How to Download Instagram Videos, Reels and Photos on Android or iOS

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How many times has it happened with all of us that we have loved a video, reel, or a post on Instagram while scrolling, but have eventually lost it?

To be honest, we don’t even have a count of it.

But what if we tell you, you can save your favorite posts in your gallery and even watch them offline.

Well, you can definitely do it by following a few simple steps.

We have brought some tried and tested methods that can help you download and save Instagram videos. This includes methods for Instagram video download online via apps and without apps. Now you’ll no longer miss out on your favorite Instagram posts.

So, let’s get started with the downloads.

How to Download Instagram Videos Without App Online

We have listed two easy and quick ways to download Instagram videos, which do not require any special technical knowledge. These are the best Instagram to video converter methods followed by social media enthusiasts. e best Instagram to video converter methods followed by social media enthusiasts.

These methods are for those who want Instagram video download online without an app.

Steps to Download Instagram Videos and Images to PC or Mac

Method 1: Website

If you don’t have an Instagram video download app, you can use a website to download Instagram videos and posts. Although there are multiple websites that will allow you to download from Instagram, we have got you a trusted one, DreDown.

It is completely free and even works with other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Let’s learn how it works.

  • Search for on your browser.

  • In the next tab, open the Instagram video or photo you wish to download.

  • Copy the URL link that appears when you are viewing the video using ‘Ctrl + C’ on your Windows PC, and ‘Command + C’ on your Mac.

  • Now, navigate back to the DreDown tab, and paste the copied URL in the required field using ‘Ctrl + V’ on your Windows PC, and ‘Command + V’ on Mac.

  • In the final step, click on the DreDown button, and your video will be downloaded and saved automatically on your system.

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Method 2: Browser Extension

Another easy method to download and save Instagram videos is by adding a browser extension to Google Chrome. If you are using Safari on your Mac, you will first need to download Google Chrome on your machine.

We have got one of the easiest add-on options on how to save Instagram video to gallery without any app, the Instag Downloader. But you are always free to explore more options and select the one that suits you. To use an add-on, you can follow these steps:

  • Search ‘Instag Downloader’ on the Chrome browser.

  • Next, on the top right corner, click on the ‘add to chrome’ tab to add the extension. To make the extension active, you need to restart Chrome.

  • Now, go to the Instagram video you want to download. While placing the cursor on video, you will notice a new ‘save’ icon on the top right corner of the video.

  • Next, click on this ‘Save’ icon to download and save Instagram videos. That’s it!

How to Download Instagram videos on Android or iPhone

Multiple apps are available on both Android and iPhone that enable you to get video from Instagram. These apps are useful for those who want an alternative method for Instagram video download online. After trying and testing various apps, we have shortlisted two of them that will allow you to download from Instagram link. Let’s check them out.

how to save instagram videos

Download Instagram Videos on Android Device

To download and save Instagram videos on your Android devices, follow the steps below:

  • From your Google Play Store, download and install an app called, ‘Video Downloader for Instagram’.

  • Next, open Instagram on your Android device, and navigate to the video you wish to download from Instagram.

  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of the Instagram video post.

  • Now, on the pop-up menu, tap on ‘Copy Link’ option to download from Instagram link.

  • Launch the ‘Video Downloader for Instagram’ app and paste the copied link in the required field to save to Instagram video on your Android device.

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Unlike Android devices, the Apple App store offers limited options for applications that can save Instagram videos. To get a video from Instagram, Blaze is one of the popular apps on App Store:

  • Install ‘Blaze: Browser and File Manager’ app from App Store.

  • Open Instagram on your iPhone and go to the video you wish to download.

  • Next, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the Instagram post.

  • From the pop-up menu, click on ‘Copy Link’ to copy the link.

  • Now, launch the Blaze: Browser and File Manager and paste the copied link.

  • Click on ‘Download’ and tap on the ‘Export Video to Camera Roll’ option. Your video will be successfully saved on your iOS device.

How to Download Instagram Posts in Bulk?

how to save reels in gallery

Above mentioned options for apps and websites allow you to download a single photo and video at once from Instagram. But did you know, you can even download someone’s complete Instagram post gallery?

Yes, you heard that right. We are going to answer how to download Instagram photos without apps or with them in bulk.

  • Download Instagram Photos in Bulk on Mobile

To download and save Instagram videos, you can begin by downloading an Android app called InstaGrabber. This open-source app is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download its APK file from GitHub.

