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AWS Elastic Load Balancing-Application Load Balancer AWS Elastic Load Balancing-Gateway Load Balancer
play AWS ELB Tutorial | Elastic Load Balancer Tutorial | AWS Tutorial | AWS Training Video | Simplilearn
AWS Elastic Load Balancing-Application Load Balancer
AWS Elastic Load Balancing-Gateway Load Balancer

AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Brand : Amazon

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AWS Elastic Load Balancing Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is AWS Elastic Load Balancing Software?

AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a cloud-based service that helps distribute the incoming traffic load across various backend resources like Amazon EC2 instances or containers. Distributing the load aims to provide fault tolerance to the application and allows the heavy applications to run smoothly. It can manage the traffic load at application and network levels. The load balancing settings can be configured and managed via a web-based management interface known as AWS management console. It allows us to create and manage load balancers, monitor their performance, and use them wisely. The other two access options include the AWS command line interface and software development kits used mainly by developers to interact programmatically with load balancers.

It distributes the traffic load automatically across multiple zones and ensures the application is highly available. It thus avoids manual interventions. It uses routing algorithms like round-robin, least response time, etc., to distribute the traffic across resources and networks. It also supports content-based routing that routes the traffic for content using application load balancers. It can thus route traffic on request, such as URL paths or headers.

AWS Elastic Load Balancing software regularly monitors backend resources and routes traffic to healthy resources. It can also reduce the backend load by offloading it through SSL/TLS decryption, thus enhancing security. It gives detailed reports of metrics and logs that can be used for monitoring resources and troubleshooting purposes. It supports IPV4 and IPV6 applications and can be integrated with other services like web application firewalls.

Why Choose AWS Elastic Load Balancing?

It distributes the incoming traffic load across various backend resources, and in this way, your applications' high availability and resilience are ensured. It regularly monitors the health of the backend resources and networks. It automatically diverts traffic from sick instances by dividing incoming traffic among numerous instances or containers in various availability zones. It also provides troubleshooting of issues. The load distribution reduces the possibility of service interruption that resource failures or other problems could have caused. In this way, it helps to ensure the application is performing and available.

This service platform makes scaling your applications and handling fluctuating traffic load levels easier. It can be accessed via web interface, console, or API and can automatically scale its capacity as the traffic on your application grows. This enables you to effortlessly handle traffic peaks without requiring manual assistance, resulting in a seamless and responsive user experience. It can also reduce the backend load by offloading it through SSL/TLS decryption, thus enhancing security.

Benefits of AWS Elastic Load Balancing Software

  • High availability: It spreads traffic load among several instances or resources, lowering the risk of application downtime.
  • Scalability: Adapts automatically to manage changes in traffic, assuring top performance for the applications.
  • Improved reliability: Carries regular resource health checks that divert traffic from failed instances, increasing application resilience.
  • Easy management: Using AWS services, load balancers can be easily configured and monitored.
  • Security: For more secure and effective traffic management, this application supports SSL/TLS offloading.

AWS Elastic Load Balancing Pricing

AWS Elastic Load Balancing Platform pricing is available on request at

The pricing model is based on different parameters, including extra features, deployment type, and total users. For further queries related to the product, you can contact our product team and learn more about the pricing and offers.

AWS Elastic Load Balancing Pricing & Plans

AWS Elastic Load Balancing price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.

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AWS Elastic Load Balancing Features


High Availability Assurance

By load balancing on unused resources, it ensures applications are available.


Health Checks & Monitoring

Continuously monitors resource health and reroutes traffic from unhealthy resources.


Content-Based Routing

Route traffic requests based on content like URL paths or headers.


Sticky Session

Maintain user session connection to the same backend instance.


Operational Monitoring

Provides insights into load balancing performance and resource utilization.


Request Tracing

Trace incoming requests for load balancing and performance optimization.


Delete Protection

Protect against accidental deletion of load balancers and resources.


Web Application Firewall

Integrates with AWS web application firewalls to provide network security.


User Authentication

Authenticate users before routing traffic to backend services or resources.

AWS Elastic Load Balancing Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Business Size:
  • Customer Support:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, Enterprises, SMBs, MSMBs, MSMEs
  • Phone, Email
  • English

AWS Elastic Load Balancing Reviews and Ratings


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Amazon Company Details

Brand Name Amazon
Information Amazon is an e-commerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators.
Founded Year 1994
Director/Founders Jeff Bezos, Marcelio Leal, Osman Nahid
Company Size 1000+ Employees
Other Products AWS Lightsail, Amazon EC2, Amazon Lex, Amazon AWS, AWS CloudSearch

AWS Elastic Load Balancing FAQ

A AWS Elastic Load Balancing is agnostic and works seamlessly across various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
A AWS Elastic Load Balancing does not have a specific mobile app.
A AWS Elastic Load Balancing solution supports cloud-based deployment.
A AWS Elastic Load Balancing pricing details are available on request at
A AWS Elastic Load Balancing is designed for a wide range of users, including enterprises, startups, and businesses of all sizes that require a scalable and reliable solution for distributing incoming application traffic.
A The AWS Elastic Load Balancing platform demo is available for free at
A It is not a free solution. Its pricing details are available on request at
A Software installation is not needed since the AWS Elastic Balancing system supports cloud-based deployment. Just setup the wizard and get started.
A AWS Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances, to ensure optimal availability and fault tolerance. It seamlessly scales with your application's demand, providing a reliable and efficient traffic distribution mechanism.

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