innovations like AWS-designed chips, hybrid solutions, and instances.

The cloud asset management service provides the right support in system integrators to its APN (AWS partner network) to its global customers and independent software vendors. AWS cloud data management architecture has been built on a secured cloud computing environment for storing the highly-sensitive data of organizations and global banks. Also, the core infrastructure of Amazon AWS is backed by cloud security tools with around two-thirty governance and compliance services & features..

AWS has been a pioneer in introducing serverless computing spaces under the pen name AWS Lambda to aid developers in running their code without large infrastructure. The data management software provides on-demand Kinesis data streams, MSK serverless, EMR serverless, and Redshift serverless. Amazon SageMaker is another offering by the cloud management service tool to help scientists and developers to execute machine learning services.

Why Migrate to AWS Cloud?

  • Easy Migrating Large Workloads: Easy migration of workloads including the entire data from hosting facilities, public cloud, and on-premises environment to Amazon AWS services.
  • Identifying Quantifiable Goals: AWS offers best practices for identifying quantifiable top-down goals for successful cloud migration.
  • Infrastructure Management: Efficient IT infrastructure management leads to higher cost savings and better ROI.
  • Cloud Business Case: Building a detailed cloud business case and a centralized cloud team to maximize the business value of the cloud.
  • Reduced Downtime and Improved Security: Fewer security incidents and reduced downtimes increase efficiency and help generate higher business values.
  • Best Support for Windows Apps: Impeccable support for Windows-based apps ensures that developers get multi-fold ROI on running Windows on AWS.
  • SAP Certified Instances: Cloud-native SAP-certified instances for successfully running SAP landscapes on the cloud.
  • Joint Engineering: Joint engineering with VMware for vSphere-based workloads for service integrations.
  • Analytics & Database: Purpose-built analytics and database for technical advice, financial assistance, and migration support.
  • Better Innovation & Agility: Mainframe applications and infrastructure drive higher agility, innovation, and cost-savings.

Advantages of Amazon AWS

  • Pay as You Go: Pay for computing resources only when you use them and avoid making investments in those servers and data servers, which you are not sure of.
  • Better Economies of Scale: Aggregation into the cloud of so many customers give Amazon AWS higher and better economies of scale.
  • No More Guesswork: With AWS, you don't have to do any guesswork about the infrastructure capacity needs of deploying an application. Plus, it's easily scalable.
  • Stop High Direct Costs: Amazon AWS cloud computing capabilities keeps your task list free from the grind of stacking, powering, and racking the servers.
  • Few Clicks to Go Global: Just a few clicks, and you can deploy your application in multiple regions. This would give your customers a better experience and your business lower latency.

Key Functionalities of Amazon AWS

  • Analytics for running big data apps & insights into the data warehouse
  • Business applications to give detailed call summaries
  • Containers for subscribing to and deploying 3rd-party applications
  • Compute with Amazon EC2 & its variants higher storage and performance
  • Managed database for services requiring database customization
  • AWS Amplify Studio for developing apps with minimum coding
  • O3DE with 3D simulations for building games
  • AWS IoT ExpressLink/FleetWise/ RoboRunner/TwinMaker
  • DevOps Guru for remediating performance issues
  • Control Tower Data Residency Guardrails for securing customer data
  • Mainframe modernization for running mainframe workloads
  • Private 5G for scaling private cellular network
  • EBS snapshots archive & Glacial Instant Retrieval for lower storage costs

What Are the Services Provided by AWS?

AWS Compute Services

  1. EC2- EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud as a virtual machine in the cloud providing OS-level controls. This cloud server can be run as per the user's preferences.
  2. LightSail- The cloud computing tool automatically manages & deploys the networking capabilities and storage necessary to run the applications.
  3. Elastic Beanstalk- The tool supports automated provisioning and deployment of resources similar to a scalable production website.
  4. EKS- EKS or Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes allows you to Kubernetes on the Amazon cloud environment without any installation. 
  5. AWS Lambda- This AWS service helps run functions on the cloud. The tool is a cost-effective solution as you use it to pay only for the functions that are being executed.