The InstaGrabber app allows you to browse and download data from public profiles on Instagram without signing in. But if you want to download Instagram posts from a private profile you are following, you will have to sign in using the ‘Settings’ option available in the bottom right corner.

In the next step, go to the Instagram profile and tap on the Instagram posts to select them in bulk. After this, tap on the download icon located in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

The app also allows you to manually select the location for the downloaded file and create specific folders for different usernames. Apart from bulk downloading, this app enables you to download voice messages from Instagram Direct Messages and copy a profile bio too.

  • How to Download Instagram Photos Without App in Bulk on PC

You can download Instagram photos in bulk through a website called Save-o-gram. To begin downloading, enter a username, link, or hashtag in the text box and then select the images you want to download.

Now, multiple images will be downloaded in a ZIP file. You can access this software from its official website at a one-time cost of $9 or sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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How to Download Instagram Reels?

how to download instagram videos on iphone

Instagram has been evolving since its inception in 2010, and Reels are one of the recent additions. Especially in India, Instagram Reels have become quite popular among users, content creators, and brands to increase their reach and visibility.

As a result, Instagram downloads have increased by 11.4% in India after the introduction of reels. So, it is common to search how to download Instagram reels without any app. If you are also interested in creating reels, or just watching them for fun, we have found a way for you to download them and binge-watch.

If you are wondering how to download reels with music, there is a simple option that does not require any installation. To download and save Instagram reels, we recommend you use the website called Its clean and simple user interface makes it one of the easiest platforms for Instagram reels download.

The website is an all-in-one downloader that works with all types of operating systems. This is a great option for those who want to know how to download Instagram reels without any app.

Steps on How to Download Instagram Reels with Music:

  • Go on the Reels section of Instagram and copy its video link by tapping on the three dots in the bottom right corner.

  • Now, search and go to in your browser, and paste the copied link.

  • Next, tap on the download button, and your Instagram reels will be saved on your device.

How to Download Instagram IGTV Videos?

how to save instagram reels and photos

IGTV allows an Instagram user to create and post long-form videos. Users love these videos as they can be reused for different purposes like to educate, inspire and spread awareness.

Till now, you have to visit a person’s profile to visit IGTV videos posted by him or her. But now we have a way, using which you can download and save IGTV videos on your devices and access them even when you are offline.

If you want to know how to save Instagram video to gallery without any app, there are several websites like,, and

Here’s how you can download and save Instagram IGTV videos on your phone or PC:

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the IGTV video you want to download. Then, click on the description, and tap on three dots at the bottom to copy the IGTV link.

  • Now, open in your browser and go to the IGTV Instagram Downloader from the dropdown menu of the tools section.

  • Next, paste the copied IGTV link in the search bar of the IGTV Downloader.

  • Finally, tap on the ‘Download’ button, and your video will be saved.

The website asks you to select the location of downloaded IGTV videos. You can either select an existing folder or create a new one.

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Instagram Story Downloader: Best Apps for Downloading Instagram Videos and Photos

One of the most popular features of Instagram is Stories, which only gets 24-hour visibility. We have got a few apps that can help you in downloading and saving Instagram stories. Downloaded stories can be accessed anytime.

To download and save Instagram videos and photos, you can choose from these options. Below are some of the popular apps that you can use to get videos from Instagram:

  • Reposter for Instagram or Regrammer
  • Regrann
  • Save Reposter
  • QuickSave for Instagram
  • Downloader for Instagram
  • Instaoffline
  • Apphi
  • Inflact
  • InstaGet
  • Repost O
  • ITubeGo
  • Qoob

Most Popular Apps to Download Instagram Videos

The functionalities offered by popular Instagram video download apps are:

  • Instant Save

This Instagram video download app enables users to download both images and videos on Android devices for free. You can easily save the multimedia content to your phone gallery, share it with others, or repost it on Instagram with the owner’s permission.

All you need to do is copy the URL of the original post on Instagram. The app even lets you copy the original captions.

  • Repost

This is considered the best app for downloading Instagram videos. It is also an amazing feature for archiving and reposting media from both public and private profiles. Users need to simply copy the link for the story, post, reel, or IGTV they want.

The post shows up automatically in the app and users can share it across several business profiles. Other options include the ability to copy captions, overlay with custom color and position, data backup, dark theme, etc.

