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Gallery SonicWALL Firewalls and Secure Mobile Access - Better Together - SonicWall Secure Mobile Access - Demo
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play SonicWALL Firewalls and Secure Mobile Access - Better Together - SonicWall Secure Mobile Access - Demo
Sonicwall SMA7200 Front
Sonicwall SMA100 Series Stack
Sonicwall SMA200 Front
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SonicWall SMA Series

Brand : SonicWall

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SonicWall SMA Series Specifications

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SonicWall SMA Series Pricing & Plans

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SonicWall SMA Series Features


VPN Clients

This doesn’t require any VPN Client. Instead, web access offers quick support for all unmanaged devices.


Central Management (CMS)

Offers a CMS solution to centrally deploy and manage SMA 1000 devices across clouds and networks.


Seamless Secure Access

Limits access to devices and users for using only what’s required to stop unknown threats from entering laterally.



Integration with Capture ATP & multi-engine sandbox to scan files uploaded by users while they are outside the corporate network.


Authentication & SSL offloading

Offers SSL offloading, 2FA (Two-factor authentication) & MFA (Multi-factor authentication) with SSO for advanced security.


Physical Appliances or Virtual physical appliances

For organizations that rely on cloud migration, it offers flexible options for physical & virtual appliances.


Data Center

All your crucial data is stored safely at a centralized location i.e., a data center, and can be accessed at any time.

SonicWall SMA Series Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is SonicWall SMA Series?

SonicWall SMA Series consists of two major SMA series models, namely, SMA 100 series & SMA 1000 series.

The SMA 100 series is a secure solution for small-sized and medium-sized companies that wish to adopt a work-from-home setup or provide third-party access to data. It includes the SMA 210, SMA 410, and SMA 500v models. Apart from that, it supports hybrid deployment, i.e., it can be used for on-premises data protection and cloud data security. Deploying the device is easy using its policy wizard and cloud management. It creates a secure environment for users to access databases from any location.

The SMA1000 series includes SMA 6210, SMA 7210, and SMA 8200v. These are advanced security gateways for MNCs, mid-sized companies, and MSSPs. It ensures highly developed authentication that provides authorization to devices based on context. It also provides added network security with Virtual Private Network. Apart from that, it offers support for unmanaged devices and is suitable for web access.

Key Highlights of SonicWall SMA Series

  • Available for Win 10, ChromeOS, macOS, Linux, iOS, & Android OS.
  • Supports Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi, AWS, Azure, and KVM.
  • Advanced EPC (Endpoint Control) interrogates every device to safeguard the network from any malware or unknown threat entering it.
  • Only after the EPC verification is done, access to the network is permitted. It is to ensure that the device consists of the latest OS and is malware free.
  • Uses Multi‑Factor Authentication & Context-aware Authorization to limit access to trusted users only.
  • Enables you to fulfill federal & regulatory compliance with the help of FIPS140-2Level-2 certification.
  • Helps maintain a robust security posture via Always-on VPN.
  • Integrates seamlessly with SonicWall’s Capture ATP to safeguard against any unknown malware.

Benefits of SonicWall SMA Series

  • Strengthening Remote Workforce: Offers identity-based access for organizations that support work from anywhere to offer flexibility to users and strengthen the remote workforce.
  • Remote Access: Offers remote access to network resources through SSL VPN for external as well as internal users. It includes host-based, back-connect, web-based, and client/server applications.
  • Added Security: Whether you have stored your resources on-premises, on the hosted cloud, or on the web, it offers an SSO (single sign-on) with MFA (multi-factor authentication) for advanced security.
  • EPC & ATP: To reduce threats and enable people to work from any location, using any device, it offers integrated advanced level security, namely ATP as well as EPC.
  • Integrated WAF: Comes along with an integrated WAF (Web Application Firewall) to identify any web-based attacks and safeguard web apps from application malware.

Technical Specifications of SonicWall SMA Series

The SMA series includes some popular models including SMA 210, SMA 410, SMA 500v, SMA 6210, SMA 7210, and SMA 8200v. The technical specifications of all these models are mentioned below:

Performance SMA 210
Concurrent sessions/Users Upto 200
Form factor 1U
Storage 4GB
Memory 4GB
Processor 4 Cores
MTBF 61,815


Performance SMA 410
Concurrent sessions/Users 400 Users
Form factor 1U
Storage 4 GB
Memory 8 GB
Processor 8 cores
MTBF 60,151


Performance SMA 500v
Concurrent sessions 250 Users
SSL-VPN throughput 265 Mbps
Allocated memory 4 GB
Processor 2 Cores
SSL acceleration No
Suggested disk size 32 GB
OS Installed Linux


Performance SMA 6210
Concurrent sessions/Users 2000 Users
Form factor 1U
Storage Yes
Memory 8GB DDR4
Processor 4 Cores
MTBF 70,127


Performance SMA 7210
Concurrent sessions/Users 10,000 Users
Form factor 1U
Storage Yes
Memory 16GB DDR4
Processor 4 Cores
MTBF 129,601


Performance SMA 8200v
Concurrent sessions 5000 Users
SSL-VPN throughput 158 Gbps
Allocated memory 8 GB
Processor 4 Cores
SSL acceleration Yes
Suggested Disk Size 240 GB
OS Installed Hardened Linux


SonicWall SMA Series Pricing

SonicWall SMA Series price details are available on request at

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SonicWall Company Details

Brand Name SonicWall
Information SonicWALL provides network, content, web, and email security, remote access, and business continuity solutions.
Founded Year 1991
Director/Founders Marty Bickford, Sreekanth Ravi, Sudhakar Ravi
Company Size 1000+ Employees
Other Products SonicWall TZ Series (NGFW), SonicWall NSa Series (NGFW), SonicWall NSsp Series, SonicWall NSv Series, SonicWall SonicWave Series

SonicWall SMA Series FAQ

A SonicWall SMA (Secure Mobile Access) is an access gateway that allows organizations to offer access to any managed or unmanaged device from anywhere at any time.
A SonicWall SMA 410 works as an access gateway to enable companies to offer anywhere, anytime, and any device access to important corporate resources.
A The SMA in security terms refers to Security Management Appliance. It includes ESA (Email Security Appliances) and WSA (Web Security Appliances).

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