  1. DMS: Database Migration Service or DMS helps migrate on-site databases to AWS. You can use this service for migrating from one database type to another—for example, Oracle to MySQL.
  2. SMS: Server Migration Service (SMS) makes migrating to the AWS on-site servers easy. 
  3. Snowball: Snowball is used to transfer massive amounts of data outside and inside the AWS environment.


  1.  Amazon Glacier: Amazon Glacier is a low-cost storage service providing fast and secure storage for backup & data archiving. 
  2. EBS or Amazon Elastic Block Store: EBS offers block-level storage that could be used with Amazon EC2 instances. 
  3. AWS Storage Gateway: This AWS service connects cloud-based storage with on-premise software applications. It is available under this service secured integration between AWS's storage infrastructure and its on-premises.

Security Services

  1. IAM: IAM or Identity and Access Management is a security service that helps manage the users, assign policies, and form groups for handling multiple users.
  2. Inspector: Inspector is an agent that could be conveniently installed on virtual machines for reporting security vulnerabilities.
  3. Certificate Manager: The service provides free SSL certificates for domains being managed by Route53.
  4. WAF: Web Application Firewall security service supports application-level protection to block SQL injection to block cross-site scripting attacks.
  5. Cloud Directory: This service helps create cloud-native directories that are flexible enough for managing data hierarchies along their multiple dimensions.
  6. KMS: Key Management Service is a managed service best used for controlling the encryption keys that could further be trusted for encrypting the data. 
  7. Organizations: Easily build a group of AWS accounts with this service and manage its automation & security settings.
  8. Shield: Shield stands for managed Distributed Denial of Service protection service (DDoS). DDoS provides safeguards against web applications that run on AWS.
  9. Macie: Macie offers data visibility security services that prove helpful in classifying and protecting sensitive critical content.
  10. GuardDuty: GuardDuty provides a threat detection service to protect AWS workloads and accounts.

Database Services

  1. Amazon RDS: This database service is easy to operate and ideal for setting up & scaling in the cloud a relational database. 
  2. Amazon DynamoDB: It is a fully managed, fast NoSQL database service. The service is a simple one providing cost-effective data retrieval and storage. It also lets you serve all levels of request traffic.
  3. Amazon ElastiCache: The web service makes it simple to scale, operate and deploy in the cloud in-memory cache. 
  4. Neptune: Neptune is a reliable, scalable, and fast graph database service.
  5. Amazon RedShift: This is a data warehousing solution that helps with performing complex OLAP queries.


  1. Athena: Athena is an analytics service that allows perm SQL queries on the S3 bucket to find files.
  2. CloudSearch: This AWS service is ideal for developing a fully managed search engine.
  3. ElasticSearch: Very much similar to CloudSearch, ElasticSearch offers features like application monitoring.
  4. Kinesis: The AWS analytics service supports the analysis and streaming at a massive scale of all real-time data.
  5. QuickSight: The business analytics tool lets you create data visualizations in Amazon Web Services. For example, S3 and DynamoDB.
  6. EMR: Elastic Map Reduce or EMR is an AWS analytics service mainly used for big data processing such as Splunk, Hadoop, and Spark.
  7. Data Pipeline: Data Pipeline lets you move the data from one location to another. Example- DynamoDB to S3.

Management Service

  1. CloudWatch: CloudWatch helps monitor the AWS environments like RDS instances, CPU utilization, and EC2. It even triggers alarms depending on various metrics.
  2. CloudFormation: CloudFormation is a process of turning the infrastructure into a cloud. You can use the available templates to provide a production environment.
  3. CloudTrail: CloudTrail is a simple method for auditing AWS resources. It can also be used for logging all changes.
  4. OpsWorks: The service automates Puppet/Chef deployment on AWS environment.
  5. Config: Config monitors your environment and sends alerts about changes every time the defined configurations break in.
  6. Service Catalog: Large enterprises use this service for authorizing which services a user would be using and which services would be denied.
  7. AWS Auto Scaling: This service automatically scales the resources up & down based on the given CloudWatch metrics.
  8. Systems Manager: The AWS service groups all resources for identifying issues and acting on them.
  9. Managed Services: The service is ideal for managing AWS infrastructure so that you can focus on your applications.

