HR Problem #101: When Salary Day Turns into a Mess

| February 12, 2018


HR one HR payroll software

It’s the fifth of the month. Your landlord is making a fuss about the rent, your electricity and internet bills are looming over you like an incoming torrential storm, and you are surviving on your friend’s tiffin and instant noodles. The solution to all your problems comes with a ping on your phone, informing you that your salary is in. As the day progresses, you hear your colleagues excitedly talk about their salary that just came in, and all the things they will be doing with it. You also start anticipating the moment when you’ll be able to do the same. But alas, the ping doesn’t come, and your HR tells you that your salary will be delayed because of some ‘technical difficulties’.

HR one HR payroll software

Sounds familiar?

We have all been there. When plans get derailed because of the late salary credit and you have to face your demons (landlords, internet provider, etc) and beg them for a few more days of respite. It’s not a pleasant feeling and the resentment that you feel towards your company is huge. You blame your HR people for the mistake made and you vow to go ‘Yippee-Ki-Yay’ on them.

But is HR to be blamed entirely?

HR one HR payroll software

When something like this happens, it is obvious to blame the person whom you perceive to be responsible. Your HR rep is the person you communicate with regarding all your work life-cycle related queries. And in moments like this, you forget that they are but human too. HR people have the unfortunate misfortune of facing employees and delivering the bad news to them regarding salary delay. HR professionals aren’t the enemy, but that interaction about salary delay edges them closer to that label. They try their best to get everyone’s salary on a prescribed date, but sometimes that process can go wrong, causing employees to go berserk.

So, what can HR reps do to fix this?

Well for one, they need to get a good HRMS system that can handle and ease the payroll process. Advantages of HRMS software are plenty, and they can streamline the day-to-day functioning of a company overall. Since HRMS software can automate and manage a lot of the HR work, it frees up the department to ensure smooth sailing of important responsibilities like salary and payroll. HR One HR payroll Software is one such fantastic HRMS software that can help a people operations department in greasing day-to-day operations. It’s payroll module organises all these tasks related to employee payment and tax calculations.

  • Salary Processing

The maxima cum laude of any good HRMS software, salary processing is the basic function that any HRMS software should fulfil. This function includes salary calculations, tax evaluations, deduction and commission calculation. Using HR One HR payroll software, you can do all of these as well as define multiple salary structures as per pay policies, and set up auto salary breakup covering all types of pay components such as arrear, bonus, over time, reimbursements, loans, investments, challans, etc.

  • Generating Statutory & Compliance Reports

Businesses in India have to comply with certain statutory compliances to ensure the legal status and protection. Having an in-depth knowledge of statutory compliances is necessary to minimise the risk associated with non-compliances. With the use of HR One HR payroll software, users can generate all statutory compliances reports according to business needs, and handle statutory calculations effectively.

  • Attendance Management

HR professionals need to track employee attendance accurately, as it is important for making salary changes and appropriation. HR-One HR payroll solution comes with an in-built attendance management feature that can record, track and compute attendance information for the ease of payroll calculations. This complete HRMS software solution can also display information on leave entitlement, balance, history, etc. for accurate assessment.

HR folks, now it’s your call to make! Do you want to be your employee’s Miranda Priestly (Movie: The Devil Wears Prada) or Jules Ostin (Movie: The Intern)? The choice is quite clear, isn’t it?


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