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Inresto Scm for Restaurant

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About Inresto Scm for Restaurant

What is Torqus SCM?

Torqus SCM is an inventory management software that aims at providing complete business solutions to the user, starting from procurement to the feedback from customers. The software provides a hassle-free solution to restaurant management challenges and helps users grow their business in a cost-effective manner. 

It assists the users in increasing the bottom line and minimizing expenses by controlling leakage, theft, wastage and pilferage; while at the same time, increasing customer engagement to improve the restaurant business. Torqus SCM allows the users to carry out operations through Cloud, enabling them to work both offline and online from anywhere they want.

How does Torqus SCM help in Centralized Ordering?

Torqus SCM helps the users to automate hassle-prone tasks that are involved in running day-to-day restaurant businesses. Centralized ordering system of the software assists the user to scale the probable daily requirements of each outlet and decide the optimum quantity accordingly. It calculates the optimal quantity by taking into account the offerings on the menu that have been sold over a certain period of time.

SCM Torqus enables the users to reduce wastage caused due to over-ordering and also take into account customer dissatisfaction caused due to under order.

How does Torqus SCM help Manage Inventory and Logistics?

SCM Torqus enables the users to organize the inventory data of different stores and provide all the details about the stored goods, floating inventories and the various forms of wastage. It also provides pointers on optimizing the inventory and hence simplifies the process for the user. The software gives users an idea regarding the quantity of goods yet to be received from vendors. Users can also check the stock across all your restaurant chains, which is done by keeping track of closing stock and purchases in a certain period.

Pricing of Torqus SCM

The pricing of Torqus SCM depends on the extent of requirements and usage by businesses. One can also request a callback to get personalized quotes.

Benefits of Torqus SCM

There are many benefits of using Torqus SCM, such as it provides the user with a superior vendor analysis as it increases transparency by analyzing the price of goods and the time taken by vendors to deliver goods. This inventory management software helps reduce the complexities regarding the distribution of supplies across different locations.

The user can also save money on warehouse storage as the software predicts the precise amount of supplies required in the inventory at any given time. The simplification of supply chain processes helps reduce the potential chances for mistakes and hence, diminishes the probabilities of liabilities and risks.

Sold By : Inresto

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Inresto Scm for Restaurant Features

Enables the user to maintain the books of accounts without the help of an expert and hence get a better understanding of business activities.  
This feature allows users to take care of all the operations of the restaurant business outlet, ranging from menu management to order and payment management.  
Keeps a track on the volume of orders in each food outlet situated in different locations.  
Gives the user access to all the necessary information through a user-friendly mobile app from any place at any time.  
Provides the user track and analyse information about the customers, such as the likes, dislikes or location of the customer.  
Helps make the process of delivering food to the customers directly at their location more hassle-free and efficient.  
The software allows users to perform transactions via online mode, even from the mobile app.  
Helps keep a track of the vendors and the prices provided by them. It also helps the business monitor the supplies distributed across different stores.  
Torqus SCM enables users to run campaigns to attract more customers to their restaurant outlets by providing discount coupons and cashbacks.
It assists the user to design a suitable menu for each restaurant outlet based on the demands of the targeted customers and ambience of the store.
The user can use this feature to determine and fix the price of food items.
The software assists the user to make the right purchase and minimize loss and wastage.
Torqus SCM helps users choose the right vendor or dealer while purchasing raw materials and make the best buying decisions.
The software comes with an intuitive dashboard to track all the orders and sales, and to manage several functions, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.
This feature enables users to manage table bookings and provide customized services as per the preference of guests.
Torqus assists the user to manage orders from the suppliers.
The software provides users with the CRM and sales reports to have a better insight into the business performance.
The user can run various kinds of campaigns through emails and SMS to increase sales.
Allows the user to manage the inventory of each store and hence reduce wastage and get details about the available items in the stock.
The software helps users to manage their warehouses as well as their distribution centres efficiently.
The dashboard provides analytical insights into various operations of the restaurant business, and helps keep the user updated with all the necessary information in real-time.
Torqus enables its users to manage the kitchen efficiently to ensure smooth order management.

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Inresto Scm for Restaurant FAQs

A. The software is most suitable for retail restaurants, cafes, bakery and confectioneries, food processing factories, ice-cream parlour chains, lounges and many others.
A. Yes, it allows restaurant owners to set up their own online ordering site to make it easier for the customers to place orders.
A. Torqus is a browser-based application that enables users to connect up to 3 stations together with Torqus POS within a single outlet, without requiring to install a separate software at every station.
A. Yes, Torqus SCM can adequately support operations on the Cloud, and the users can access their data anywhere, anytime.
A. Income or expense file generated by Torqus can be imported easily in Tally by your accountant.

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