How Does Extreme Wired Access Portfolio Help Improve Agility & Efficiency

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Technology has evolved over the past years, and so have network connections. We have moved to the wireless world due to the convenience it provides in accessing the internet from anywhere. However, there are many downsides to this connection like network security concerns, network latency due to interruptions, slower speeds in companies due to large connectivity, etc.

These problems are solved with wired connections or ethernet. They offer superior performance and security. It is a great consideration for businesses that are prone to security breaches or have important trade secrets and IPs (Intellectual Properties).

What is Wired Access?

Wired access is the one wherein network is provided by connecting the devices physically through cables. In other words, laptops and servers are connected to the internet or other networks using cables like ethernet, fiber optics, copper telephone lines etc.

Wired Access is faster and reliable and is a preferred solution if the companies do not involve mobility. They also provide lower latency, faster data transmission, and protection from malicious attacks or data breaches.

Wired Access has many advantages over wireless access like higher bandwidth, less network interference and stable network. They also cost less in comparison to wireless technologies which cost monthly fees. For companies having established infrastructure at a single place wired access is a good, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Why Choose Wired Access?

For a company whose geolocation is fixed, should consider opting for Wired Access. They offer many benefits over wireless connection, like:

  • Speed:

Wired Access provides higher speed due to direct connection between the physical devices. Since there is minimal interference due to radio signals or other wi-fi signals, the connection maintains speed and lower latency. Due to the cabled connection among the devices data transmission can happen quickly.

In a company where a huge number of employees are connecting to the same network, it can get overwhelmed which shows slow performance hence affecting the working of the company. Wired Access removes this situation and makes the flow of larger amounts of data very fast.

  • Reliable and Secure:

Wired connections are more reliable and secure. They are not very susceptible to obstacles or interferences which normally lead to data loss. It is also more secure as attacking a wired network is harder and requires more time which attackers do not have.

It is difficult to intercept Wired Access. Security is an important aspect considering companies as they have trade secrets, intellectual property, confidential financial information, etc. Wired access helps these companies to keep their information secure.

  • Latency and Stability:

Since wired connections are not prone to interferences, they provide a stable internet connection for video conferences, sharing heavy files, streaming content, giving presentations online, etc. Along with this, latency is also a critical factor to take into consideration.

Even if each computer in a company took an extra second to respond, the total time wasted would be high. This happens with a wireless connection as latency always exists in some or the other way. However, it is reduced it Wired Access networks and latency is practically unnoticeable in all.

  • No network congestion:

Wireless networks usually are flooded with non-essential traffic. Sometimes even hackers bombard the network with a lot of requests that it stops responding to the requests made by employees in the company (also known as Denial-of-Service attack). However, this is avoided with wired access network.

Explaining the Extreme Wired Access Portfolio

Extreme Networks is a leading company in networking devices and solutions. It makes networks secure, intelligent, and frictionless. Extreme has a range of products for wired connection. Its wired access portfolio is fabric enabled which means it offers flexible range of IP and Ethernet fabric solutions.

They ensure a more secure and faster foundation for organizations, no matter if companies are expanding the campus, WAN (Wide Area Network) or data centers.

Extreme’s Wired Access Portfolio includes ethernet switches, which are the key building blocks of networks. These include stackable switches, edge switches, compact ethernet switches, switch routers, etc. Their ports and memory are customizable according to the company’s needs. They have mixed features including Extreme Fabric capabilities, enhanced security, advanced policy capabilities, Integrated Application Hosting, etc.

How Extreme Networks Improve Agility and Efficiency: Benefits

How Extreme Networks Improve Agility and Efficiency Benefits

Extreme Networks are known for improving agility and efficiency with their networking products and solutions. Benefits provided by them are:

  • No Technology Lock In:

With Extreme networks the users can evolve to newer technologies. They can avoid technology lock ins and adapt to new deployment models easily. There is no requirement to change the hardware. Simply updating the software or changing it as per the needs can be done. The life of the switches can be extended by re-deploying with this method of software change.

  • Fabric Enabled:

The Wired Access portfolio is quite flexible as it includes IP and Ethernet fabric solutions. Fabric Solutions help transform WAN, data centers, and the campus. These ensure faster and secure foundation of the business.

  • Dynamic Policies:

Extreme’s Wired Access Portfolio works with a common policy mechanism which is highly scalable. They are role-based and defined at the central level but are enforced locally at the switch. As the user, device, or application moves through the network, these policies travel with them.

  • Security:

Secure Link Encryption is a feature in the Extreme Switches which the data in transit is encrypted and decrypted at every connection point. The security is provided with IEEE 802.1AE MACsec, a hop-by-hop security potential responsible for Secure Link Encryption, across the switch platforms.


In conclusion, Wired Access Portfolio from Extreme networks is the right solution for businesses which require higher security and faster internet response. With advanced features, Extreme networks provide many benefits that make Wired Access a cutting-edge technology.

This reshapes the thoughts of users over wired connections and their importance. This forward-looking approach of Extreme networks with its Wired Access Portfolio helps businesses stay at the forefront of technology and efficiency, navigating the digital world in a faster and secure way.

Published On: September 1, 2023

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