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Amazon EC2

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Amazon EC2

by : Amazon

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Brand: Amazon

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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Amazon EC2 Software Overview

What is Amazon EC2?

Amazon EC2 is a safe and scalable cloud computing service which virtually supports any workload. This solution is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easy for application developers. Amazon EC2’s provides a simple web service interface which enables users to access and configure capacity with the least amount of friction. The solution gives complete control of the computing resources and lets the user on Amazon’s established computing environment.

Amazon EC2 provides the deepest and most extensive computation platform, which also offers choices for networking, processor, storage, purchase model, and operating system. The web service solution helps in provisioning of some of the fastest processors in the cloud and is the online cloud service with 100 Gbps ethernet networking system. In addition to these Amazon EC2 also provides access to the most powerful GPU for graphics workloads and machine learning training.

Why companies prefer to use Amazon EC2 service?

One primary reason why most companies opt for Amazon EC2 is because of its lowest cost per instances in the cloud. The web solution is capable of running complicated workloads like HPC, SAP, windows, and machine learning on AWS seamlessly. Amazon EC2 is used by over million organizations ranging from enterprises to small startups, in varying forms. The solution covers over 350 instances for virtually every business essentiality. Amazon EC2 is available in 24 regions and has 76 availability zones globally. Plus, this web service solution works with any processor, including – Intel, AMD, and Arm-based processors.

What are some common Amazon EC2 instances used by industries?

Here are most used Amazon EC2 instances by organizations:

  1. A1 (General purposes)
  2. T4g (General purposes)
  3. T3 (General purposes)
  4. T3a (General purposes)
  5. M5a (General purposes)
  6. R6g (Memory optimization)
  7. R5 (Memory optimization)
  8. R5a (Memory optimization)
  9. P3 (Accelerated computing)
  10. Inf1 (Accelerated computing)
  11. F1 (Accelerated computing)
  12. I3 (Storage optimization)
  13. I3en (Storage optimization)
  14. D2 (Storage optimization)
  15. C4 (Compute optimization)

What is the Amazon EC2 pricing?

Amazon EC2 price is available on demand. We recommend you request a call and provide information regarding your requirements for price.

Amazon EC2 Features

  • checkbox Bare Metal Instances This web service solution provides bare metal instances for user applications with direct access to the memory and processor of
  • checkbox Optimize Compute Performance Amazon EC2 enables users to provide computability optimization with a single API call across instances, purchase models, and
  • checkbox Pause & Resume Your Instances Users can hibernate their Amazon EC2 assisted by Amazon EBS.
  • checkbox GPU Compute Instances The software helps customers with massive floating processing power by offering a next-gen general purpose GPU compute instance
  • checkbox GPU Graphic Instances This web service solution benefits users with high graphic capacity requirement. As it offers GPU graphic instances such as G3.
  • checkbox Graphic I/O Instances Amazon EC2 supports very high, low latency, random I/O access to the data for the user.  
  • checkbox Dense HDD Storage Intances Customers requiring very high storage density per instance, and high sequential I/O for data-intensive applications like
  • checkbox Optimized CPU Configuration The optimized CPUS feature equips use with greater control of the EC2 instances.
  • checkbox Flexible Storage Options Several Amazon EC2 workloads can have widely different storage requirements, depending on the type of cloud requirement.
  • checkbox Elastic IP Addresses Static IP addresses created for the dynamic cloud computing are called Elastic IP.
  • checkbox Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling The solution automatically scales itself as per the system requirements.
  • checkbox Enhanced Networking Users can make use of enhanced networking to high through higher packet per second performance and reduce low latencies and
  • checkbox Amazon Time Sync Service The Amazon time sync service is a very accurate, reliable, and available time source to the AWS servicing center.

Amazon EC2 Plans & Pricing

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Amazon EC2 Specifications

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  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows, MacOS
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Amazon EC2 FAQ

Q. 1. What are the instances used for accelerated computing by Amazon EC2? arrow

A. Amazon EC2 uses P3, P2, Inf1, G4, G3, F1 instances for accelerate computing.

Q. 2. How can I get started with Amazon EC2? arrow

A. Once you sign up for Amazon EC2, you will receive a document with a complete walkthrough.

Q. 3. How quickly will Amazon EC2 run systems? arrow

A. It takes almost 10 minutes for Amazon EC2 to get the system up and running.

Q. 4. How many instances can I run in Amazon EC2? arrow

A. You can run up to 20 reserved instances and request a spot instance based on your dynamic spot limit. In case you need even more instance support, please request a call.

Q. 5. Can I get a demo for Amazon EC2? arrow

A. Yes, Amazon EC2 is available for a demo at Techjockey to get the demo scheduled.

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