While the app is free to install on both iOS and Android, in-app purchases start at a monthly rate of INR 151.08 per item.

  • FastSave

FastSave is an Instagram video download app that Android users use to save photos and videos to their devices for free. You can save multiple images and videos securely and view them offline anytime you want.

This Instagram photo downloader app has an easy-to-use dashboard for organizing the saved content. You can view the images in slideshows and delete them anytime you want.

Instagram Insights Management with Social Media Analytics Tool

Instagram users with a Business or Creator account have access to Instagram’s free in-built analytics tool called Instagram Insights. This Instagram insights checker provides details about the account performance with metrics like engagement, reach, followers, and ads.

However, social marketers require many more capabilities for efficient management of Instagram insights. There are several social media analytics tools to view insights on Instagram and manage Instagram post insights. Some of them are:

  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides Instagram analytics online to users through real time monitoring. You can generate custom reports with graphs and metrics for both individual posts and the overall profile. You can examine hashtags and even view Instagram insights for IGTV and stories.

Based on the data, you can create a content calendar with posts scheduled at optimal times to boost engagement. While Instagram natively provides two-week snapshots for insights, you can increase the time duration to view insights on Instagram through Sprout Social.

It offers a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts at INR 6757.19 per user per month on annual subscription. Besides viewing Instagram insights on desktop, you can also check them on the go by installing iOS or Android mobile app.

  • Keyhole

Keyhole Instagram insights checker uses past and real time data to help users in running campaigns effectively. If you are working with multiple Influencers, you can get follower wise insights for each influencer.

You can track hashtags and ROI of campaigns to help users in coming up with better ideas. It also allows sharing Instagram insights on desktop with clients via custom reports in PDF format.

You can book a demo of this Instagram statistics tracker and get a free trial. Pricing depends on whether you opt for Teams or Enterprise plan.

  • Phlanx Tracker and Analytics Tool

This Instagram statistics tracker lets you audit Instagram accounts and calculate engagement for your campaigns. With the Influencer directory, you can get access to contact details of over 100,000 influencers and generate contracts for their campaigns.

You can also use the statistics of your competitors to improve your strategy and get better Instagram post insights. Get Instagram analytics online via a one-month free trial. Pricing starts at INR 1898.89 per month for annual subscription of Basic plan.


  1. Can You Download Others' Instagram Video and Images?

    Yes, with apps like Video Downloader for Instagram or InstaGrabbar and websites like Inflact or, you can download and save Instagram videos and images. They allow downloads from public and private profiles that you are following.

  2. How to Save Instagram Videos to Camera Roll?

    You can download ‘Video Downloader for Instagram’ or ‘DreDown’ from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Paste the Instagram video or photo URL link in the app and hit on Download button to save Instagram Video to Camera Roll.

    For iOS devices, you can repeat the same process in ‘Blaze: Browser and File Manager’ app.

  3. How can I download Instagram videos manually?

    By pasting the Instagram video link on or or Inflact, you can download Instagram videos manually.

  4. How to Save Instagram Video on iPhone?

    To download and save Instagram videos on iPhone, you can download ‘Blaze: Browser and File Manager’ or ‘Reposter’ app. Next, paste the Instagram video link in the app and hit download to save the video.

  5. How can I save a video from my Instagram story?

    To save a video from your Instagram story, tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your story or photo and click on save.

  6. How can I save an Instagram video to my computer?

    To save an Instagram video to your computer, add an extension called Instag Downloader or IG Downloader to your Google Chrome browser. This will display a save icon whenever you place the cursor on a video or a photo.

  7. How do I download an Instagram video with music?

    You can use third-party apps like Downloader for Instagram and Snaptube to download an Instagram video with music. Paste the Instagram video or photo URL link in the app and hit the Download button to save Instagram videos with music.

  8. Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?

    No, Instagram does not notify you when you screenshot a story or post.

  9. How do you save an Instagram video with music in your gallery?

    To save an Instagram video with music, you can use Downloader for Instagram or FastSave app. Just paste the video link and hit on Download button to save the video with music in your gallery.

  10. Why do my Instagram stories save without music?

    Instagram stories save without music because Instagram does not support downloading with music. Although you can use third-party apps like InstaGet and Save Reposter.

  11. How to bookmark photos and use Instagram Collections?

    To Bookmark photos on Instagram, just tap and hold the bookmark icon below the photo or post. After this Instagram gives you an option to bookmark the post in a collection that you can rename.

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