11 Best YouTube Video Editing Software for Beginners

| Created on December 12, 2020

Updated on June 16, 2021

YouTube Video Editing Software


Being a full time YouTuber has emerged as a lucrative career option. With more and more youngsters creating good quality content on this video sharing website, the need for YouTube video editing software is on the rise.

YouTube video editors are useful for beginners as well as professionals. Some of the best video editing apps for YouTube help you add quirky images, GIF and audio tracks to your videos with ease.

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YouTube Video Editor App: Latest YouTube Trends That Are Drawing the Attention

As the year 2020 is ending, we look back at the major trends around the content being uploaded on YouTube. Also, let’s see how the best video editing software for YouTube played an important role in making YouTube content better in terms of quality.

  • Immersive retail category

Immersive retail category gained more views this year than ever. Videos of this category are sort of a v-log which highlights what the shopper is buying and from where. For example Just Mick YouTube channel showed how immersive retail works when they partnered with IKEA.

  • Transformational videos

Transformational videos were continuously on the viewers radar. The creator posts a before vs after video to highlight the difference a specific makeup product or dress makes on their appearance.

A YouTube channel Everything TV recently posted the best makeup transformations of creators from across the globe. That video is a crash course to understand the immense popularity of this category.

  • ASMR videos

ASMR refers to autonomous sensory meridian response. The videos in this category involve a speaker telling a story or ambient sounds which help put you to sleep without any fuss. Given how 2020 turned out to be…there shouldn’t be any doubt why viewers across the world were searching for the ASMR category.

One of the most popular ASMR channels that you would find is Gibi ASMR. Each of her video involves engaging the role play.

  • DIY videos

DIY videos related to art and craft, home decor or cooking continuously made an appearance on the YouTube trending list throughout the year. Such videos held more significance this year as they showed engaging ways of making things while being confined at home.

One of the most popular DIY channels is 5-minute crafts which posts creative DIY art and craft projects. It currently has around 69 million subscribers.

How the Best YouTube Video Editors Are Shaping the Latest Video Trends

You might be impressed by seeing a creative, funny and engaging video on YouTube. But what you don’t see is the hours spent on working on these videos in editors for YouTube. In today’s day and age where the attention span of the public is getting narrower, your video might stand out from the crowd if you use the best YouTube video editors online. 

The best YouTube video editing software gives a professional touch to your videos, you can tweak their running speed, colour correct stills and even export the videos to different social media platforms. Most YouTube video editing software provide the option of editing videos in 4k and higher resolution. They also help in creating efficient workflows through which editors can easily access their most used editing tools.

If you are a budding YouTuber, we suggest you spend some time getting comfortable with some of the best video editors for YouTube as they can make or break your content.

List of 11 Best YouTube Video Editing Software for PC & Android

After a thorough research, we present to you our list of the best YouTube video editor free and paid options. No matter whether you are a professional YouTuber or just beginning your journey, this list will be beneficial for you.

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Free for PC

  • Final Cut Pro

best video editing app for youtube

Final cut pro YouTube video editing software allows you to work on high resolution videos of 4k or 8k resolution. It is quite popular as it provides shareable libraries which you can send to your editing team anywhere across the world.

Final Cut Pro YouTube Editing Software for MacOS Features

  • Custom sizes: You can render your video in such a manner that it automatically adjusts as per the screen size of the device on which it is being watched.
  • Proxy copies: Final cut pro allows you to create proxy copies- as low as 1/8th the size of original media- with the option of sharing it locally or over the cloud.
  • Transform overscan: The transform overscan feature allows you to visualise your complete video beyond a designated frame.
  • Increases your working speed: If you use Final cut pro, you can edit high resolution projects at a faster speed.
  • Multicam: Final cut pro allows multicam editing, showing upto 64 different video angles at a time.

Final Cut Pro Best Free Video Editing Software Pricing- Final cut pro can be purchased by paying ₹27,900.

Free Trial- Final Cut pro YouTube video making software provides a free trial of 90 days.

Final Cut pro YouTube video making software for- MacOS

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

youtube video editor app

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered one of the best video editing software for YouTube bloggers. It allows you to create designated workflows, thus speeding up your editing process. Adobe Premiere Pro can work on raw footage of different formats and works seamlessly with other apps from the Adobe Suite such as Photoshop and After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro Best Video Editing App for YouTube Free Features

  • Automatic reformatting: Reformat the frame of your original video to make it square, vertical, 9:16 or in 4k.
  • Advance color grading tools: You can easily color correct your entire video or a specific frame without much hassle.
  • Stock content: You can download stock audio within Premiere Pro itself and then use it with your visuals.
  • Edit detection: With the help of Adobe Sensei AI, the software can automatically detect the points where edits were made.
  • Fastened export: The software allows easy export of videos from the header bar itself.

