How to Check Internet Speed Online for Wi-Fi and Mobile

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The Internet has turned our world on its head. We use the Internet in practically every aspect of our lives. From doing work at home and ordering food to purchasing an appliance or a gadget, sharing stories with a buddy, and sending a photo, everything is done on the internet.

But today millennials don’t just want to get things done on the internet, but they want to do it fast and quick. When your internet speed becomes slow for no apparent reason, the easiest method to figure out if there’s a problem is to test your network speed.

What Is the Internet Speed Test?

An Internet or broadband speed test is a measure of the speed at which data gets downloaded and uploaded. It also determines how long it takes for a device to respond to a signal sent to a test server.

The reaction time or latency is measured in milliseconds, and the loading speed is measured in megabits per second. Communication service providers and routing firms frequently offer internet speed assessments as a free web tool.

A net speed test involves sending a tiny file from a server and measuring the time to download and then upload the file back to the server to analyse broadband speed. We can calculate parameters such as jitter and packet loss along the route.

By sending an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request packet to the host, at a certain speed, hosts can also measure ping. Ping is the time taken for a message to travel from the sender to its destination and back.

The best data speed test online process uses many host servers throughout the world, allowing users to test internet performance in various areas. It’s recommended to test speed on a server that’s close by.

How Does a Speed Checker Work?

best internet speed meter for pc

When you check internet speed online, it first calculates your location and the test server that is nearest to you. Speed Test pings the test server after it is set up, and the server responds. In milliseconds, the test measures the round trip.

The download test begins after the ping is complete. The speed tester connects to the server many times and tries to download a tiny amount of data. It monitored two things: the time to grab data fragments and the amount of network resources it consumed.

If the software finds that you have free space on your hard drive, it opens additional connections to the server and downloads add-on material. The aim is to put a strain on your internet connection to discover how much it can handle at once.

Consider your internet service to be a speed restriction highway. It’s like adding more lanes to the roadway by establishing new connections. Although the speed limit has not changed, more cars can now pass through the intersection.

After determining that it has the proper connections to test your internet service, the client downloads more chunks of data, measures the quantity downloaded in the time permitted, and displays the download speed.

The upload test follows. It’s basically the same procedure as the download test, but reversed. The client uploads data from your PC to the server, rather than retrieving data from the server, then check internet speed online.

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How to Accurately Test Your Connection Speed?

Here’re the steps to check internet speed online. A few simple steps to know what your connection speed is.

Restart Your Modem and Router First

Restarting is the typical advice for almost any tech issue, but it’s also a wonderful proactive measure to take, particularly with routers and high-speed digital modems.

The modem and router work together to give your computers or phone access to the internet. Modem and router function together as a tiny computer. This small computer has big jobs to do, like navigating all kinds of traffic in your home.

Various factors, just like your computer or smartphone, cause it to stop performing as effectively. Sluggish web browsing and movie streaming are common symptoms of these problems.

Because we’re looking to check wifi speed accurately, restart your modem and wait for the results.

Avoid Using Internet for Any Other Purpose

The most important rule to remember while testing your internet speed is to not utilise it while doing so.

You shouldn’t have a dozen other windows open on your computer. Also, double-check any other application in the background that is using the internet.

For example, check background streaming music services, Windows Update patches, Wi-Fi security cameras uploading HD footage, Netflix streaming on a TV in another room, and a smart speaker playing music in your bedroom.

Mobile devices should not be overlooked. Most smartphones will automatically connect to your wireless network.

Before Testing, Always Restart Your Computer or Device

Yes, just like with the router and modem, restarting the computer or tablet, smartphone, or another device from which you’re testing your internet can have a significant impact on the accuracy of your test.

When you’re testing an internet connection, it may seem unusual to restart your device, but components of the test rely on your hardware to function properly.

Clear Cache in Your Browser

On that point, clearing your browser’s cache is another sensible thing to do before evaluating your internet speed. If you plan on testing multiple times in succession, perform this before each consecutive test.

Most internet speed tests work by downloading and uploading one or more files of particular sizes and then calculating your internet speed based on how long it takes for the process.

If you’re testing internet speed multiple times in a row, those files already existing on your computer (i.e., they’re cached) may affect test results after the initial test. Although a proper internet speed test should compensate for this, you’d be amazed at how frequently we encounter it.

How to Check Internet Speed on Android Mobile?

check internet speed online

Here’re a few android apps that help to check internet speed online.

  • Speedtest

    Speedtest is a universal app that works on many platforms, including Android handsets. Within seconds, you may test your smartphone’s internet speed. This application provides you with a precise estimate of your internet connection speed. This program allows you to test any form of internet connection, including Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

    You can test your internet connection download and upload speed. With this application’s real-time graph, you can keep track of the reliability of your internet connection. Overall, you can get thorough information about your internet connection and test the speed of your connection on your phone. This app is simple to use, you can download it from Google Play Store.

  • Wi-Fi Analyzer

    This app is only for people who have access to a Wi-Fi network. This program allows you to test the Wi-Fi network’s internet speed as well as alter and optimise the Wi-Fi network. You can view the history of your signal strength and tweak your Wi-Fi network to improve your internet connection’s speed and consistency.

    It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency and allows you to change your Wi-Fi network’s access point. You can choose from a variety of channels with varying signal strengths, and the traffic on the server is displayed. To get the fastest internet speed on your Wi-Fi network, choose the channel with the most stars.

  • Quick Speed Test

    FAST is another app for testing internet speed on your Android smartphone. This application displays your current internet speed in megabits per second (Mbps). It features a simple UI that doesn’t provide much information aside from the connection speed. This works on both WiFi speed and mobile speed test.