Internet of Things

  1. IoT Core: The cloud AWS service allows the connected devices like sensor grids, lights, etc., to interact securely with the cloud applications & other devices.
  2. IoT Device Management: IoT Device Management lets you manage at the scale your IoT devices. 
  3. IoT Analytics: The AWS IOT service helps analyze the data collected by the IoT devices.
  4. Amazon FreeRTOS: FreeRTOS is a real-time operating system for microcontrollers. You can use it for connecting IoT devices in the cloud or local server.

Application Services

  1. Step Functions: Step Functions visualize what is going inside an application & what different microservices are being used.
  2. SWF: Simple Workflow Service or SWF helps with coordinating both human-led and automated tasks.
  3. SNS: SNS or Simple Notification Service can be used for sending notifications in the form of SMS and email-based on the given AWS services.
  4. SQS (Simple Queue Service): Use this pull-based service for decoupling the applications.
  5. Elastic Transcoder: Elastic Transcoder allows changing a video's resolution and format to support smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Deployment and Management

  1. AWS CloudTrail: This AWS service records AWS API calls & sends back to you the backlog files. 
  2. Amazon CloudWatch: The tool monitors AWS resources such as   Amazon RDS DB Instances and Amazon EC2. It even monitors the custom metrics created by users' services & applications.
  3. AWS CloudHSM: The service uses Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances for ensuring compliance with contractual, regulatory, and corporate requirements.

Developer Tools

  1. CodeStar: The cloud-based service creates, manages, and works with different software development projects on Amazon AWS.
  2. CodeCommit: This is a version control service trusted for storing your assets and code privately in the cloud.
  3. CodeBuild: The Amazon developer service automates compiling and building the codes.
  4. CodeDeploy: CodeDeploy is a method of deploying a code automatically in EC2 instances.
  5. CodePipeline: Create deployment pipelines like testing, building, deployment, and authentication on production and development environments.
  6. Cloud9: Cloud9 is an Integrated Development Environment for running, debugging, and writing codes in the cloud.

Mobile Services

  1. Mobile Hub: Mobile Hub adds, configures, and designs features for different mobile apps.
  2. Cognito: Cognito helps users to sign-up using their social identity.
  3. Device Farm: Device farm improves the quality of apps by testing on multiple mobile devices.
  4. AWS AppSync: AWS AppSync is a GraphQL service offering offline programming features and real-time data synchronization.

Business Productivity

  1. Alexa for Business: It empowers organizations with voice support.
  2. Chime: Chime can be used for video conferencing and online meetings.
  3. WorkDocs: WorkDocs stores documents in the cloud
  4. WorkMail: WorkMail makes it easy to send & receive business emails.

Desktop & App Streaming

  1. WorkSpaces: Workspace is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that supports the quick use of remote desktops in a cloud environment.
  2. AppStream: It streams desktop applications like using Microsoft Office Word in Chrome.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Lex: Lex tool is an ideal solution for quickly building chatbots. 
  2. Polly: Polly is a text-to-speech service letting you create audio versions of notes.
  3. Recognition: The AWS face recognition service recognizes faces & objects in videos and images. 
  4. SageMaker: Sagemaker builds, trains, and deploys machine learning models.
  5. Transcribe: The speech-to-text service offers affordable and high-quality transcriptions.
  6. Translate: Very similar tool to Google Translate. This service translates the text from one language to another.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

  1. Sumerian: Sumerian offers high-quality VR (virtual reality) experiences on the web. You can use the service for creating interactive 3D scenes.

