Opportunities For SaaS In Hospitality Industry

The  Hospitality Industry functions on customer satisfaction. It defines how the visitor perceives your brand and this visitor defines the overall reputation of your brand. What we hear is what we believe. Old methods of learning about a place were by word of mouth, whether from a family member or a friend. With the world converging to social media, word of mouth has gone beyond your acquaintances. Consumers can now review your service to know if it’s worth it or not. Using a SaaS Hospitality Industry solution to manage the company can help in ensuring that every customer has a good experience thereby maximizing customer relationships, increase the customer base, increase profits and cut down on expenses.

Software based over the web or SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the Internet. It is designed in a manner that the day to day operations of your business are easily managed. It reduces company’s up-front cost associated with purchasing the software. Apart from reducing cost, SaaS Hospitality Industry solutions also allow a hotel business to track their inventory, manage events and reservations, track the number of hours that are spent by employees and manage the orders that need to be completed. This doesn’t leave any room for missing out on an order or reservation, eliminates overspending and minimizes extra hours spent on a work order.

Software as a Service (SaaS) in hospitality can easily manage the tasks that need to be addressed on regular basis and completion of the same.

Some of the standard benefits offered by SaaS for hospitality industry are:

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Manage Online Bookings

There are currently more than ten online booking platforms that list hotels by certain parameters. Customers find it easier just to compare and book online as opposed to the traditional methods of using an agent. The software shows real-time room availability, prices, email confirmation to the guest, handle rates and offers, sells rooms via online aggregators like Expedia and Trivago.

Front Office Tasks

The front desk person is always aware of the intricate details of each room and guest. He will be in-charge of every guest’s movement. Saas will allow a front desk manager to manage group check-in and check-outs, process payments, handle multiple currencies, create and manage guest history, expense tracking, travel agent commission, etc.

Manage Rates

SaaS  Hospitality Industry  allows managing the hotel’s rates. It helps in negotiating special rates for travel agents and corporate clients, identify regular or extended stay rates, add extra charges for additional guests, and manage different locations.

Reservations And Bookings

Apart from manual entry of each reservation, SaaS hospitality industry allows maintaining a log of the extensive database of all branches of a hotel at one place where verification of the guest’s past records can be easily done. From pre-bookings to walk-in, from only guests to group bookings, all are managed by a single interface and updates are sent via the same method.

Tracking Housekeeping

One essential function of running a hospitality business is housekeeping. The look and feel of the rooms can be a deal maker or breaker for any company. SaaS allows defining a room’s status as cleaned, uncleaned or under repair. It also shows which staff member has been allocated which room and what’s the status of it as well.

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