Creating Unique Value Propositions: The Story of Shoreline Hospitality Private Limited

Technology today has penetrated the food and restaurant industry in India like never before. With the emergence of smart devices and cloud computing, we can feel its impact on the way we dine out more than ever before. As people are becoming more tech-savvy, restaurant owners are also evolving their processes accordingly. They are now increasingly adopting the techniques of online bookings, digital payment and social media promotions to attract new restaurant guests and ensure repeated visits.

To sustain in the competitive landscape, restaurant owners and managers need to be really quick in terms of technology adoption. Here is the case study of our client who went for the best restaurant software in the market to ensure enhanced guest experiences.

The Client

Shoreline Hospitality Private Limited is an unlisted private company, which is into the hotel and restaurant management business since September 2016.

The Business Problem

The company was lacking skilled human resources and the right technology support to overcome these challenges:

  • Higher transaction time at front office
  • Errors in managing daily bookings
  • Lack of training modules for staffs
  • Poor inventory tracking
  • Inefficient supplier management
  • Frequent theft of unique restaurant recipes
  • Wastage of inventory
  • Inaccurate tax calculations
  • Lack of centralized administrative control

The Solution

Shoreline Hospitality Private Limited had a limited budget for IT spending, and was facing price constraints in deploying the best restaurant POS software. But, as soon as the client began its association with Techjockey, the POS software selection became a little easier. Considering the challenges faced by the client in restaurant management, Techjockey provided free demos for different retail POS software. Pelagian Compu restaurant software emerged as the best solution for client’s business challenges that too in budget. Pelagian Compu restaurant software helped the client with these unique value propositions.

  • Decreased transaction time with faster billing
  • Online training videos for staffs
  • Increased staff and kitchen Management
  • Accurate tracking of Inventory as per location
  • Efficient supply management for home delivery
  • Theft protection with effective recipe management
  • Wastage control with the help of daily sales report
  • Accurate tax calculation by selecting data as per tax master
  • Error-free sales invoice and tax invoice.

“ We are happy to get everything as required from Techjockey in budget.”- Shore line hospitality Management

Kalpana Arya

Kalpana Arya is a passionately vociferous writer who eats, drinks and sleeps words. A self-confessed tea-lover, she loves to travel and explore new vistas. Her vices include online shopping, wearing fashionable clothing at the risk of being frozen half to death and chatting about random stuff. She’s a published writer whose articles have found home at Tweak Your Biz and iamwire.

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