Adobe Premiere Pro YouTube Video Editing Software for PC Price- The price of

Adobe Premiere Pro starts from ₹26076. For more details, do contact us.

Free Trial- Adobe Premiere Pro YouTube video editor online free trial lasts for 7 days.

Platforms- Windows, Mac

  • Pinnacle Studio YouTube Video Editing Software for Windows 10

With Pinnacle YouTube video editor, you have a better control over the overall feel of each frame of your videos. Moreover, this video editing software for YouTube provides the option of customizing shortcuts and workflows for better editing of high-resolution videos.

Pinnacle Studio Professional Video Editing Software Free Download Features

  • Advance editing tools: The software provides the option of trimming, splitting your videos as well as easily adding texts and overlays.
  • Color Grading: Move beyond normal color grading options by making use of advanced options such as HSL tuning and tone curve.
  • Filters and LUTs: Pinnacle studio offers a range of cinematic filters and LUTs to give a unique feel to your videos.
  • Blurring and censoring: The video editing software allows you to effectively blur and censor license plates, faces and backgrounds.

Pinnacle Studio Best Video EditingApp for YouTube- Pinnacle studio software can be purchased for ₹7375.60.

Free Trial- This YouTube video editor app does not offer a free trial.

Pinnacle Studio Best YouTube Video Editing App- for Windows

  • iMovie

youtube video editor free

iMovie is one of the top video editors for YouTube for iOS and macOS users. It is a popular tool for working on videos with 4k resolution. You can edit a clip-on iMovie on your iPhone or iPad and then take it up from your Mac device. It provides some additional functionality such as the ability to trim clips with your fingers and attach transitions.

Features of iMovie YouTube Video Editor Online

  • Advance editing effects: You can slow down or speed up your videos and make use of split screen effects for efficient editing.
  • Creative filters: iMovie provides you different filters with which you can give your videos a distinct look such as that of a western, silent-era or even a comic book.
  • Attaching audio and soundtrack: Make use of smart soundtracks that can be adjusted as per the length of your video. You can also make use of preset soundtracks or record a voiceover.
  • Customisable title cards: You can customise the title cards as per your need, change its text, font, background color and much more.

iMovie Best YouTube Video Editor Online Price- iMovie software is free to download and use.

Free Trial- NA

iMovie Best YouTube Video Editor Online for- Mac, iOS

  • Shotcut

video editing software for youtube free

Touted by many as one of the best video editors for YouTube, Shotcut is an open source software. It provides advanced support for video and audio files of different formats. With the drag and drop functionality offered by this YouTube video editing software, you can easily add new footage to your timeline.

Shotcut YouTube Video Editor Free Features

  • Support for high and low resolution: Shotcut lets you work on videos with 4k resolution. You can also upload videos captured by your screen recorder or webcam.
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts: You can use keyboard shortcuts to control different editing processes, such as controlling playback speed and much more.
  • Update any time you want: The software does not force you to update. You can update as and when you like with the option of having multiple versions at the same time.
  • Video tutorials: The software provides video tutorials for beginners to get comfortable with its various options and tools.

Shotcut Best Editing App for YouTube Price- Shotcut is free to use and download.

Free Trial- NA

Shotcut YouTube Video Editor for- Mac, Windows, Linux

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  • Premiere Elements

best editing apps for youtube

Offered by Adobe, this YouTube editing software is popular with content creators as it offers the required help and video tutorials on the home page itself. Premiere Elements is powered by Adobe Sensei AI technology which helps to create beautiful collages and slideshows.

Premiere Elements YouTube Video Editing Software Features

  • Editing a specific portion: You can highlight a particular area or object in your clip and make edits specific to that portion.
  • Face reconfiguration: You can change the position of faces in your photos. This editing feature comes in handy for selfies.
  • Reduce noise effect: With this feature, you can improve the quality of grainy videos and videos shot in low light.
  • Titles and captions: Easily add title cards and captions to your videos which move along with the video.

Premiere Elements Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Price: The price of Premiere elements is available on request. You can get in touch with us for more details.

Free Trial- Premiere elements software offers a 30-day free trial.

Premiere Elements Best Free YouTube Video Editing Software for- Windows 10 and Mac

Best YouTube video editing apps for Android & iOS

  • Vlogit

Vlogit is termed as one of the best YouTube video editors as it provides the option of sharing your edited video to YouTube or any other social media platform. You can also render your videos in high quality 1080p format and easily design thumbnails with Vlogit YouTube video editor app.

Features of Vlogit Video Editor for YouTube

  • Importing and shooting footage: You can import existing photos or videos or shoot new footage from within the app itself.
  • Trimming and preview: You can easily trim clips and obtain the preview of your edits before rendering them.
  • Integration with social media platforms: Vlogit now offers enhanced integration with Facebook, Instagram etc. You can directly import your photos and videos from these platforms and edit them on Vlogit.
  • Templates for video intro: The video editing software for YouTube offers designated templates for video intro so that you can create animated and creative video intros.