Customer Engagement

  1. Amazon Connect: Amazon Connect helps create customer care centers in the cloud.
  2. Pinpoint: Pinpoint makes it easy to understand your users before engaging with them.
  3. SES: Simple Email Service helps you send bulk emails to your customers at a relatively cost-effective price.

Game Development

  1. GameLift: This service can be used for hosting dedicated game servers.

How AWS Works?

AWS is a comprehensive cloud platform widely used to power applications and infrastructure. All businesses, starting from start-ups to established companies, have been using the cloud management service for virtually running their applications. The application could be of any type- data lakes, analytics, online banking, video streaming, and genomic research.

The pay-as-you-go model ensures that you build your products faster with minimal costs. AWS services are available in different forms coming as they are from different infrastructure and machine learning technologies like databases, storage, IoT, analytics, and compute.

What is the Price of Amazon AWS?

Price on request is available at

The price may vary based on customization, additional features required, the number of users, and the deployment type. For subscription-related details and offers on premium packages, please request a call back from our product experts.

Amazon AWS Pricing & Plans

Amazon AWS price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.

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Amazon AWS Features


Trade capital expense for variable expense

The cloud data management app makes you give payments for only those computing resources you use.


Database Management

The multi-cloud management platform supports a flexible cloud computing environment for storing the data.


Migration & Transfer

The cloud data management solution makes it easy to migrate and transfer large data workloads into AWS.


Benefit from massive economies of scale

AWS ensures low-pay-as-you-go prices thanks to the technology for aggregating several customers into the cloud.


Stop guessing capacity

The cloud asset management app is scalable so that you only pay for the application deployed & avoid heavy investments.


Increase speed and agility

AWS cloud computing environment with easily accessible new IT resources gives businesses greater agility & speed.



AWS offers purpose-built analytics for technical assistance and migration support.



The cloud management service is built on a secured environment for storing sensitive data and customer information.



Amazon AWS, with its cloud computing environment, is easily adaptable to an organization's fluctuating migration requirements.



The global cloud infrastructure of AWS is flexible enough to be easily scaled as per the business requirements.


Deploy globally in minutes

Get access to few clicks interface for deploying your application in multiple regions.



AWS supports comprehensive cloud business cases for maximizing the business value of your cloud.


Cost Effective

The cost-effective answer with server less technology saves you from the hassle of powering & racking the servers.

Amazon AWS Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Ubuntu Windows MacOS Linux
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Amazon Company Details

Brand Name Amazon
Information Amazon is an e-commerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators.
Founded Year 1994
Director/Founders Jeff Bezos, Marcelio Leal, Osman Nahid
Company Size 1000+ Employees
Other Products AWS Lightsail, Amazon EC2, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Lex, AWS CloudSearch

Amazon AWS FAQ

A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service is compatible with Windows operating systems.
A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service app is not available.
A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service supports Web-Based.
A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service is typically used in All Industries.
A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service demo is available for free with
A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service offers a free trial. However, the premium plan with advanced features available at Techjockey .
A. For Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service installation, insert the given CD/USB flash storage in your system and open the Setup Wizard to get started.
A. Amazon AWS Cloud Management Service helps with Storage,Database Management,Migration & Transfer,Networking. It's a complete solution for Content Delivery,Media Services,Analytics,Machine Learning.
A. AWS or Amazon web services is the world's most comprehensive cloud platform offering cloud computing services to global businesses, hottest start-ups, and organizations.
A. Amazon AWS supports public and private keys for storing security credentials. The public key is stored in Amazon EC2 stores, whereas the private key stays with you.
A. AWS is the trusted choice of software vendors, developers, SMBs, and large enterprises to host applications in a cloud environment securely.
A. In some instances, no coding is required. In other instances, coding is required because you can only interact with AWS by clicking programmatically via infrastructure as a code tool.
A. Amazon AWS SDK and AWS CLI require Python 2.7 or 3.4 as their runtime.

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