    With the aid of this program, you can get a quick and easy internet speed test from anywhere in the world. It displays the download and upload speed test of your internet, your IP address, and your location.

  • Internet Speed Meter

    Almost every Android smartphone includes internet check as an inbuilt function. Make sure this function is turned on in your phone’s settings. On the status bar, this function displays the real-time speed of your internet connection, whether it’s cellular or WiFi.

    This is the greatest option to use if you only want to see the mobile internet speed test. There is no need to install any software. With the aid of this program, you can quickly monitor your internet speed from the status bar.

How to Increase Data Speed for Mobile or Wifi?

wifi connection test
  • Switch On/Off the Airplane Mode

    Similar to resetting your phone, turning on or off the Airplane Mode in your mobile will reset your device’s internet connection. All wireless services on your phone, including mobile data and Wi-Fi, are turned off when you use Airplane Mode. Repeat the process to see if your internet speed increases.

  • Reset Network Settings

    The network settings on your phone can become muddled, resulting in a poor internet connection. This could cause problems if your phone is capable of 4G but appears to be stuck on 3G or even 2G. As a quick fix for increasing download speed on your Android or iOS smartphone, try a network-settings reset.

    Alternatively, if you’re using a 4G network in a densely populated region, your connection may struggle to keep up with the volume of data. Switching to a less-busy 3G network in such instances may actually speed things up.

    Resetting your network settings restores your phone’s internet configurations to their factory settings, allowing you to “start over” with 4G or 3G service.

  • Find Out Data-Hungry Apps

    Apps can slow down your net speed even when you aren’t using it. Many apps run in the background, sucking up data and system resources, storage space, and capacity. You need to find background apps and disable them.

  • Use Ad Blocker

    Ad blockers enhance your internet experience in a variety of ways. You may avoid having to pass through advertising by blocking them from appearing on the websites you visit. You may also notice that when sites don’t have to load adverts with the material you’re looking for, they load faster.

    If you spend a few minutes looking to check internet speed online, you’ll find a variety of ad blockers for iOS and Android. Before installing any third-party software on your device, read professional and user reviews.

  • Consider Using a Data Booster App

    Data speed booster apps have a tumultuous history. Some individuals swear by them, while others think they’re a waste of time. If none of the aforementioned methods for increasing data speed on your device work, you can check data speed apps.

  • Clear Your Mobile Browser’s Cache

    While a full browser cache will not affect your internet speed directly, it will have a negative impact on your device’s general performance, which will slow everything down. Clearing your phone’s cache, including its browser cache, can help it start over.

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The Last Trick

These are all the fixes you need to run a smooth and fast internet speed test. However, if none of the above tricks works, the problem may be something you can’t address on your own end. When you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, it’s a good idea to call your network service provider.


  1. How to check internet speed?

    First, turn off any ongoing uploads or downloads and deactivate your VPN. You can visit sites like,,, etc., to check your real time internet speed.

  2. What is a good internet speed?

    A good internet speed will vary based on the number of connected devices at once and your purpose like gaming, streaming movies, checking emails, etc. The US based agency FCC recommends a minimum of 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed for moderate to heavy internet use when four or more devices are connected.

  3. How can I boost my Internet speed?

    Basic methods to boost your Internet speed are repositioning your router closer to your device, upgrading your router’s firmware, updating your browser, unplugging your modem and router for some time, etc. You can also buy a new router or Wi-Fi range extender.

  4. Do routers affect internet speed?

    Yes, routers can affect internet speeds by causing longer load times and lagging. It must support your Internet plan, placed in the right location, and be up to date with the firmware version to utilise your speed to maximum extent.

  5. Does a router improve internet speed?

    No, a router cannot improve your internet speed beyond the internet plan you opt for. However, choosing a good router and placing it at the correct location can ensure that your router does not decrease your internet speed.

  6. How can I speed up my internet for free?

    You can try different methods to speed up your Internet for free like keeping your device closer to your router, reducing the number of connected devices by removing the unused ones, switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, etc.

  7. How to test WiFi speed at home?

    Disable your VPN and stop apps running in the background. When connected to Wi-Fi, visit Tap Go. Repeat the process in both peak and off-peak times and consider the average value to be your correct speed. You can also change your location from the router. This will give you different results in different rooms at home.

  8. Why is your mobile data or Wifi data so slow?

    Slow speed can be caused by heavy network usage with too many active tabs or apps running in the background. Other reasons include poor network in your location or incorrect positioning of the router.

  9. Which country provides the fastest internet speed? How to test my mobile data speed?

    As per, fastest internet speeds were in Jersey, Liechtenstein, and Iceland in 2021. You can use the mobile web-browser to visit speed testing sites or install a speed testing app from the App store.

  10. What is open speed test?

    Open Speed Test is a web browser based application that can test Internet speed without any app or plugin installations on any device. It works for a speed range of 1Kbps to over 1Gbps.

  11. Who provides the most accurate Mbps speed test? How to check bandwidth speed test with Ookla?

    Ookla provides the most accurate Mbps speed test. You can visit on your device’s web browser after connecting to the internet and choose Go. You can also install the Ookla app and then check speed.

  12. What is my net speed? How to check net speed?

    Your net speed is the actual upload/ download speed offered by your Internet Service provider at a point. To check net speed, connect your device to the internet. Open your web-browser and navigate to a site like You might be required to click Go or Run Test to see your net speed.

  13. How to check my internet speed in mobile?

    You can install apps that support your operating system. For example, Speedtest works on both iOS and Android. After installation, open the app and tap Go. You can also go to the mobile web browser and visit a site for speed test.

  14. How to perform internet speed test with Ookla on Android?

    Go to Google Play Store. Search for Speedtest by Ookla. Tap Install. Open the app and tap Go.

Published On: March 9, 2022

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