Vlogit Best Video Editor for YouTube Price: Vlogit can be downloaded free of cost from google play store and apple app store. However, it has the option of in-app purchases.

Free Trial- NA

Vlogit YouTube Video Editor for- Android and iOS

  • PowerDirector Video Editor

youtube video editor online

PowerDirector YouTube video editing software for Android has an intuitive interface. The video editing updates its editing tool every month and is thus useful for editing your clips in a cinematic style. This YouTube video editor online free version has been optimized to function well on 64-bit devices.

PowerDirector Best Video Editing App for YouTube Free Features

  • Keyframe controls: You have the option of adjusting transparency, rotation and the scale of your clips in quick fashion.
  • Support for 4k resolution: You can have the option of editing videos in 4k resolution and then exporting them in the same format.
  • Speed adjustment : With PowerDirector you can speed up or slow down your entire footage or a specific clip.
  • Video stabilization: The video editing app for YouTube allows you to stabilize shaky and grainy footage with its video stabilizer tool.

PowerDirector YouTube Video Editor Price: PowerDirector can be downloaded free of cost from Google play store. However, it does allow users to make in-app purchases.

Free Trial– NA

YouTube video editing app for- Android

  • KineMaster Pro Video Editor

editors for youtube

KineMaster Pro can be used for quickly editing your photos and videos on both mobile devices and tablets. The application allows the combination of different layers of videos, images and texts. KineMaster boasts of an advanced color correction tool due to which it is counted amongst the best video editing apps for YouTube.

KineMaster Pro YouTube Video Editor App Features

  • Sharing across social media: In addition to YouTube, you can also share your rendered videos across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Advanced editing tools: With the app’s editing tools, you can precisely trim, splice or even reverse the complete video.
  • Inbuilt music: You can make use of the inbuilt music tracks offered by PowerDirector and insert them into your footage without any hassle.
  • Exporting videos in high resolution: Once you have made the edits, you can export the video in 4k resolution with 30 fps.

KineMaster Editor for YouTube Pricing: KineMaster app can be downloaded free of cost. You can unlock KineMaster premium version by making in-app purchases.

Free Trial– NA                   

KineMaster YouTube Video Editor for- iOS, Android

  • Magisto

best video editing software for youtube

Magisto is the perfect YouTube video editor online as it allows you to create slideshows and collage in addition to editing videos. Magisto makes use of an artificial intelligence based tool to smartly enhance your photos and videos. It also provides readymade templates for quick creation of content for birthday, anniversary and much more.

Magisto Best Video Editor for YouTube Features

  • Video customization: Magisto offers the flexibility of changing text, font and orientation of the text supporting the visuals.
  • Colorful stickers: You can make your videos more fun by making use of the numerous stickers offered by Magisto.
  • Inbuilt themes: You can choose from different inbuilt themes so as to provide your videos a unique voice.
  • Sharing options: In addition to social media platforms, you can also share your videos over messaging platforms and through email.

Magisto Best Editing App for YouTube Price: Magisto can be downloaded free of cost from android and apple app store. It also has the option of making in-app purchases.

Free Trial- NA

Magisto Video Editing App for- Windows, iOS

  • Monarch Smartcut Pro Video Editing Software

Monarch Smartcut Pro video editing software helps in creating wedding videos in just 30 minutes. You don’t need any professional skills to edit wedding and other types of videos. It helps add realistic 3D animation to videos with realistic 3D transition.

Monarch Smartcut Pro Software Features

  • Advanced cinematic filters 
  • Analog & HDMI input & output 
  • 6000 plus transitions 
  • Timeline based auto transition 
  • Exports videos even when you are offline 
  • Fast selection between A to A and A to B transition. 

Monarch Smartcut Pro Pricing: The price is available on request at Techjockey.

Free Trial: Not available

Monarch Smartcut Pro video editing software for Windows 10. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to use the inbuilt YouTube video editor online?

    YouTube also offers an intuitive video editor which can be used to enhance the overall look and feel of your content. We tell you how you can use YouTube video editing software step by step:

    – Open the YouTube app and sign in into your account.
    – From the menu available on the left hand side, select Videos
    – Select the video you want to edit
    – From the same menu, select the ‘Editor’ option.
    – After opening the editor, you can carry out a number of processes such as trimming and splitting.

  2. What are the best video editing apps for YouTube that are free?

    The best video editing apps for YouTube are free and can be used by beginners and professionals both. Here is the list iMovie, Shotcut, KineMaster, Lightworks and Magisto.

  3. What are the best YouTube video editors for beginners?

    The best video editing software for YouTube for beginners are as follows Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements and Shotcut.


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